My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

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AntsCanada : Greetings AC Family, we're officially going LIVE in OLYMPUS this Saturday 8AM EST/5AM PST! It's going to be a LIVE FEEDING, so be sure to mark your calendars/set your alarms/MARK THIS LINK to the Live Stream:

Hughsie28 : @AntsCanada you realise hanging a pendant you have started a local ant religion as they found this "holy stone" with the largest ant they have seen in their lives. Soon they will start sacrifices and invade other lands to appease the holy ant stone.

chevytheplayer : This guy knows what hes doing, I was watching car crash videos then clicked on this and was mesmerized by ants


2000jago : New drinking game: Take a shot every time you hear "AC Family".

Weyland-Yutani Corporation : I've never watched or been interested in ants but this video and the species of ants is so interesting. The idea of the specialised members like the Major is so cool and the multiple queens. This reminds me of Zenomorphs from Alien with the queens and workers. Very cool video the narrator made it so interesting to watch.

AntsCanada : Sorry for the late video, AC Family! This one took a lot longer to make than I expected, but it is now one of my favourite videos! Hope you guys like it, too! Also this video was just uploaded so sorry if the video appears low quality for the first little bit. This will change as Youtube processes the video. Ant love forever and thanks for your patience, AC Family! Do you guys like this NEW Titans colony?

John Smith : U should try and establish communication with the queen and establish trade talks

Kimiko Tanaka : I rarely watch a video from start to finish, even a short 5 minute video. But this video was so interesting and so well edited, that I settled in for the whole thing. Well done!

Gal3xy G1rl : Oh snap.. After watching the video I was reading the comments and I saw one that mentioned the video was 26 minutes long and I scrolled back up in shock and realized the comment was right.. I literally watched a 26 minute long video about ants without realizing it. (The video was awesome)

Dirt Poor : Its like the queens were going "God dammit the human isnt watching.... Wait until the morning"

Quadisimo : Call the super majors the Royal Guards!

Red Wyvern Emperor : I'm just imagining that scene. Ant queen is moving, but loses grip and falls down the mountain. Ants and guard immediately start ringing "RED ALERT!!!!" And like royal guards come rushing down the driftwood, epic marching music plays as they hurry to save their royal highness and help her into safety. They find her and majors immediately start yelling orders "Secure the perimeter! Workers, help her royal highness into the nest! Soldiers, do not let any intruder close!" "SIR YES SIR!!!"

Fernanda Pires : I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM! I don't even care about ants but you made me hooked. Watching this entire video was like watching a trailer for the most epic action movie coming out next year.

Marko San : i have never interested in an ant in my life until this video damn they have some cool social structure!

TRBRY : Take a shot everytime he says 'AC Family' you can thank me in hell as your liver fail.

Daniel Asher : Ants Canada have you ever thought about making a game where you build a ant colony for people who can't actuly have 1? Think it would be cool and you could build a terrarium for them and you could control the ants and build tunnels etc

moussaemad : I don't usually care for ants, but, man, this video is absolutely amazing. I actually have some tender feelings towards ants now. Magnificent creatures.

Jonas Köbele : how can this video have so much drama? and then life-wisdom and excitement. what a treat.

Mindyjn : Favorite educational video on Ants! You are amazing at editing and capturing the best moments. Your voice is relaxing. I find so many people on YouTube fake excitement or over dramatize when it's unnecessary. Normally I try to keep this to myself. It's not nice to pick. However, I am finding the more I watch videos on your channel the less time I waste on people who lack passion. It would take hours to look up what you lay out in 20 minutes. TY

Player: Unknown : I really do love the way you treat ants like human beings in the sense that they are so much more sophisticated than we think, and it's incredible. I really do enjoy your videos, and I can't wait to see what happens next with the New Titans!

Justin : I can’t be the only one that thinks Mikey is FANTASTIC at creating new setups. Olympus is gorgeous! Interesting structure, aesthetically pleasing, balanced, functional, creative and even full of lore. AntsCanada is a gem.

Jenson Williams : You sound like Conner from Detroit become human but who cares

Hannah Britton : Why am I crying about ants.....ANTKANDA FOREVER!!!

Space Friend : You Just Made Me Love Ants man...I Love it and it's super cool...Btw Love This Family❤

Licia Face : Holy any farm! Where did this ant warehouse come from?! I leave for like two years and all of a sudden it’s like breaking bad in here!

iiPuffystarii : *I really don't like insects, but this channel made it so interesting to watch about ants.* Edit: I didn't know this can be very relatable...

Revilo : hey man, I love what you do and youre channel is amazing! I've been looking to get ants of my own and I have a few questions. I was looking to possibly get funnel ants but i dont have a preference at all, as long as they are super easy to look after. We have a spare fishtank I could use, and would like to use that, it is probably 50 cm long 1. I will be gone to college in about 4 yrs, so is there any ants that will either only last that long or only need around 5 mins of maintenance per day for my parents to look after when I'm gone or is there a way to *ahem* kill them off painlessly when I go? 2. With school, I couldn't dedicate more than possibly 30 mins a day looking after them, I have absolutely no idea how much maintenance ants need at all! 3. Where would I get these ants, I have looked at the but there isnt much choice as most is sold out. I live in Guernsey, a small island of the French coast (but we are British), so any places that dont ship to the UK wouldnt work. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Ali Supreme : I know what to call the new ants should be called, the “gods of Olympus”, or “demigods of the new age” By the way if you call them demigods constantly die working for the gods so that would be accurate for the ants as they die all the time, and ants don’t live that long because they do all sorts of things and ants other than the queens. So demigods would be a good name.

Edward Anderson : At 2:58 the workers think that the super major is a bus

FaZe Prime : Do any of you guys get itchy while watching this?

Justin Y. : This must be ant heaven...

Shanteru Loh : I was kinda interested in ants during my childhood but the thought of keeping them fade away as life gets busier then today i unknowingly click on your videos. Your love for ants truly inspired me to chase my old dreams again. Really glad to have know your channel 😊

real isrealite : I actually watched ants good grief,and I watched the video right to the end.I liked it very good video.

bluedeval03 : I ran across this while catching up on some snake videos. I spotted it in the "up next" portion. I have to say Thank You!!! you made this video informative and entertaining to watch the whole thing. Keep it up

Kian Hoyle : I just subscribe and turn the notification bell on! Luv your video man! Keep it up.

Daniël Mao : Termite update?

Crusty Moist : I haven't watched since you merged those 2 colonies together and they had a war. You've progressed so much!

Lexus Prime : THIS IS INSANE. I clicked this video think I wouldn't be interested BUT THIS IS AMAZING

atom Castaneda : You're enthusiasm is addicting I'm like wow ants !!!!!! And I never really care about ants lol

xXWOND3RBR3ADXx : Favorite ant farm is always alien

Quadisimo : Call the Queens Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, And Hestia, doesn’t matter that not all those gods were female, those gods were the first 6 gods living on the Olympus after the battle of the titans!

CatatonicBug : Before this video, I didn't even know keeping ants was a "thing"! I mean, I had one of those "mail-order", thin green ant farms when I was a kid in the '80s, but these setups are incredible!

Cj Qvargas : The dark and night

lethalidealsdc : Man I love your channel! Once I'm actually able to afford a setup, I was thinking about black crazy ants

Trollioli : I'm a layman when it comes to ants. Why not just upturn the tub in the tank? Why go through all the trouble with the tube?

Mikey Bustos Vlogs : Thanks for watching, AC Family! I've been working on this episode for the past 5 days, and couldn't make the 8AM EST upload time, but so happy to finally be able to share this ant farm with you, guys! The Titans are back! Ant love forever!

AlsoRIL : Olympus is amazing it’s so cool and kinda reminds me of people moving into the new world.

Josh Ejzak : Get bulldog ants plzzz like if u agree look them up. If u dont kno bc when u kno u will like

Marius Ninjai : i thought they left the dirt clumps as trails so they dont get lost