"Are Traps Gay?" - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Discourse

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Dr. Layman : A lot more could've been said on this topic, but the one thing worth mentioning extra is terminology in a sort of "what I learned"-way. The terminology is incredibly hard to navigate - one person will dislike you for not using "trap" the other will dislike you for using it. I think this really boils down to a very personal choice and, if you wanna make sure you're not stepping on anyone's toes, you gotta ask them. It also seems to be extremely niche-dependent. Some communities reject the term "trap" entirely, others insisted on using it, both because they liked it and because (some) were trying to reclaim it. Honestly, I am more confused after this video than I was before. Also, a thing I should've made more clear is the fact that many cultures had and still have people that we could colloquially call "traps" - especially Japan comes to mind. A lot of our contemporary "trap" culture seems to be massively inspired by those cultures - but keep in mind that none of them use a term as "negative/controversial" as trap. Japan for example likes to use the term "Otokonoko" which roughly translates to "Male Girl" and seems to not be trans at all. This shit is fucking confusing I want back into the safety of my Systems Theory.

TheBurgerkrieg : doctor layman more like loctor dayman

Limey Lassen : I'm attracted to female personalities and the female soul. Also like lookin' at dicks. Why not both right? Sometimes I wonder if I myself am a trap, then I drink some Ovaltine til the feeling goes away.

Jason Edson : Yes traps are gay

Max Izrin : As always, industry is far ahead of academia, even in such things as the trap question. Praise Capitalism. Praise it! *Do it now!*

Cheng Zhou the Younger : you said that traps were gay in the thinkery podcast the internet never forgets

Red : This type of content is why I've subscribed

Xzae : Saw the title and immediately clicked to watch. Finally a video that'll be in the history books.

Vernaculis : This is the content I want.

Rev JR : You are Dr Layman. I expect this to always have academics. Clickbait titles are just a good way of grabbing someone's eyes. Kinda like traps, I guess.

KaptainMorganWo : How many takes did you need to say "stroking queens" without laughing?

Dadutta : are laymen gay

John Haves : In the first figure you showed the GAM (traps) themselves have arousal levels similar to homosexuals. Thus traps are gay, men attracted to them are not

No Response Mate : Finally addressing the really important questions.

Commissar LORD Bern : They are not gay but they are *HERESY*

χρονης κ. : Layman will go into history as the man who answered the trap question.

J Gorge : 4 years ago I would probably say yes but after being exposed to Felix-chan and Assfolo I have reached peak enlightenment and can finally say that without a doubt........traps are still gay *But so am I*

Lord of the Toolshed : 14:47 I sexually identify as "or whatever"

Markus Rezai : "The answer to the question, 'Are traps gay?' is _just the tip_ of the iceberg" is probably my favourite quote from your channel.

Low Fi : The reason i use trap to describe myself when i at some point tell people i am not technically female, is because it is easier and faster for them to understand what it is that i am talking about =3 the second i use trans, i have to get ready for an in depth discussion about life and mindset, and while that is fine and dandy, some times it can get exhausting and thus i just say i am a trap haha Now one thing i would note is that i think trap does have the added definition that the trans person or person in question will have to pass to be able to be called a trap, otherwise the act of trapping will most likely be impossible! but its definitely a very interesting topic! as always a very good video! and i hope to see more Dr.!

CYBER FunkER : I like traps and I don't care what that makes me.

BlueskKull : i always thought "traps" specified the trap, not the trapped. So the question was clear to me: yes they are because they seduce straight men, who arent necessarily gay.

2 Snow Or Not 2 Know : Light hearted jokes and far right transgenders are what will normalize the thing. Seeing only far left "commie" kinds of transgender individuals will cause to the public a skewed perception of the transgenderism as a whole and not very accepted by many, especially the religious conservatives. The "that's why we need atheism" doesn't work, since even in countries with high atheitic populations you will find religious atheists which can be worse than a liberal Christian. What I want to say is we need more cute traps

The Halberdier : Now *THIS* is the kind of intense philosophical debate Ive come to know and love this channel for! I must know whether or not wanting to shag a fictional 9th-century English paladin with long, flowing, hot-pink hair makes me gay!

Charlie Wenger : You actually made me realize I'm straight

Emelenzia : It really comes down to the obsession with etymology. I think word crazy is a great example of this. In our society of 2018 Crazy is solely used to describe someone who is irrational and reckless. Checking most dictionary definitions of the word such as oxford you will find exact thing, and see not a single mention of mental illness. So even though Crazy is not remotely used to describe the mentally ill it is considered ableist. And it has nothing to do with the word's actual meaning, or how it is used. It is purely ableist because origins of the word means cracked and was initially tied to being mentally ill. So the word is bad purely based on etymology, even though the definition of the word is completely different now. This is the same issue. Because the etymology of the word was bad, then the word is bad. Even though that definition of trap died out in the 90s and the way people use it now is completely different. Problem isn't that Crazy is ableist or that Trap is transphobic. It that we as a culture has became so obsessed with etymology that we stopped listening to what people are saying. We have our ears plugged and presume guilt based on our own bias and obsession with etymology.

deca- -potato : This video is the highest form of logic, in that it is socio-LOGIC-al.

χρονης κ. : Traps are still gay

CommandoDude : If there are trans people who use the word trap, yeah I absolutely think they shouldn't. Misusing labels is a problem imo. Traps are crossdressers, and crossdressers aren't trans. And the origin of the word trap (anime) is pretty clear when it uses the term, so to me trans people who use the term are basically being kinda weebish and don't get that they're kinda fucking things up for other trans when the word gets used pejoratively against them. In any case, I will certainly not stop using the term, though I will use it correctly. Also, no traps are not gay. Yes that's a contradiction. Traps transcend such earthly concerns!

Orlunu : So, the results are "gayer than straight people". That means they're gay.

Alexander Anderson : My take on the "Are traps gay"" question is that the very question is dead wrong. The object of the sexual desire can't be gay or straight, it's just an object. It's the subject, the one who desires, that can be gay or straight. For example, if Brett is attracted to Adam, you wouldn't say that Adam is gay. Brett is. So it's not about if traps are gay, it's about why do people like traps? If it's because of the masculine traits - then that dude is gay for liking a trap. If it's for the feminine aspect - then it's not. If it's both - then I guess the dude's either bisexual or horny af.

Jerry Cant : Traps aren't homosexual... ... but they're still gay.

Noosa : Men attracted to traps are attracted to men, but only a certain kind of man. So yes, still gay.

Berry Bruiser : Me: The traps meme is just a silly joke that no one should take seriously Layman: Oh yeah? *WATCH THIS*

liam imbriolo : You finally made a video on the topic. Took you long enough you faggit.

William Grike : He’s Dr. Layman because he LAYS WITH MEN

David Cedarwood : So many of their advocates being gay men does little to help their case

weirdplusho : I don't think traps = trans; the opposite, really. Traps are crossdressers, plain and simple. Even if a trans person was also a crossdresser, them being a trap will still have nothing to do with their trans identity. Being trans has nothing to do with the beauty of being a trap; correlating the two is abuse of the label! That said, are traps gay? Yes. But _how_ gay are they? Well...

r9ksg chan : But is Futa gay?

99IronDuke : Traps are gay.

Chancellor of Memes : Traps feel gay tho

TormentedTony : don't you Open That Trapdoor cos there's something down there

Bahram Gur : They always ask "Are traps gay?", but they never ask "How are traps?"

Firefox is red, Explorer is blue. Google+ sucks and Chrome does too. : I guess I'm just radically hetero 'cause traps are hella gay to me.

An Alchemist : Nice choice in using acid rain for the background music

Dave Baker : Communism is a great system... in collectives of ~150 or less. Anything more and you need to get into the realm of "state capitalism" to work, but you might as well use real capitalism at that point.

Risavius : Unironically a good video. I'm proud of you, even though Girls und Panzer is still inferior to Strike Witches.

Some Asshole : Dehumanizing? Nobody is calling trannies unhuman. We are just calling them mentally Ill. Chopping off your wang ain't no normal thang.

TheDubstepAddict : I myself discovered I'm bi not too long ago, and I didn't come out to my parents yet. I'm lucky not to live in a very conservative family though, and your story will probably help me come out. Oh btw I'm also German. Schreib dir direkt aussa muddastadt! Anyways, great video!!!!

Becky Pennock : Why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel?