How To Break Up With Cheating GF

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Spider-Ant : I've got one word to describe this guy: *Badass*

Bird Bird : This man is the most elite thot patrol member there is

Kerim Kerim : 5.5m people saw that cheating trash. I think she is not going to find anyone to even date let alone cheat on them with some other guy.

Little Timmy : ㄒ卄乇丂乇 卄ㄖ乇丂 卂丨几'ㄒ ㄥㄖㄚ卂ㄥ

10 000 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS : 4:37 i feel so sorry for this guy 😭 his hands are shaking so much

Abner Luiz : He's more disappointed than sad, he's mature enough to know that getting rid of a cheating liar hurts far less than marrying one

Kerim Kerim : Too much effort for a cheating trash. But makes for a good video.

Yellow Bean : Who ze falk is this Thomas roo?

The Scarecrow : this is the very definition of *ABSOLUTE MADLAD*

Mehoodydoody : What a bloody legend

LuiSpot : Y’all realize this is recommended because valentines is in few days

Antonio Lyons : The haters are probably cheaters them self's 😂

Janiah Hernandez : Look at her face when she sees he found out.

Gordel_Gaming : Biggest tragedy is that... HE IS FILMING VERTICALLY

DEAN IS HERE : LMFAO mans on some calculated cold shit... Mad props though most guys would slit throats !!!

Texzl : Dunno why this was recommended but this guy hides the pain so well

1000 subs with no vid?? : Welcome to another episode of: why is this in my recommend!?

Phukka Duck : Should of turned the gas on the oven on high before you left. Give her a real send off.

crxngyyy : Say bye bye to the northern lights, When you opened the card you had a fright, What you did was the opposite of right, The door I opened is the door I locked, Now, in front of millions, you're getting mocked, I never want to see you again, I'm leaving now, you can be with other men.

peacefulrapids : amazing man and those dislikes are all those cheating hoes lmao

Zachary Laid Finding Freedom : Of course youtube recommends this before valentines day lol

Devocxian Amv : JEsUs ChrISt tHAt's JaSoN BoURne !!

Cojo French : This the type of shit that puts me off long term relationships

Awesøme American : Thats.... bad.... I hate cheaters... hope ya find another one that wont cheat

Troll Killer : Dude is savage. But I feel for him. He voice tells that he is not trying to cry.

TheCloudMiner : Thomas Roo would like to know your location.

Chemical X : At first i thought that Gordon ramsay was the Guy in the thumbnail

Mister Skull Gamer : Mission: Success Level 2 - Level 100 Boss *Thats how mafia works*

ed wells : Steal her poop sock

colin smith : You are too good for her. I have been there myself , I know it's very painful. It takes time but you will get through this and find someone who deserves you. You have youth and good looks on your side. All the best mate.

Daniel gottardo : Man that was class by the guy man , didnt argue , physically harm anyone , taped the whole thing for proof , and was able to stay composed, somebody get this man a beer

Neonicle Neon : We all salute to you sir. I wish you an excellent future.

Phatkid : It would of been better if he didn't film it vertically.

Ahmed Ibrahim : This is the type of stuff I want on my recommended YouTube

andres gonzalez : This man is a savage

Moses Emmet : Thomas Roo-ind all the wedding plans...

fortnite GAMING : Youtube Knows i am the one who read comments

LittleBigBriz : This man should be a poet

PootisVsZombies : Does she cheat in fortnite

Kerim Kerim : This is depressing it's obvious that he is hurt at the end if video.

彼の目を盗む : It’s satisfying to see her get what she deserved but jeez does it also hurt to watch this guy go through this


YouFoundEdward : Damn what a g. Where’s part 2?

Frank Castle : Should of embarrassed her in front of her family

RentVandH2O : Mr. Ice Man.. Well done

Alden's bro : Best Valentine’s gift YouTube has ever recommended me.

Dr. Abeer Ettesh : r/pro revenge

MemeZ : I would have just thrown a toaster at her.

Nenad Stojic : You some kind of god or what?

lol no : So guy's we did it we destroyed 250000 thots