How T-Series Conquered Youtube

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Coffee Break : Here before Game Theory stole my theory that was loosely based on their theory.

Aurum Arma : So its like India Vevo?

AlviTVBD : We are from Bangladesh living in Turkey. Most bollywood songs are fully original, specially of T-series. Love to Indians from Bangladeshis and respect to PewdiePie too

Dharuv Verma : The only man responsible for this is Mukesh Ambani... Thanks Jio

TheRichyBoy : Comment if you love pewdiepie like if u love t series

arshdeep janjua : America:we have mr.beast😒 India:we have bb ki vine 😎😎😎😎

autistic mandem : for just a guy on his own to reach that milestone is amazing. a music company is soulless and also youtube doesnt like pewdiepie

Sai Prakash : Indian population is more than 1 billion and inter net is very cheap......the only 10% of population is subscribed #T-Series... .... I think this is perfect answer to #PewDiePie

MyLipsAreCrusty : Bruv PewDiePie hasn't lost

Ankit Singh : Some people's asses are burning because they can't digest the fact that a developing country's YouTuber can over take a developed country's YouTuber! Slow clapp for all those people!!👏👏

Nitin Dhiman : why do Indians get offended so easily tho lol

Mit Patel : *Half of the views of this video will be from Indians* 😂

princie_divya Pandey : What i dont understand why the fight between pew and t-series. Dude! Tseries is a company while pewdiepie is a single person! There is no need to compare at all! Both are at different levels! Respect both them! 🙏 Peace!

vivek raikwar : That's because Mukesh ambani sir 😍😍 founder and creator of jio sim ..thanks Mukesh ambani sir 😍 love u 🚩🚩🚩🙏🙏

Kiran Ovhal : Just FYI as India has many languages and states and each state has its own regional film industry..T series also has some regional YouTube channels for particular language and they have thousands of subscribers for it ...doesn't it means that Tseries has already more subscribers than Pewdiepie?? E.g. for Marathi language thay have T SERIES MARATHI.. for malayalam thay have T SERIES MALAYALAM..for Tamil language they have T SERIES TAMIL..for Kannada Language thay have T SERIES KANNADA etc.

Tech Remix : *T-Series And Jio Is Rocks* Pura Youtube Hila Diya

PowahSlap Entertainmint : It's kinda symbolic that a faceless company is gonna end up becoming the top youtuber.

I. verma : Haha wait for....6 more gonna be no. 1...😛😀

sabina magar : M just happy seeing my country's map 😊 Nepal❤

mayur magadalwar : one word ''jio''

Vineet Massey : (Jio) Indian understand this about internet

Techno Raj : *All the reason behind this is JIO* 😂😂😂 If you're an Indian you will understand the Joke. Like if you agree.

waowolf : Bro please show Indian map correctly

roosewelt antony : Every one with internet in India dont sub t series as it is an North Indian company..and the southern part of India dont sub t series... because of difference in culture

MarkTheChosenOne : this is so sad alexa send bobs and vagene

Ducky : ... and today is he still number one lmfao 😂😂

mospies : this is so sad. alexa don't play anything

Car weeb : Birth control is getting *really* out of hand

Reckler : Mr Beast - *HOLD MY BEER*

Soniya Sharma The Desi Girl : Jai Shri ram

Gaurav Shende : anythink is possible in india

The One : I want to slightly correct you there. T series dont make the music videos by themselves. In India, most of the music is made for movies and thus very few musicians work by themselves to create an album and upload it to youtube. Almost every musician makes songs for bollywood movies. These are funded and made by movie producers and directors. T-series is responsible for producing just music, and not the video. Then the movie makers give rights to distribute the music video freely for marketing of the upcoming movie to most popular music channel, which happens to be Tseries.

ayushmaan : What if we reach 90%?

CHINMOY PADHI : Jai hind 🇮🇳 namaste namaste 🙏

Hank : t series is using a sub bot!!! not fair and it has to be deleted!

gaming with memes 4173 : T series fan: Pewdiepie is racist!!!!! People who study english for years: Do you guys even know the meaning of racist

Oscar Armstrong : I still think once T-series surpasses pewdiepie that pewdiepie's accomplishments are 1000x more impressive. Most of the time when talking about the most subscribed youtube channels people ignore branded channels and music video channels such as Vevo and focus on actual creators. In my eyes pewdiepie will still be #1 once T-series surpases him. It also makes me wonder if a singular channel will be able to dominate Indian viewers once the content actually matures and the bar is higher and better, because in reality most Indian internet users are still in 2010 internet.


Barbie world : Cofee break thnx for making Pewdiepie realize his mistake☺☺☺


-Cg_ _505- : He Didnt *Lose*

Oscar Armstrong : Makes me wonder how different the internet will be once/if China is allowed normal internet or less restricted internet access.


oowo : 4:49 was anyone else begging him to click how2basic?

B O B B : *Looks like T-series use Despacito god*

Imlijangba Imchen : It's been 2 months and looks like PewDiePie is only growing faster than T-Series 😂

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Indian audience just got JIO and they are now all over internet. All records on internet are about to get broken

Tamer Mohsen : Kys pewds didnt lose *yet*

Clash Amazing : Guma Gira Ke Jio Jindabad😂😂

Poisonivy2064 : T series hasnt won yet