IT - Georgie takes his boat (Deleted Scene)

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sponge boy : hahahaha

Liam's Fortnite videos : 0:18 when you are playing online and you get called for dinner

SuperAwesomeBros : 0:18 when you realize you have a math test coming up

Pacho Stan : 0:18 (meme)

Daniel O. : End. And the credits begin

Florial Star : 0:18 when you see the "when you" comments edit: Gee! 100 likes already!

panda shy : 0:18 that moment you push to hard for a fart and accidentally crap yourself instead.

Matthew Pulido : Pennywise: Yeeeaaahh... probably shouldn't have waited too long.

adriel ross martin : 0:18 when you forgot your homework today

Damien Tran : So. I guess Georgie went back to their house after that event

Papyrus Sans : 0:18 when your parents see your browser history

DevinDoesStuff : Is this real?

DissFat Bidge : 0:18 when you forgot to charge your phone that is in 1% left.

clayisahottie : Pennywise: Well...guess it could be worse. *Turns around and sees four angry turtles. Raphael: You floated down the wrong sewer pal.

Football 4Life : I wished that Happened in real it

SiennaKoolcatGamer 123 : 0:18 when you fail on your final school test

starlord98 : 0:18 when you walk through the door happy af but your mom starts yelling at you

M! KE : Ow! Shit! XD

Cheerleader Joani Lavuelle Brini Oil : I like this deleted scenes

gamer chara : ahhh shit

Pugsy 23 : 0:18 when you get a bomb in your present.

WestloFan_v : 0:18 when you found out she's pregnant

House Lannister : 0:18 When you realize the entire story hinged on George's death

Kevin Garrett - Topic : When you have to tell your dad that you failed a test and the last thing you think before you tell him 0:18

Clarence Jennings : Imagine if u paid to go see the film and everything in the beginning led up to that scene and then they roll the

KittyLily : This is the end when pennywise dies at the end lol


TheShadowKlaw : 0:14 That face you make when you think its your food but the waiter takes it to the other table

Got-Dangit Bobby : 0:18 me when Im late af to class

Bob The Zombie OP : 0:18 when you lose your internet connection

GMoney The Boss : 0:18 when you realize IT just ended

Professor Chaos : Somebody should add GTA 5 mission failed: You didn't kill Georgie

Movie Music : 0:19 When you realize your in a sewer!

Sheepy Bhoy : 0:18 When you realise you have three assignments due tomorrow and you haven't even started.

Shade's Insane Chamber : At that moment... He knew..

STARLORD39 : 0:18 when you have a maths exam in two days but don't understand half the things you've got to revise.

J Smooves World : Tyrone Magnus brought me here

BuzeDang : Make this comment section a 0:18 meme

luke skydancer : 0:18 when you realise you didn't do your homework and your teachers says "homework on the table".

Camran Morgan : 0:18 when you realize the "when you" joke has gone too far

AleGamer61 _YT : Omg hahahahah it's a fantastic video!! 😉😂😂

socket 5214 : 0:18 When you realise school is starting again in a day

VectorGaming : 0:18 when you realize you crapped yourself (Pun intended)

Manuel Alba : 😂😂😂😂😂

DELETED Accounf : When its a happy day and you get ready to leave from school and the teacher gives you your report card 0:18

Gavin De Haro : this isn't a deleted scene you lier it was a skit

LukeLil Ninja : Pennywise: Mission failed we’ll get em next time.

SamWinchesterPhanGirl11 : 0:18, when it's the end of the semester and you forgot have to write a paper and hand it in when you take your final, so you pull an all-nighter.

Axel Velazquez : C lular:v

jake harris : I like this ending. Georgie was too cute to die