Harry Coyle -- The greatest baseball director of all time

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Jeff Missinne : I checked the cameraman's name with an article in the New York Times and elsewhere, the correct spelling is Mario Ciarlo, and what a job he did!

Andrew Covarrubias : This is some top notch videography here. Reminds me of the time I had to shoot a basketball game with one camera, but basketball is MUCH easier to shoot than baseball

Aaron J. Jones : Such respect... Very cool.

daniel anderson : what i noticed was hearing the old organ at Fenway before the NBC theme begins of course

altfactor : Some local cable access channels shoot Little League, High-School, or Legion baseball games with a single camera.

wiedep : If you look at the other NBC baseball broadcasts on YT, they were not the tightest productions, Harry may have been good but there wasn't much other national competition for him from 1949-1980's.

Robert Noble : amazing!!!!

Felix Cheshire : BEE-U-T-FUL! MARIO! BEE-U-T-FUL!

Brian Sherriffe : An amazing lesson in a camerman / directer relationship. Both Mario Charlo and Harry Coyle were the best of thier times!

rickreed13 : I posted the 12:43 clip in February after the Super Bowl black out. For 32 years, I have produced sports programming and it is part of my collection. I was in the truck as we were producing a pre-game segment on Harry Coyle. The ENG camera starts at the 1:27 mark. We recorded the PL lines of Harry and producer Micheal Weisman. How does YouTube user “fenway941827” post (and code) the video without attribution? Rick Reed

SugaryCoyote : Thanks

Fenway9418276452634 : That the cameraman would find himself in a situation where he would lose focus and have to pullback to reset.

SugaryCoyote : What does the term "trapped" mean in this context?

journeythruthepast : Where's Mario today? I wonder if he knows this video is on Youtube now. Talk about first class camera operating, produced by a legend to boot. Would love to see this today if all the cameras but one were down. Although I'd imagine it'd be pretty hard to do with an outfield or base line camera having to track fly balls. But still, fascinating stuff.

youtalkfunny : 1. Wow, thanks for posting this! 2. Thanks for telling me about it, Deadspin! 3. LOL Fenway (and I'm a Red Sox fan!)

bluemonkjd : Beee-you-ti-ful.

TheEarthBlues2 : Amazing.

Louis Hobbs : That was a thing of beauty. They should give out an Emmy for not panicking when the #@! hits the fan.

Mike Finkel : Wow. Where'd you get this footage? That's Ken Fouts to Harry's left producing. My Dad was with NBC during this time too. Harry did change sports coverage, especially baseball.

R. Jakobi : So many greats in that last inning. Cecil Cooper, Yaz, Rollie Fingers, Wade Boggs...yet at that time, the most valuable player was a cameraman named Mario.

Jeff Missinne : If you can keep your head when those around you are losing theirs...you're Harry Coyle and Mario the cameraman!

Southland Conference : Mario deserves a ton of praise!