How to Make USB Table Fan using Marker - Easy DIY Table Electric Fan

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Art and craft with Sarthak mehta : Please send video how to make a simple fan without any electric thing

Ayaz Khan : bhaji ye Kia hai

jayu khakhar : Amazing Bro

Betty Lynn : Hi,I'm writing you in a case you have missed my message. We really liked your video and we'd be glad to have it on Please e-mail me at .Thanks !

How To What? : You cut your mouse wire just for usb cable XD

Rohan Messens : P

tiger 's fan tiger 's fan : Yar mereko ek hawa dene wala fan banane sikhawo

Mr Krabs : Ha gay

Ayaz Khan : bhaji ye Kia hai

Sangeeta Mistry : हवा नहीं लग रही हैं।

varshitha gosala : super