My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

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AntsCanada : Sorry for the late video, AC Family! This one took a lot longer to make than I expected, but it is now one of my favourite videos! Hope you guys like it, too! Also this video was just uploaded so sorry if the video appears low quality for the first little bit. This will change as Youtube processes the video. Ant love forever and thanks for your patience, AC Family! Do you guys like this NEW Titans colony?

Hughsie28 : @AntsCanada you realise hanging a pendant you have started a local ant religion as they found this "holy stone" with the largest ant they have seen in their lives. Soon they will start sacrifices and invade other lands to appease the holy ant stone.

Jaden Foster : Who else thinks his narrating skills are on 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Titonik On Blitz : Is this how god sees us?

Rich Adam : I like ants, but dude you REALLY like ants!

James Maxwell : *I have discovered new land!!!!* *I must report this to the queen*

Amberfanged : This is more exciting than watching the Royal British Wedding

Malkolm Dacke : It just dawned on me that this guy must have been seen as REALLY WIERD before the internet and before youtube, someone that you would probably stay away from

Krispyy TV : how many times did i hear "ac family" in a 15 min time span....

Harmless Bystander : “She made her way up the wood” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Disco Biscuits : How do people dislike the video? good camera, interesting topic, I think they're just jelly. "Royal" jelly.

AManLostInIkea Help : Why is this channel so interesting?

B.D W : The production quality of this and everything about it is incredible. It’s like a top documentary channel. Loved it

73notch : Not sure how I got here but I watched the whole thing and feel terrible about putting out ant traps the other day.

iiPuffystarii : *I really don't like insects, but this channel made it so interesting to watch about ants.* Edit: I didn't know this can be very relatable...

John Marco Mallari : I was just browsing Youtube for a background music for my video presentation. How did I end up in this channel?

Doodling 4 fun : For some dumb reason, I thought he meant ‘air condition’ family XD

justin adams : I'd really love to learn some AC FAM more from this channel AC FAMILY but I can't deal with the nonstop AC FAMILY phrase that gets AC FAM dropped 20 times a AC FAMILY minute.

Some Nobody : Dude I have depression and I haven't felt this much emotion in 4 months thank you for this experience, I almost forgot what happiness truly feels like

Justin : I can’t be the only one that thinks Mikey is FANTASTIC at creating new setups. Olympus is gorgeous! Interesting structure, aesthetically pleasing, balanced, functional, creative and even full of lore. AntsCanada is a gem.

Tracerm17 : Please stop saying "AC Family" every 12 seconds. Good video otherwise.

Thai Nah Lee : Wow, narrating skill on 100! 👏🏾

TitaniK : Dude, what a great video. Your passion for the ants is so obvious and I love the way you express and narrate the video. I can’t wait to watch all of your videos now. I’m already looking to get a colony. I will do research though to see what is needed and to ensure I don’t create an ant problem in my condo. Super job and keep up the great work.

Matthew Vorster : This is, hands down, one of the coolest videos I have ever seen

Quadisimo : Call the super majors the Royal Guards!

Abraham Deras : So badass. I personally couldn’t take care of an ant colony but man it’s so interesting and exiting. I hope all your colonies are doing great. 💯💯

Miss Moon and Life : I think what I afore most about your videos is how well spoken and informed you are! The videos go by so smoothly and your voice is actually really soothing! This colony was INSANE to watch! So so incredible!

Vezex 5 : Anyone else cry while watching this vid? If you did, Like: Happy tears Comment: Sad tears Make sure to tell why you picked! Like the video, too, as it is greatly put together and _definitely_ took a lot of time to get footage. 😄

urnkiosd : Thumbs up! Because this deserves an oscar 🎭🥇

Daniel Asher : Ants Canada have you ever thought about making a game where you build a ant colony for people who can't actuly have 1? Think it would be cool and you could build a terrarium for them and you could control the ants and build tunnels etc

redkingsworld : How in the world did I literally just find this channel today and is so in to it watched for 6 hours before I turn off my computer and said what am I doing then pulled out my phone and ate at the same time on my bed

Mr. Wiggles : What he said:I've carefully planted two species of Peperomia plants along this sloping terrain. What I heard: *PEPPERONI*

Tim : Your enthusiasm is contagious, great movie !

Death Knight : AC:Behold *AN AD POPS OUT* and that AD was Manila pets about ants drinking the honey

Justin Y. : This must be ant heaven...

Overly Manly Man : it started with a video on dogs. 8 hours later ants.

Raid3r : Damn... These queens and the way the ants were transporting them was epic..

thedanklord : I’ve never been so inspired by watching an ant colony video

playing4games : Who keeps itching themselves

Daniël Mao : Termite update?

John D : Just found this channel. Should have known there was stuff like this out there. The ANT-icipation was killing me watching all of those ants crawl out of that tube.

Nicole Arnold : This is my fourth ant video in a row.... I watch in amazement that you can narrate ant life with such skill..

Spirals : I don’t know how but I didn’t skip 1 second of this video and I have never been interested in ants other than blowing them up with fireworks now I regret it :(

Adam Castilleja : Wow man this is beautiful.

Quadisimo : Call the Queens Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, And Hestia, doesn’t matter that not all those gods were female, those gods were the first 6 gods living on the Olympus after the battle of the titans!

Nakia Gentry : I accidentally came across your video's. Now I'm hooked.

Delta Bravo : Wow! Bruh you caught me off guard. I watched until the end. This was interesting and inspiring👍🐜

[MG]I AM GUNNA REK U : Good job! Now declare war with your fire ants against the evil pharaoh ants that destroyed the old titans.

Vertex 13 : Ants Are More United Than Humans