How To Break Up With Cheating GF

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How To Break Up With Cheating GF


Liquid Pixels : Youtube recommended this to me on international women's day. Beautiful!

Hotpockitrockit : we need 3 things.. 1- her reaction video 2- the "where are they now" video 3- Thomas roo

Hi lol : Roses are red Violets are blue *oo de fook* is Thomas Roo

Daniel Malek : 3.7k cheating GF's dislike this video.

jack : This guy has balls of steel just to hold on to all that anger and depression he has inside

Vilmar Donton : The background song lmao, " It must've been love but its over now ".

Conjure Corpse : This guy looks like a mixture of Connor McGregor, James Corden and Gordon Ramsay

ARCANUS : This dude’s 15x smarter than this chick.

SRNF : Your ex looks like she knows about meth.

Taolo Samuel : Nobody searched for this video...It all came up in our recommends.

Nick : I think it's funny how woman always say men are the cheaters

Synthesizer Patel : This was beautiful. Didn’t get petty, didn’t get violent or aggressive. Just stayed 100% composed and slayed her in the most brutal way possible. No man with any self-respect is gonna go near her now. This should be a lesson to any man who finds out his girl’s cheated on him. Don’t give her another chance. Don’t try to talk to her about it. As much as it might pain you, and believe me this guy is hurting throughout the video (although he hides it well), just remove her from your life. It’s better to be single and have self-respect than try to persevere with a ‘relationship’ like this.

Lor00D : LoL Trending on womens day... good work Youtube

〈R0B0TR0N〉 : Best thing he could do was recording everything, especially leaving the house. so no "revenge he raped me" situation

10,000 Subscribers no videos? : I love how this was recommended near Valentine's day.

maximillianMus : "It's over now" playing as he leaves the room is pure comedic timing genius.

Vaas : We are all missing the point... who is Thomas Roo?

roland : that quiet laugh as he walks down the stairs makes it for me good lad

Jamal Williams : cheating girlfriend rates drop to 0%

Joel Lee : this guy spent more time on a fake proposal than i did on my real one

The Truth Channel : Anyone else notice how FEW women there are in the comments? LOL

Martin Xhaxhaj : When your roblox gf cheats on you with the cooler 8 year old kid

Alex E : In Germany we call this ehrenmann

Fortune Finder : "It should have been love, but it's over now" playing in the background. The atttention to detail!

Kai Rehak : YouTube u did good with this recommendation I’ll tell u that

existe_mas : This is so original poetic and Savage it looks like a scene from Quentin Tarantino

Marko Garcia : I’m sorry you had to waste your time with this stupid selfish nonsense, I went through the same thing but I found out after I got married. I hope you heal and keep your spirits up, your attitude and mentality is what will guide you through these times.

VideonUriel : A legitimate definition of a Mad Lad

Dennis & GO : legends has it, she's still wearing those antlers to this day

TJ Burns : You are so fortunate finding out that she cheats before marriage and that saved you future heartache and money.

Jay Mathews : Like a boss, respect brotha. Hope u find a better 1.

Kevin Quinn : The best bit is Roxette's 'It must have been love' playing in the background, with the lyric "it's all over now" just as he walks out the door.

Ginger Ninja : That glitter on the carpet gave me anxiety! Time to reach for the Dyson.

MorallyAwkward : If she only listened to the song in the background.

Guitars are pretty cool : So I guess we’re all gettin this recommended at around the same time?


Carlos Matos Fanpage : *This is most legendary thing I have **_EVER_** seen* 😂

PK220 : Cast him Marvel. What a hero!

Carlos Danger : This is a strong guy right here man he handled that situation flawlessly.

Dylan Earl : The 2.7k dislikes are cheaters and Thomas Roo.

ValenoHD YT : This dude is Albert Einstein 2.7

mrmannster : Anyone else find this hard to watch? I honestly can't even imagine the pain he undergoed.

Obama TookMyGUNZ : Dude, Dude, DUDE!!!! I wanna buy you a beer m8. I think all the men across the world just took a bit more of the cover tonight.

N0T_KGB : Honestly just respect for that guy LEGENDARY!

Triplex VII : See, I respect this. No beating her head in. Heck, not even any verbal abuse. No damaged property, just a nice little surprise, a tip of the hat, and out the door he goes. I respect that a lot.

Rhys Stromberg : This man is crazy. I love it.

Merc y : Roses are red Violets are blue He was hurt So were you

Edant : Calm. Check Smart way of dumping. Check 11/10 would recommend method.

stef1367 : This video deserves a 'Part 2' !!! :)