How T-Series Conquered Youtube

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Coffee Break : How many of you are coming from Pewdiepie's new video about T-Series? Will the 9 Year-Old Army be strong enough???

Aurum Arma : So its like India Vevo?

Monster Chopper : It's actually Jio vs pewdiepie

StormyNormy : Wait..when did T-Series get 62 million? I’m so behind. I didn’t even know that T-Series existed

Naveen Gopalakrishnan : Dude t series is like if vevo has their own single channel.

KitCharizard : T-series is a billion dollar company... A large no. of songs are produced by it... It is like one channel uploading despacito, gangnam style and see you again...

autistic mandem : for just a guy on his own to reach that milestone is amazing. a music company is soulless and also youtube doesnt like pewdiepie

Jessi K : I thought it was obvious... Their buying their subscribers lmao. They get like 80k view or less theres no way they dont buy subscribers lmaooo.

Adam D : Doesn't mean T Series has the best content, all it means is that they have a much bigger market than PewDiePie does.

AK Tron : India = Views

GFAL Global Forward Assault League : DONT LET T SERIES WIN Edit: This is just a joke please dont fight in the sub comments and I love India Myself its just T Series that I dont see the potential and the if they really deserve that much but I still like T series a little.

Techno Raj : *All the reason behind this is JIO* 😂😂😂 If you're an Indian you will understand the Joke. Like if you agree.

Greta Sullivan : main australia se hoon lekin mujhe bharaat bahut pasand hai aur main hindi seekh rahee hai

Mishi Kaur : Combine all the famous english music channels like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ed sheeran etc. Now imagine they had a single channel. Now that would be a lot of subscribers. T-series is that combination but for Indian music. It's only natural that they have a lot of subscribers. This debate is useless.

Pro Player 1⃣ : You're all wrong, I will have the most subscribers.

Rishabh Chatterjee : Watching this video from #INDIA 😁

Mit Patel : *Half of the views of this video will be from Indians* 😂

whoisbillgates ? : Tbh I will probably NEVER watch T Series in my life so idk why I’m here 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Jas Vine : T-Series is buying subscribers, let’s keep it 100.

RohitTalk : Indian power 😍

Raiat Gupta : 3:55 And everywhere, Indian map is wrong. Holy cow!

PowahSlap Entertainmint : It's kinda symbolic that a faceless company is gonna end up becoming the top youtuber.


Tactic croc : *PLEASE READ & UNDERSTAND* Did t series insulted pew? Answer :NO Then why pew is targeting n insulting T series n INDIA Why is he so JEALOUS??? I respect pew he did hardwork but he should not insult any country or culture Both chanel has different content why is pew so worried about a chanel from different country?? This type of act dont suit a man like pew.

Naulo Sanchar : T series will certainly surpass pewdiepie ... love Indian people


mospies : this is so sad. alexa don't play anything

UnknownRyanna : GO RYAN HIGA!!! TEHEE! (ITS just A joke but Ryan Higa/Niga Higa is one of my fav YouTuber) and I rather saw Pewdiepie vs Niga Higa.. Just my opinion TEEHEE

Neethu U : Most of your data was accurate...but then 5:32 you were wrong....i got internet access back in 2002 and i started my youtube account in 2006...this was the same in most of India or even earlier for some of my own school mates(i meant internet access)....your data was wrong in the part where you said "most" Indians got internet access fairly "recently" should have said "some" Indians got internet access .....the fact that India has the youngest population in the world is why it seems Indian people are online now...that most indian parents wont allow internet until u reach college is the reason why you see a sudden boom in Indian population on Youtube now...even though an Indian might start a youtube account as a teenager...they fairly hide their presence due to fear of parents and also due to huge school parents were different though...they were okay...but most indian parents are not that progressive....i understand as an American you cant understand that dynamic...its okay

So many idiots around me : That's because India has a massive population and also because quality > quantity. ;)

Devolop Your life : india is great and US also great just chill

Oscar Armstrong : I still think once T-series surpasses pewdiepie that pewdiepie's accomplishments are 1000x more impressive. Most of the time when talking about the most subscribed youtube channels people ignore branded channels and music video channels such as Vevo and focus on actual creators. In my eyes pewdiepie will still be #1 once T-series surpases him. It also makes me wonder if a singular channel will be able to dominate Indian viewers once the content actually matures and the bar is higher and better, because in reality most Indian internet users are still in 2010 internet.

ChillyCloth : T series vs Despacito

Schoaib Balotsch : And u forgot to say that millions of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people are following T_series and Bollywood too

Oof Z : Lmao Indians should have stayed without the internet, their weird ass be on every live of a girl on insta and on basically every social media being weirdos

omprakash zade - o p - : Love from India

The One : I want to slightly correct you there. T series dont make the music videos by themselves. In India, most of the music is made for movies and thus very few musicians work by themselves to create an album and upload it to youtube. Almost every musician makes songs for bollywood movies. These are funded and made by movie producers and directors. T-series is responsible for producing just music, and not the video. Then the movie makers give rights to distribute the music video freely for marketing of the upcoming movie to most popular music channel, which happens to be Tseries.

HAZEM AHMED : Actually if you make a YouTube channel in the middle east you are automatically subscribed to T-series

pradeep aggarwal : T-series is company not a chennel

KartikeY SharMa : T-sires can buy pewdiepi

Kookie Aly : *Still Pewdiepie*

Rohit Gupta : Jio का कमाल है विदेशी बाबू ! 😀

Shivani Narendran : We have several divisions in t series as well like t series, t series Tamil, t series Telugu etc

Doodle Noodle : Watch china have a YouTube video 😂😂

DAVENDER KUMAR SHARMA : T series is much more good and very good as compared to PewDiePie

Lyra Lyre : Wait don’t they also use bots?

Hurricane Patricia : But their videos only get around 90k views, 4K likes/comments per video. So I’m convinced that they’ll die soon or are using bots.

Bts lifeu : 1 reason JIO

Josef De Jesus : Guy they don't have to fight it doesn't matter with the subscribers the most important is making us happy

Outed : India