How T-Series Conquered Youtube
How T Series Conquered Youtube CoffeeBreak

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There's more to the new Pewdiepie than meets the eye. T-Series's growth is about more than good content. Finding the truth takes us on a geoYoutubical journey, helping us better understand worldwide politics, entertainment and nationalism vs globalism. on a personal note: this video took countless hours researching, editing and crafting to get the narrative right. So if you appreciated it, you can hugely help the channel by telling your friends, following the channel and supporting it. Support Patreon: Follow Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Discord: Music: ibrahim bandcamp: spotify: Mecca:83 Songs in order of appearance ibrahim - Bullet Train Fantasy (w_luvbird) ibrahim - sugar cubes ibrahim - saffron and green tea Mecca:83 - Jay's Theme Shownotes: Internet usage in India - Internet usage in the United States - Social Blade Comparison - T-Series Social Blade Pewdiepie Social Blade MatPat's Video On How Pewd's did it Epic Bollywood Movie


moose43h : T series is not a youtuber ...its a company

Ostreaf : this was made 5 months ago HAHAHA UNDEFEATED

Dante Pillon : It’s not channel vs channel, it’s person vs corporation

Phordknight : So basically you’re saying when China takes down the firewall it’s gg

bhagirath prakrut : T-Series is not even trying. They had these audiences from before. They are just getting to Youtube now.

Aurum Arma : So its like India Vevo?

Potato ·_· : I always thought of the "war" between pewds and T-Series more like a joke. But people really out here being super butt hurt

mehmud : this video is almost a year old LOL, good prediction i would say

: If China could use YouTube without vpn lol

Hero of Kush : India (who has one of the highest population number) got good Internet access. Also a lot of Indians play it in their restaurants in north America. Nobody is going be able to beat T-Series. go for second place.

香蕉強 : Regarding Pewdiepie, love him or hate him, he practically wrote the rule book on how to make entertaining and engaging lets plays. Not only that, he also survived through several different phases of youtube, while switching his own content up. In many ways, people don't really give him enough credit for achieving what he has. Someone might get to a few million subs on luck and tenacity, but sustaining this kind of momentum at 65 million subscribers is really fucking crazy.

Shiv shmbho shivay : whole world vs India

Top Review : Jio effect makes faster digital india.

Syarif Hidayatullah : Pew: They will run out of Indians soon enough

olivertruck : when you're an indian and you hate t-series but everybody still hates you **INHALE** *WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* (yes this is the situation im in right now)

NotThirdReich : I'm somewhat biased on this, but I really hope PewDiePie pulls through. T-Series is a corporation. While PewDiePie is an individual content creator. If T-Series gets to the top... Then what defined YouTube gets dethroned. And basically, we will have lost. We content creators would have lost to a corporation.

no kpop : 5 months and we stand strong

Daniel Macharia : The West vs India, of course T Series will win due to sheer numbers... and we will see way way more of this i.e. the West becoming less and less dmoninant

Indian : As long as you show false Indian map you won't get single Indian subscriber

HUNGER PAINS : This video is total waste of time. How T-Series conquered YouTube is because of PewDiePie himself. He had huge fan base in India than any other country but when he started making fun of India that's when things started to change. Everything was still good until he made that diss track n later congratulations song Now u have the results

Cyanic : "and their founder assassinated by the Mumbai underworld, they emerged on top in the Bollywood music scene." ...we uh, we just gonna gloss over tha-- ok, ok that's fine

HeeeHeee 456789 : war started by pewdiepie ended by t-series

Gezele Chun Lin Tan : 2019 29 of may T series is the YouTube king 100M :( WHYY NOT PEWDIEPIE

Welcome ToMyLife : I still don’t understand why people don’t like t-series - ,-


Classified iNfoRmaTion : Oh you forgot the most important fact, 9-year olds declared a war against india.

Brian : "Why Pewdiepie lost" lmao wut

sachin bhai pandey : T series win and India win

Appy Fizzer : Absolutely correct and upto the mark. All the info is legit.

Kishi Navneet : T series is a very old company.

MySelfEsteemIsLowerThanTikTok : Wait..when did T-Series get 62 million? I’m so behind. I didn’t even know that T-Series existed

Gaurav Dutta : If you knew t series is a company why did you complete with us, why did you started the. War

Petya Pavlov : Great story, great picture, great music, great voice. Thank you!

Ju : Because the hacker boy that he privately hired wasn't paid so he switched shoes

Joe Styles : 'In fewer than 6 months' he says. Hahaha

gamer : for just a guy on his own to reach that milestone is amazing. a music company is soulless and also youtube doesnt like pewdiepie

A Commenter : Little did people know that PewDiePie and the community would go to a subscriber war with T Series.

Soumyadeep 980 : Tell You Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Granpa, Granma, Dog, Cat, Cow, Goat, Sheep, Snake, Rabbit, Elephant, Friends there mom, dad, their pets to sub to T-Series 🐈🐕 or I'll kidnap you and your pets 😾

VortexGaming : 7 months later and t series has still never passed pewdiepie once

Some Dude : He didn't lose. TSeries is a corporation backed by Bollywood and the Mumbai underworld. He was pushed out by someone who has no business competing in the same category as independent content creators. "Congratulations T-Series!"

Pew DiePie : Can we copystrike t-series?

Robin Thompson : Excuse me? this video is false and outdated. You lost me when you said t-series good content. Lmao!

Vishal Thakur : T- Series would definitely 1st to get 100 M Subscribers 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Matt Seaholm : Havent watched this inaccurate video yet lmfao. Fake news

Ware : jokes on you pewds will hit 100mil first

Etherius Sention : T-series= Squad play Pewdiepie= Solo play The reason why T-series is killing more players

Smash Hit Network Kapamilya : 0:24 T-Series VS. PewDiePie VS. Smash Hit The Rise Special Kapamilya

Mr. Sanjay Deori : It's all about content and T Series provides that content. So people subscribe to it regardless.