A HUGE Brazilian YouTuber STOLE My Videos

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Mother's Basement : I would like to keep a complete list of videos she's stolen, so if anybody knows of any that aren't listed in the description, let me know and I'll add them. thanks to all my brazilian and portuguese fans for supporting me and keeping me up to date on this!

NerdSync : The subtitles were a nice touch 👌🏻

Kiwii I Ate You : I'm sorry this happened to you, there's so much good and original Brazilian you tubers that do not have the same popularity, that's a shame.

F.L.P : Eu fico envergonhado com isso.

hugo182 : I wonder why this video insists to appear in my recommended videos - until I now finally clicked it - as I don't have a clue of who are these two youtubers fighting about content...

ßØŦ1Ø : #mother's basement mete Strike nela, ela roubou seu conteúdo. agora deleta o canal dela. #mother's is TOP

Controle Mania : CARALHOU HAHAHAHahaha Jesus. Que Vergonha alheia. Eu fiquei com pena e puto ao mesmo tempo... que isso, cara.

Andrew Kos : The insane thing is that, before being called out and deleting everything, she had more subs then Geoff did (Around 600k). From mostly stolen content from other people. Welcome to YouTube.

Jacky & Will: Gaming e TI : Great Job Man! You are Awesome!

Snoky : Sou brasileiro 🇧🇷 mais curti muito seu canal ! 😄 +1 sub

Alecsandro Farias : The saddest part is, if YouTubers like these actually sat down and wrote a few original stuff, asked for permission and then openly mentioned (and gave credit) a few pieces of the original content they stole in their videos, not only would they not be stealing copyrighted material but they would actually be helping the creators of the originals grow, too. As a Brazilian I feel very much ashamed of this. Content creation is a very serious and time-consuming project and I know it can take a lot of work to get something good done.

Nux Taku : Thanks man, appreciate the help in the matter XD

Breno DePaula : She must have some kind of obsession with you.

Rebeca Holanda : Amei seu canal. mas, n sei inglês :') Gostaria de que seus vídeos fossem todos legendado, se n fosse muito trabalho ;-;

Brenda C Farias : I’m Brazilian, and I was actually a fan of her, but now, I don’t know anything. I feel like, she’s a liar, and all of those videos that I watched from her, wasn’t real... I’m disappointed.

Niko : Brasileiro nasceu pra se Fudeeeer msm !

O Netuniano : +1 brazilian subscriber. thanks for the good work on yt :) keep going, bro. your videos are awesome!

Italo Natan : Ela deveria ter dado os créditos, e talvez continuaria com o canal, sem problemas. O maior erro foi copiar os conteúdos e ainda afirmar que não foi plágio. Com um pouco mais de consideração e "Inteligência" por parte da Satty, teria evitado tudo isso.

Puukinha : If you check her face while saying she never saw your videos, there are a lot of signs she is lying... Looking down, shrunging her shoulders, and lots more, stammering to gain time...she can't make eye contact with the camera for much time actually...

Rafaela Almeida : só rindo pra não chorar

Snow McSnow : She needs to be destroyed. Take action, do not hold back.

Janaina Fabiani Arquitetura : AH MEU PAI... eu amo ser brasileira, mas tem hora que vou te contar hein... *MOTHER´S BASEMENT* Continue fazendo vídeo com legendas em português *POR FAVOR!!*

Aldrey Andreiko : All I can think about is the "Can I copy your homework" meme

Abi / AbIchigo Kurosaki : SHE GOT BANNED OFF YOUTUBE

Shirlane Nog : Está muito copiado mesmo filha, dá nem pra te ajudar!!

Dri Hata : não entendo nada de anime, só vim aqui para entender a treta kkkk

Carlos Daniel : *Se pica pau tivesse comunicado ah policia isso nunca teria acontecido.*

nattionsdx : Damiani deve estar se mijando de rir

Tami xx : Fulano morreu em 1800 Em 1800 morreu fulano. Pisou nela com vontade. Hahahahahah

Felipe Tenca : Aff, segunda vez q um youtuber burro rouba vídeo de um gringo, mds, deve ser por isso q os gringos pensam q aqui só tem bandido.

Snake Games : Nem todos os brasileiros são assim alguns tem criatividades de criar seus próprios conteúdos

Leo King : Isso é uma vergonha para o nosso país ;-;

Tii Eulenspiegel : It would be so much easier and a lot less embarrassing if she just said sorry in a video to you and her fans and explain herself and delete all stolen videos and never do it again. She earned a lot of follower - she can start her own stuff without losing much . Her fans like her (even tho for her stolen content) they won't unfollow that fast.

Karina Pinheiro : Tem uns you tubers que envergonham o brasil 😓

Na Ns : She deleted her channel

AnvilPro100 : What a lazy jerk. I'm not just mad she stole your script and jokes, I'm mad that it's done in the laziest vlog style possible. At the very least this makes me appreciate your editing way more

Rayanne : Mano é ridículo de tão óbvio que ela copiou mesmo, como diabos ela ainda teve alguma coragem pra negar. M A N O

Victor Danin : Satty gave dislike in this video.XD

Scarllett Lins : Please, don't be mad at brazilian people. Satty did it, not us. Brazilians suffer daily for the bad fame of those who have fame and power. Politicians, artists and others with visualization. Do not confuse the action of these people, with the nature of those who did nothing of this, but have the nationality in common. XOXO

Wellinton Bend : Olhou, sorriu, mandioca no bombril...

Camila Cuevas : It's already hard to make ACTUAL content on youtube without getting them demonetized, but now we also have to watch out for other "Youtubers" that hide behind the language barrier to straight up steal from us. Happens a lot to animators, and now even analysis channels? It's only April and 2018 is already looking like it's gonna be a hard year. So sad this happened to you man, all my support. And congrats on your 500k subs, I'm impressed you haven't reached 1M by now.


Rajada Records. : Eu sinto vergonha de ser brasileiro. Caralho

Ígor Jales : You know what's funny? Before the internet, this used to go unnoticed a lot around the world! To be fair, most of them paid its due copyrights when it comes to TV and songs, but it still feels like a huge deception to find out many of your beloved characters, TV shows, or songs you thought as national treasures and testaments of _[or insert your nationality here]_ creativity, are actually subsidiaries, translations and generic versions of something that was created somewhere else.

Orochi : Tá virando moda copiar vídeos? Primeiro o matues hwang ( sla como se escreve) Depois ela...

Hotline : carai, se isso não é plágio, então eu não sei o que é plágio

Charlotte Katakuri, 2nd Sweet Commander : Im from Portugal in Europe and we speak Portuguese yet... That's why i never liked both Portuguese and Brazilian YouTubers they steal content and ideas they do the worst clickbait and i just hate it. I've been subscribed to you for a couple of months and i love your content. Hope everything goes great to you.

Isabela Mayara : Vergonha alheia dessa mulheeer pqp

Joey Do Pagode : Isso que aconteceu com a menina do PenseGeek lembra muito um caso que aconteceu ano passado KKKKKKKKK (Hannah Mayers) quando essa treta toda acabar ela vai voltar.

Hazel Bonfield : I can't access any of the videos in the description, so it's safe to say her channel was terminated.