A HUGE Brazilian YouTuber STOLE My Videos

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Mother's Basement : I would like to keep a complete list of videos she's stolen, so if anybody knows of any that aren't listed in the description, let me know and I'll add them. thanks to all my brazilian and portuguese fans for supporting me and keeping me up to date on this!

ColoniaContraAtaca : Man, Im brazilian and I ashamed. Our reputations is terrible in the internet, and now this make the situation even worst! I hope this at least gonna bring you a lot of new good brazilians fans :)

Selphius : Okay, that Steins;Gate reference was 10/10.

Geno Breaker : Clearly, she assumed that in the vast expanse of the internet, she would never ever get caught stealing from English speakers...

KoruB : "Can I copy your homework?" "Sure just change it up a little so nobody notices."

Sir. Mannington : Her defense is so weak a magikarp could beat her argument in one hit.

Jesus Christ : Thou shalt not steal / tu não roubarás 🙏

The Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy : “Hey babe” Please for the love of God, Never do that again.

Abi / AbIchigo Kurosaki : SHE GOT BANNED OFF YOUTUBE

Antonia Souza : I'm brazilian but i agree with you. IT'S OBVIOUS that she is copying you. Sorry for that bro...

Rebeca Holanda : Amei seu canal. mas, n sei inglês :') Gostaria de que seus vídeos fossem todos legendado, se n fosse muito trabalho ;-;

TRROR fps : *Se pica pau tivesse comunicado ah policia isso nunca teria acontecido.*

Be Maddox : I’m from Brazil...your channel is much better than hers. Honestly...I don’t get why she lied about copying your video, it would be better to be honest and just say “Yeahhh I love your content and I wanted Brazilians to hear that so I just translated.”

Baré Multiplayer : And.. she's back , no apologies were made yet... stay tuned for the next episode or not, whatev...

Meandering squirrel : "hey, can i copy your homework?" "sure, just change it a little so they cant tell you copied."

Scarllett Lins : Please, don't be mad at brazilian people. Satty did it, not us. Brazilians suffer daily for the bad fame of those who have fame and power. Politicians, artists and others with visualization. Do not confuse the action of these people, with the nature of those who did nothing of this, but have the nationality in common. XOXO

Drawn Mask : Oh boy... Not a good day to be brazillian

Guess who? : *Rips off this video*

Eule TheCat : It would be so much easier and a lot less embarrassing if she just said sorry in a video to you and her fans and explain herself and delete all stolen videos and never do it again. She earned a lot of follower - she can start her own stuff without losing much . Her fans like her (even tho for her stolen content) they won't unfollow that fast.

CachorroVoador : please know that we Brazilians are with you, and we are not all ignorant like this

Ambrosia Lopez : I checked out her page to see if she still had your videos up, and she actually deleted all of her videos. Every. Single. One. Now, when you look up “PenseGeek,” you just find videos from mostly Portuguese speakers calling her out on her plagiarism. (Spanish is my 2nd language, so I can slightly understand Portuguese. Every video I saw called her out on her plagiarism). I find it pathetic that she had to steal other video content because she herself couldn’t make good content.

Controle Mania : CARALHOU HAHAHAHahaha Jesus. Que Vergonha alheia. Eu fiquei com pena e puto ao mesmo tempo... que isso, cara.

Dri Hata : não entendo nada de anime, só vim aqui para entender a treta kkkk

Patrick McGinnes : I don't get why some of these people don't like contact a person and go "Hey I like your stuff, can we collaborate? I get a small portion of the youtube revenue, by translating and re-recording the audio for videos, and you have another channel in another language that expands your entertainment reach!" Huzzah! Everyone wins. She gets 10-30%, you get to double dip on 40-70% since someone might watch your english video, then go watch the other video, getting you more traffic on 1 video, and vice versa. But nope just gotta steal stuff. I'm not even one of your subscribers. Just clicked on your video to kill some time. Not sure why it showed up.

Tiah G0utiihs : Não entendo porque vocês ficam comentando que estão com vergonha do Brasil só porque Uma única pessoa plagiou um gringo que o nosso país é o pior do mundo

Stamy : This happens a lot, Brazilian, Portuguese and Hispanic people copying stuff; I think the reason why is because these languages are phonetically and grammatically complex so their populations understand and speak other languages easily, making it easy to plagiarize content like this. I'm portuguese and when I was in England many people had this stereotype of us doing so, one particular teacher said that portuguese thesis' are, for the most part, the "Made in China" dime store copies of american and english works. I hate that we have this image associated to us, but truth be told; even in Portugal the stereotype that brazilians are a manipulative plagiarizing group is strong; so many of them come to Portugal looking to improve their precarious life only to be shot down to people like this PenseGeek Youtuber giving them a bad name. So ya'll brazilians out there should stop feeding these copycats and start calling stuff like this out more often, for your own sake and the sake of us latin descendants. I'm sad to say it, but a big part of the reason why this happens is because in Brazil a lot of people don't speak english, and schemes like this are profitable; Spain and Portugal have the same problem but to a lesser extent. Besides giving my culture a bad name, this situation has made me always doubtful of content creators, particularly Youtubers and social network personalities, who make content in their own language instead of english. This scheme is so old, yet so common, aiming at a smaller market while actually leeching off the big market; when my phone updates to trending tabs of any of these countries in my travels I get to many of these cheap knockoffs thrown at me. It's sad, really.

NerdSync : The subtitles were a nice touch 👌🏻

•WetCactus• : Love how her fans jump to defend her honor when she wouldn’t even know who they were and if they even existed she wouldn’t jump to defend someone she doesn’t know so it stupid that they would.

michaelmath : She sent a dmca to silence you? That is goddamn slimey. People need to have more honesty. She is scamming to make money. Lazy dishonest human being. If pressed she’d probably say “it’s the only way I can make a living!”

MangaMango13 : If Amy Schumer started an anime based youtube channel

Jacky & Will: Gaming e TI : Great Job Man! You are Awesome!

Kiwii I Ate You : I'm sorry this happened to you, there's so much good and original Brazilian you tubers that do not have the same popularity, that's a shame.

lolololol lolololol : That woman is a CUNTent thief

Xavier Martinez : That damn microwave time machine bit was hilarious

Dylan Brady : His forth highest video, and it isn’t monetized. Shows how much he cares

Hilliety : Hoje descobri que satty não era uma das minhas YouTubers preferidas mas sim você.

tomaz52 : So sorry, i'm brasilian, it's a really sad this happend, the good thing is, for the quality, most of people of her channel will follow you, your material is much better :).

Orlando F Jaimes : can we copystrike her?

Tee Stephenson : I’m just wondering what the on earth are the 2 to 3 thousand suckers who disliked are really supporting . It’s like voting for trump knowing he’s an egotistical financial hog .

Niop Tres : Uff, that is some obvious paraphrasing Plagiarism there. She didn't even at least try to change the order and various sentences, she just directly copied the same exact video and added a few extra words here and there to seem like she was saying something else.

Sergio Ortiz : I bet this girl doesnt even watch anime or like video games... She seems like she's bullshitting everything just cause she knows there's a following for it.

Tralhas do Jon : As a brazillian creator who's also been plagiarized by a much larger brazilian channel (who got away with it), this video was so real and so satisfying. The video they stole was also a carefully scripted and meticulously edited analysis ripped of in the form of a clumsy vlog. It made ten times the views of my video and made them a lot of money in Amazon publicity.

Yeeric : You can see her eyes looking off onto the script lmafo

This statement is false Nothing is true : I still remember my abcd’s A wareness B alance C lenched fists D on’t f{}ck your sister

X Flyingwolf17 : I know this is very late but, It would be so funny if she copied this video as well😂

Insania Nevi : It is so satisfying to see months later how her youtube and in general social media carrer is over, 20 meters deep into the ground and rotting day by day more, I mean it is god damn anime videos, and i mean it in the sense that as video games or other big things you can do them about whatever theme you want because of how big it is, and even so If you want to talk about something others have talked before just tackle a different point, I mean thinking on how for example I from time to time check a lot of videos from Made in Abyss and it is so interesting how it has been interpreted and treated from all that differents points, but yet each video is different before or how youtubers should be, original, thinking in the way they want to think and just doing thinks for doing themes, it is like a youtuber said once, "fame in youtube is not a thing of what you do or what you talk about or what equipment you have, it is a a thing of just lots and lots of hard work and luck" Dross. Glad this turned out like it did.

Lucas Costa Beyeler : Dear Mother's Basement... Brazil was a Mistake. Regards, a Brazilian :)

MisoSoup : She's still on YouTube. Her new channel name is Satty.mariana If you see this please pass it on to other videos

ProLikeMagic : Well I guess I'm a bit late but just claim those videos. If she uses the exact same script and translated it it shouldn't fall under fair use (or whatever the law in barzil is called). I mean she shouldn't expect to get a free pass for stealing other people's content

Kenny Kenny : She rewrote your videos like how i rewrite the essay from the internet.