A HUGE Brazilian YouTuber STOLE My Videos

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Mother's Basement : I would like to keep a complete list of videos she's stolen, so if anybody knows of any that aren't listed in the description, let me know and I'll add them. thanks to all my brazilian and portuguese fans for supporting me and keeping me up to date on this!

NerdSync : The subtitles were a nice touch 👌🏻

Arilen Chan : Ela se fodeu legal

O Figaro ! : ótimo ver um plagiador se ferrando!

Ferdi Mendonça : I'm sorry this happened to you, there's so much good and original Brazilian you tubers that do not have the same popularity, that's a shame.

Jardel Perrud : kkk esses brasileiros comentando em Inglês 😂

Hotline : carai, se isso não é plágio, então eu não sei o que é plágio

hugo182 : I wonder why this video insists to appear in my recommended videos - until I now finally clicked it - as I don't have a clue of who are these two youtubers fighting about content...

SteviiLove : This isn't even her first rodeo with theft. Like a year ago or so I'm pretty sure she was called out for stealing videos too

Luciana Feliciano - Ciências e Tecnologias : Piadas traduzidas nunca funcionam, é ridículo. translated jokes are ridiculous.

ßØŦ1Ø : #mother's basement mete Strike nela, ela roubou seu conteúdo. agora deleta o canal dela. #mother's is TOP

Controle Mania : CARALHOU HAHAHAHahaha Jesus. Que Vergonha alheia. Eu fiquei com pena e puto ao mesmo tempo... que isso, cara.

Flapawangatang : Lol, shes banned

Vander Junio Magalhães : I was waiting for you to mention that "Pense Geek" it's the literal translation of "Think Geek". Even the name of the channel is a rip off.

anderson : Do not let the image of Brazil be ruined because of this girl ... Brazilians are intelligent and creative, This girl here was very lazy, there are always exceptions.

Andrew Kos : The insane thing is that, before being called out and deleting everything, she had more subs then Geoff did (Around 600k). From mostly stolen content from other people. Welcome to YouTube.

Tralhas do Jon : As a brazillian creator who's also been plagiarized by a much larger brazilian channel (who got away with it), this video was so real and so satisfying. The video they stole was also a carefully scripted and meticulously edited analysis ripped of in the form of a clumsy vlog. It made ten times the views of my video and made them a lot of money in Amazon publicity.

Oque é isso queridinha?? : Não se preocupe colega, o Brasil massacrou ela nas redes sociais, e ela apagou todos os videos, inclusive as redes sociais tambem

Breno DePaula : She must have some kind of obsession with you.

Liz Constanthine : Pior que a maioria das piadas e constatações que ela copiou não fazem o menor sentido em português.

vdogaymer : I just don't understand why you and all the other Youtubers just gather around and hit her with the copyrighted infringements which she had no problem doing to you?

Carlos Daniel : *Se pica pau tivesse comunicado ah policia isso nunca teria acontecido.*

Dynamic Aero : She literally sounds like a procrastinating kid's paraphrased copy of somebody else's essay. Same things, just the wording is different.

Joana Matos {CeceSunshine} : She deactivated her channel! Diretamente do porão da sua mãe!

F.L.P : Eu fico envergonhado com isso.

The Ginger Bread Boy : “Hey man, can I copy your homework” has gone too far

Camila Cuevas : It's already hard to make ACTUAL content on youtube without getting them demonetized, but now we also have to watch out for other "Youtubers" that hide behind the language barrier to straight up steal from us. Happens a lot to animators, and now even analysis channels? It's only April and 2018 is already looking like it's gonna be a hard year. So sad this happened to you man, all my support. And congrats on your 500k subs, I'm impressed you haven't reached 1M by now.

Roberto Lyrio : I hate every form or plagiarism. This situation reminded me of the movie "Life Of Pi", how much money it raised plagiarizing a book by the brazilian writter Moacyr Scliar.

Snoky Nebulous : Sou brasileiro 🇧🇷 mais curti muito seu canal ! 😄 +1 sub

Rafaela Almeida : só rindo pra não chorar

Andressa Nogueira : Please, put portuguese subtitles in your other videos! <3 so we can watch more from your channel!

Nux Taku : Thanks man, appreciate the help in the matter XD

Italo Natan : Ela deveria ter dado os créditos, e talvez continuaria com o canal, sem problemas. O maior erro foi copiar os conteúdos e ainda afirmar que não foi plágio. Com um pouco mais de consideração e "Inteligência" por parte da Satty, teria evitado tudo isso.

Niko : Brasileiro nasceu pra se Fudeeeer msm !

im fs : I'm Brazilian, I don't know this Youtuber, but I'm SO sorry for it 😰

Snow McSnow : She needs to be destroyed. Take action, do not hold back.

O Netuniano : +1 brazilian subscriber. thanks for the good work on yt :) keep going, bro. your videos are awesome!

Marcio Pacheco : We are very sorry for what happened, that's all I can say about it... The case has had repercussions in our country and I believe that many creators of contents have been outraged by the fact, repudiating hard any kind of plagiarism or action that harms third parties of somehow, in particular, so many people who strive to bring quality content and really original (No, I'm not a Youtuber). In addition, things are staying more serious in private life the Youtuber Satty, because the error committed of she, brought many negative consequences. Sincerely, Marcio José D. Pacheco (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)

Aldrey Andreiko : All I can think about is the "Can I copy your homework" meme

Notorious revolutionary, Tommy J : but I thought we were supposed to pirate things oh wait wrong channel

Victor Danin : Satty gave dislike in this video.XD

Jana Faedo Fabiani : AH MEU PAI... eu amo ser brasileira, mas tem hora que vou te contar hein... *MOTHER´S BASEMENT* Continue fazendo vídeo com legendas em português *POR FAVOR!!*

Udo Mager : Was she dropped into a paintbucket? She look ´s ´like a painted clown!

nattionsdx : Damiani deve estar se mijando de rir

Lazaro Dias : even though your videos sucks and are so f boring, she didn't had the right to do that, so I support your claim.

Puukinha : If you check her face while saying she never saw your videos, there are a lot of signs she is lying... Looking down, shrunging her shoulders, and lots more, stammering to gain time...she can't make eye contact with the camera for much time actually...

GrimGracious : The worst part of this is she didnt even make her videos entertaining. . . just her sitting in her room ranting without good editing or anything while reading a stolen script. Those are the worst and laziest type of 'analytical' ranters.

Marcelo Ramalho : Força do Brasil, a gente não aceita isso não Brazil❤️🇧🇷 l

Brenda C Farias : I’m Brazilian, and I was actually a fan of her, but now, I don’t know anything. I feel like, she’s a liar, and all of those videos that I watched from her, wasn’t real... I’m disappointed.

Alecsandro Farias : The saddest part is, if YouTubers like these actually sat down and wrote a few original stuff, asked for permission and then openly mentioned (and gave credit) a few pieces of the original content they stole in their videos, not only would they not be stealing copyrighted material but they would actually be helping the creators of the originals grow, too. As a Brazilian I feel very much ashamed of this. Content creation is a very serious and time-consuming project and I know it can take a lot of work to get something good done.