My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

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AntsCanada : Greetings AC Family, we're officially going LIVE in OLYMPUS this Saturday 8AM EST/5AM PST! It's going to be a LIVE FEEDING, so be sure to mark your calendars/set your alarms/MARK THIS LINK to the Live Stream:

Hughsie28 : @AntsCanada you realise hanging a pendant you have started a local ant religion as they found this "holy stone" with the largest ant they have seen in their lives. Soon they will start sacrifices and invade other lands to appease the holy ant stone.

Eevii : I love how all the queens kinda have their own personalities First queen acts like the empress of the colony and glides down the tube on her sisters like a parade float The second was a little reserved and quickly went into the nest. Guess she doesn’t like too much attention The third is the nimble one and had no trouble with the tube and getting to the nest The fourth is somewhat a klutz with her slipping, but she’s determined and makes up for her mistake with the help of her family The fifth is a little more graceful than the others, she knows what she’s doing And finally the sixth, guess she’s a little shy given how she was the last one, and afraid of heights because she climbs down sideways, either that or she’s a goof

Tracker Buckmann : So what you're saying is, the culprit was a snake in the garden of Eden?

Christian Kapp : Why not call them the olympians, because the olympians came after the titans...hey.... Hey?

Jesse Swift : what attracts me to this channel is not the ants, though they are incredibly interesting thats not why your AC family is so large. your passion is what brings people here. I've rarely seen someone care that much over anything, and it shows.

iiPuffystarii : *I really don't like insects, but this channel made it so interesting to watch about ants.* Edit: I didn't know this can be very relatable...

November : In years we will all remember that one channel that went viral with videos of ant farms

Gartt : There was actually 12 queens. You just slept thru half of them lol


Wilhelm Stenvall : It's quite funny actually. It seems each one of these queens had different standings in this colony. The first one had a miniature army following her, while the last one just had a small following, and the major that was supposed to protect her was even far behind!

AntsCanada : Sorry for the late video, AC Family! This one took a lot longer to make than I expected, but it is now one of my favourite videos! Hope you guys like it, too! Also this video was just uploaded so sorry if the video appears low quality for the first little bit. This will change as Youtube processes the video. Ant love forever and thanks for your patience, AC Family! Do you guys like this NEW Titans colony?

Robert Mendivil : What happen to the ant on the cotton? 12:47

Cricket USA : You should stream your ant colonies 24 hours a day so people can watch them. It's super fascinating to see them go about their day... sort of like watching people, lol.

Zsavage1 : WOW! I'm hooked on your videos... this has to be one of the best if not, the best ANT videos I have ever seen.. I can't thank you enough for sharing your passion with us... I am 59 years old and have seen so many history channel and other videos on ants.. but yours is by far one of the best.. I couldn't wait to share this with my 14 year old daughter and my grandchildren .. all 5 of them.. seems like I have started a farm of my the Queen is sleeping now as it's getting late here... I send best wishes to the new colony... Peace and thank you once again...

Elizabeth A Thies : I don't like this... _I NEED MY THERAPY DIRT_

Daniel Asher : Ants Canada have you ever thought about making a game where you build a ant colony for people who can't actuly have 1? Think it would be cool and you could build a terrarium for them and you could control the ants and build tunnels etc

Pam Duncan : Now this whole thing about ants has surprised me. Until a few days ago I never knew people put up videos about their ant hobby - but everything is on You Tube so I should not be surprised. What was surprising to me, someone who basically saw ants as a nuisance to deal with in the summer, found some of these videos getting recommended to me. I have no idea what I watched that made some You Tube algorithm think I would find ants interesting. And honestly I never though they were. I kind of click past a few thinking YT has lost its mind why would I want to watch and ant farm and then the video about the 'ants dying'. Considering that during the summer I actually want ants to die I was curious about why this would actually be a big deal. Since then I have found myself binge watching AntsCanada and suspect that next summer i might end up feeding them rather then getting rid of them :) They certainly are amazing

1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! : I want to date a chick who watches stuff like this on a Friday night 😁😁😁

Hunter Randolph : lets be real tho...we all know the fire nation is unstoppable...the titans are cool guys tho

My playlists : I had a fear of ants But I'm now watching this vilingly, weird anoughf 😐😂. But I kinda like these ants.............soooo yeee Sorry if my English is bad, English isn't my first language so yeah...☹️😜

Justin : I can’t be the only one that thinks Mikey is FANTASTIC at creating new setups. Olympus is gorgeous! Interesting structure, aesthetically pleasing, balanced, functional, creative and even full of lore. AntsCanada is a gem.

youtoober2013 : The filter wool looks like clouds lol!

Korbin Davis : AntsCanada's childlike enthusiasm is so contagious. I love this channel!

Nine Tales : Wait wait wait You have FAVOURITES?????? LOL I NEVER NEW WOW

Korn Hole : Holycrap that was not only awesome but spiritually satisfying ❤️🌹👏👍🏽👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻⭐️

Brickmaster E : Change the name to Othrys, because the Titans in Greek mythology _actually lived on Mt. Othrys._ Olympus was founded by the Gods who beat them, not by the Titans themselves.

Carter H. : @AntsCanada You should put a waterfall/river in an enclosure That would be sooooo super dope!

Imogen Brown : Actually there are soon to be 9 as there were 2 that are in the cacoon thingy and the other on that had just been born yet couldn't walk yet. That's one hell of an ant collection

saeklin : You ever seen that episode of The Outer Limits where the dude studies martian ants and the hivemind becomes intelligent and starts worshiping the guy? That's gonna be AntsCanada some day.

Vixie : This guy can make anything sound interesting

Daniël Mao : Termite update?

Snooki : He spelled Favorite Wrong xD

Kwon Samuel : TITANS FOREVER!!!

Greg& Wan : he sounds like hes from a really good anime

893zero : I hate creepy crawlies, but this was amazing to watch.

Quadisimo : Call the super majors the Royal Guards!

carroty coffee : When ants seem to be living better than you

Ghost Hunter : Antvengers Assemble

TheAmazing JoeyCat : I wish humanity was like this group of ants.

Malia StarstarCat : Omg I’m crying

Quadisimo : Call the Queens Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera, And Hestia, doesn’t matter that not all those gods were female, those gods were the first 6 gods living on the Olympus after the battle of the titans!

Mvny._.Chvnces : 15:42 there's an ant that jus decided to venture out on it's own on the outside of the tube😂

kawfi : I find it funny how he makes the end so inspirational, talking about life and death and how it’s not in vain, and in reality, he’s just talking about ants. lol, i’m not hating, but it’s just funny to see the bigger picture of things. This video was fascinating though.

mighty mouse : Best video IV ever watched on YouTube period! 👍

Ben Emecz : Yes, a hard boiled egg. Nothing says new life more than hard boiling an infertile foetus.

Mikey Bustos Vlogs : Thanks for watching, AC Family! I've been working on this episode for the past 5 days, and couldn't make the 8AM EST upload time, but so happy to finally be able to share this ant farm with you, guys! The Titans are back! Ant love forever!

Tony Bologna : This is not just a video, no no no this a piece of art!

Drackrath : I was always thinking of getting an Ant family on my own, but it was like such a drag to do so, because I'd need to pay for the Shelter and Queen. But now I kind of think that Ants are the best pets you can ever have! Taking almost no effort to feed them and so amazing to watch with a magnifying scope. To think that I willingly killed those tiny armies when I was young. What a time of genocide that was.

MoistSofa : Bruh what if you got 20 queens in there