I quit my job to travel the world. 2017 was the best year of my life!

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In 2017 I quit my full time job to travel around the world for an entire year. I spent 7 months solo backpacking through Europe, a few weeks in South America, 2 months in Africa, and 2 months sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with the Bark Europa. Along our voyage we made stops in Antarctica and South Georgia. Combined with previous trips out east, I have now stepped foot on all 7 continents of this beautiful planet. It is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life! This trip changed my life in ways I never would have realized. Along the way I met some amazing people, saw some amazing things, and accomplished feats I never even dreamed of a few years ago. My whole perspective on life has had a dramatic shift since I've come home, and I strongly advocate everyone to get out and experience the world as much as they can. This is a little video I created to pay homage to the great times I had, and the great opportunities traveling can provide you. I am a very amateur film maker - in fact this is the first video I've actually put effort and time into, but it was a ton of fun to create, even though it took me months to complete.


A G : Incredibly beautiful and inspiring✨ will you consider making a video or two on preparing for this trip/how you made it happen(resources/advice) and location/itinerary recommendations. I am planning a year trip for late 2019 or 2020

Kristina Elson : This is incredible Jordan! A phenomenal video, I can’t even believe these places exist. #lifegoals I also laughed so hard at the clip of Cody swinging his hair back while posing like a model 😂😂

pilgrim528 : Hi Jordan, nice video :-) Who's the beautiful girl at 1:43 ???

King PickleZ : This is so amazing! It just shows how significantly small we are in this world let alone the universe! Props to ya filming such beautiful landscapes!

Chenzo Web Guy Desroches : Fantastic homie!

Matthew Bernick : Before I even watched this I knew it would be a manbun.