How T-Series Conquered Youtube

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Coffee Break : Here before Game Theory stole my theory that was loosely based on their theory.

autistic mandem : for just a guy on his own to reach that milestone is amazing. a music company is soulless and also youtube doesnt like pewdiepie

Ostreaf : this was made 5 months ago HAHAHA UNDEFEATED

Potchi TV : When everyone thought Tseries would take over before 70m but Pewdiepie would be the first to get 80m. *_FEELSGOODMAN_*

Lakshya Hardiya : i don't know why people are bothered when Indian people are watching their country's content and subscribing to T-Series ?

Roy Sunshine : *The 9 year old army vs. the bot army*

Aurum Arma : So its like India Vevo?

Chicken Nugget : About the whole T Series winning thing...

The Anime Spot : 8:03 Singham - T-series Car - YouTube That guy - Pewdiepie Edit: So many likes 😱😱😨😀

Wal Nutz : Bro you look real stupid now

LASTGAMER 61924 : I live in India. Most people I know watch a lot videos of PEWDIEPIE Instead Of T - Series And they are definitely subscribed to PEWDIEPIE, Maybe T - Series Too................ Overall PEWDIEPIE is Doing Fabulous in front Of T - Series as he is just 1 Swedish guy who is fighting a whole music community from India.😊😊👌👌👍👍👌👌😊😊

Mit Patel : *Half of the views of this video will be from Indians* 😂

Misery Go Round : So since a lot of Indi people will be in the comments, I got a question: Why tf so many Indi men be prowling like nasty on Facebook and Instagram? As a white girl, I get A LOT of creepy messages from Indi men. 8/10 they react extremely rudely (and I mean extremely) when I tell them politely I'm not interested. Seriously, like, Im so confused why it's always Indi men.

black star : English vs Hindi World vs India T series 👍👍👍

Salty Dog : Lol you need to delete this video cuz they are 1 mil behind now

nigward : 5 months and we stand strong

PowahSlap Entertainmint : It's kinda symbolic that a faceless company is gonna end up becoming the top youtuber.

Scofield229 : 3 months later, pewds is almost 1million ahead. Awkwaaarrrdd

Mayuresh Rajgure : According to u t series is growing because of hindi people population Sure south indian dont watch it so minus 30% population because they dont listen compare hindi speaking population to english speaking population i m sure u got ur answer.. Use ur brain

Brian : "Why Pewdiepie lost" lmao wut

Tyke : No disrespect to T-Series but even if they didn’t pass Pewdie it shouldn’t count because 1) their vids only get thousands of fews despite their subscriber count and 2) they’re like the vevo of India, they seem like a big program with multiple people working on the channel compared to Pewdie who is just one guy

Techno Raj : *All the reason behind this is JIO* 😂😂😂 If you're an Indian you will understand the Joke. Like if you agree.

cAn wE geT 100 sUbsCRibERS wiTh nO VIDeoS : Pewds is currently winning. 9 year old: *StOP LyINg YOu hATer*

mohamed harbi : Well according to the graphs shown in the video T-series should've already surpassed Pewdiepie by now but Pewdiepie is still the #1 youtube channel on the planet despite competing with a billion dollar company and being unfavored by youtube itself. Never underestimate us 9 year olds #Sub2Pewdiepie

Ishika - : T Series is not only in India its in Bangladesh Sri Lanka Nepal and Pakistan. Plus T series is a company that provides many indian YouTubers a huge platform like BB Vines. Plus the most important point a year ago Jio a network company of Reliance in india belonging to Ambani who is the richest men in India and one of the top 10 most richest man in whole world. *WHAT YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE IS A YEAR LATER HE PROVIDED US WITH JIO NETWORK THAT ALLOWED MANY INDIANS TO HAVE ACCESS 4G HIGH SPEED INTERNET FOR FREE SO THAT INCREASED THE NUMBER OF USERS WE HAVE.* plus T series is completely different from Pdw

Amitabh Yadav : LoL... i don't understand the debate.. It's not like T-Series is 'just another you tube channel'... T-Series has been there siince 1960, even before Internet existed! For T-Series, they're not even interested in "conquering" the YT max subscribers "title", so to say. It just happened, coz everyone grew up listening to songs from T-Series. It's plain and simple.. :P

Rustybits : I still think once T-series surpasses pewdiepie that pewdiepie's accomplishments are 1000x more impressive. Most of the time when talking about the most subscribed youtube channels people ignore branded channels and music video channels such as Vevo and focus on actual creators. In my eyes pewdiepie will still be #1 once T-series surpases him. It also makes me wonder if a singular channel will be able to dominate Indian viewers once the content actually matures and the bar is higher and better, because in reality most Indian internet users are still in 2010 internet.

Deep Fortune : Tseries has fans ONLY in india, pewds has fans all around the world and is way more known t-Gay

JIYA DESAI : But now PEWDIEPIE has 78 And t series has 77 Million subscribers

Potato ·_· : I always thought of the "war" between pewds and T-Series more like a joke. But people really out here being super butt hurt

Shaun Jones : “God save the king”

mospiece : this is so sad. alexa don't play anything

Rama drama : Part of the reason why t-series is so successful is that they put all these item songs with overtly sexualized dances and half naked women dancing about and well , there are a lot of "hungry" people on both sides of the border so there you have it.Otherwise the song quality is mostly meh....except for a few good ones

superad74 : They don't deserve that many subs

miko12 draws : It sucks that YouTube has become a place that soulless companies are worth more and get paid more than youTubers who work hard by themselves. I can see the future where YouTube will completely be run by companies and all the YouTubers who work by themselves will leave YouTube. We need a new site for lone YouTubers to be able to spread their content but T series and other companies loom over them and steal all the views 😡

John Howard : Only just heard about t-series. Went to their channel to check it was horrible, every video was the worst.

Rice loving asian ninja : Let me tell you the secret of T-series. It’s all because of Jio, it is a network service provider which has made 4G services wayyy cheaper so basically everyone is jumping on T-series because every bollywood (hollywood of india) music is produced by them

Matthew Monroe : He didn’t lose he’s up almost by a million now..... inaccurate

AdolfHatLord : Bruh did u kno that india is dying cuz of tho gLoBaLWaRMInG??!! Pewdiepie will take over

s r : T series is a company that has given a platform to hundreds of poor artists, made them stars, gives jobs to thousands, make thousands of music tracks. BUT somehow for the young useless idiots of today, a no good internet troll, who is even using this to make even more money, is more important. What a dumb generation.

The One : I want to slightly correct you there. T series dont make the music videos by themselves. In India, most of the music is made for movies and thus very few musicians work by themselves to create an album and upload it to youtube. Almost every musician makes songs for bollywood movies. These are funded and made by movie producers and directors. T-series is responsible for producing just music, and not the video. Then the movie makers give rights to distribute the music video freely for marketing of the upcoming movie to most popular music channel, which happens to be Tseries.

Till Helfert : "How Pewdiepie lost" bet you feel pretty stupid right now

The Ouchiegiver : The battle is still on, you BIIIIIIIITCH

DGH Ali422 : not if mr beast is on your side

AppleZauce : *5 months later* T series: let’s just wait 10 years later Still behind?

Rustybits : Makes me wonder how different the internet will be once/if China is allowed normal internet or less restricted internet access.

Dhruv Sirohi : pewdiepie a master mind he fight with indian to gain his subs count

Fireline Studios : when you're an indian and you hate t-series but everybody still hates you **INHALE** *WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* (yes this is the situation im in right now)

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Perlita Melencio : anyone who is subcribed to t-series, UNSUBCRIBE NOW