Star Trek - Kirk vs. Gorn

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Nicolas Natalini : Everyone saying about how cool Daredevil is and I'm still here watching the best fight scene ever

WestRyder : What a bloodbath.

Wilber Maceo : this is too extreme for me

LEMON FACE : Best fight scene of all time. Deep, powerful and emotional.

nateman79 : Call me crazy, but I think the rocks they throw are fake

Batman : This deserves an Oscar. Award winning performance truly.

billyBk91 : why don't they use their lightsabers ?

Miguel Eduardo Sánchez : This scene is lame in so many ways that somehow the lameness meter completes a full circle and it becomes good.

Yawn-Be-Gone : Still more real than professional wrestling.

John D : Still a better fight than the Sandsnakes provide on Game of Thrones.

Liam McCubbin : the new godzilla movie is looking pretty good.

S Karlsson : Gotta love those aluminum foil covered rocks.

Camilo T. : Do you know what this fight needs? A laugh track.

Boxhawk : No foam rocks were harmed in the making of this scene.

Crocubot : Better than Batman v Superman.

Pyscho Jack : Still a better fight than Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000.

Tycondero : This scene is so ridiculous. Kirk puts his weak human hands against Gorns head and Gorn flips and staggers, but a boulder against the chest does nothing. lol

Mad Dog : Happy 50th birthday for this fight !

BeardedJustice : Jesus, Gorn, you never lift with your back!

Guybot1001 : It's just... so bad it's hilarious! XD

Komet163B : Things I learned while watching this.  Gorns have excessive phlegm in their throats, therefore constantly having to hack to clear their throats.  Gorns lift heavy objects, incorrectly, without bending at the knees, therefore putting strain on their lower backs.  Gorns have strong rib cages, that can deflect small boulder-sized projectiles, without cracking their ribs on impact.  Gorns have a very tender weak spot, their temples..

HENNI Mohamed : I've watched it with x2 speed, awesome !

Marshall Street : According to Kevin Feige, this fight scene was the inspiration for the fight scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

MrHotBagel : Little did we know that this scene was slowed down by x10 just so we could comprehend what was happening with our human eyes

Admiral8Q : This is how REAL men fight.

leopoldvonhabsburg : Why can't the same creature that can throw a two ton boulder simply crush or throw a human when he's actually holding on to him?

Oraizan Era : Mass Effect Andromeda's Krogan fight scene in a nutshell.

Lola Bloom : When people argue that Star Trek is better than Star Wars ..just show them this guys , just show them this.

AlexOfMacedonAOMH : Eh, still better than the Sand Snakes.

yungmatt009 : Where is the coffee cup?

Legionario Cruel : Most amazingly, William Shatner did his own stunts. Yes, that is really him and not a double.

Mechonomist : Reminds me of Mayweather - Pacquiao

Greg Parkin : Impressive the way Kirk dodges that flying boulder. That sure takes skill.

Solidus327 : 0:40 The Gorn just wants to have a hug and be friends

PsychoSoldier : Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay

Emperor Palpatine : Why didn't he just use his lightsaber?

General Eastwood : There is way more action in an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Chuck Norris : Anyone here looking for that coffee cup?

PositronicReflex : Only fight you could get away from by walking

Clowncake : I didn't know trandoshans were in star trek!

Belladonna High : rrrRRRRAAAHAAAAhrrrr!

Andy murday : The Greatest Fight Scene In History!!!!! Period!!!!!

Mr Potato : This how it must look like when i fight

jurisprudens : Definitely an Oscar

Rotneybot : A perfect example of a civilized encounter.

Eric H. : This video should be flagged. The graphic violence is not in compliance with Youtube's standards.

Quantus X : Top ten anime battles

godtalk101 : The costume that would soon be the inspiration for the monsters on power rangers

Dalton Hill : Infinity War Weird Trailer brought me here

Invincible335 : This is why Star Wars is king