VVAW Dewey Canyon III
Vietnam vet against the war throwing his medals at the US Capitol Powerful message

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video clip of Vietnam vets returning their medals to Congress, April 1971, from film Going Upriver.


brwneyesaz : So many men and women died during the Vietnam War because of a huge lie.  It was a terrible time because no one cared about the solders when they return to the USA.  War is a terrible thing for the rich to get richer and the others to be cannon fodder.  Will the world ever learn?

T bone : Never trust the American government.

Taylar Gatson : The main issue with most anti-war critiques is not the critiques themselves, but to whom these critiques target for their origins of rage. The soldiers were just doing what they were told, doing their jobs. The people in Washington who were giving orders to these soldiers should be the ones targeted by any anti-war critique. Those power, money, and war hungry bastards haven't changed much at all to this day - just look at the videos of Iraq & Afghanistan vets returning their medals like the ones at the Dewey Canyon III protest on 4/23/71.

Tor : Until there      IS         a statue of these       brave     American Veterans     next to    D.C.'s Vietnam Memorial the memorial will    NEVER BE     complete .

Jessica R : THANK YOU, WHETHER U HAD THE CHOICE, OR NOT, THANK YOU.....i say this, knowing how most of u probably feel, but, i say this, because of all i saw and heard about, when you came home, how people treated you, how so many live and/or lived in fear, for so long......that among other things, was not right..... THANK YOU

JoseyWales93 : Looks like people will never learn, same scenario carried out three times: 1964: The infamous Gulf of Tonkin lie lead to invasion of Viet-Nam and death of millions of civilians and 58200 americans over a 11 years period. Viet-Nam still suffering use of chemicals "Agent Orange". Veterans throwing their medals. 2001: Lies about 9/11, Bin Laden, 19 Arab pirates bullshit. War of aggression against Afghanistan. 2003: Lies about Weapons of mass destruction. War of aggression against Iraq. Millions of civilian deaths and a string of atrocities (Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture, etc.). Veterans throwing their medals.

Wifi Funeral : Hell yeah ron Ferizzi.

Ian McDonald : I want to give these guys a hug.

William Good : There are 2 medals we should have gotten: the Military Industrial Complex Service Medal with royal root devise and The army Chicken-Shit Endurance Medal.

Mr Kudo : What are the songs used?

Marysol_Gomez : There was no reason to be in Vietnam and every president since Harry Truman has been a war criminal.

Richie Harte : 4:26

Genevieve Jacobs : I've been sharing this video for years in all my college classes, so moving and so touching and so poignant, no matter what your point of view. Thank you to all our Vietnam Vets, of all stripes, and especially those of you who saved more lives by standing up to challenge the established authority that sent our young people to death inglorious...yet because of your integrity, redeemed. with love and respect.

Paul Wallis : What does Category: Comedy mean? How funny is this?

jayhuegan : Traitors.

Mario Scevko : They thru the boxes that the medals came in but kept the medal Lol

Larry Powers : Traitors !!!!

Genevieve Jacobs : Vote Bernie Sanders

Arky Bald Knobber : very foolish of them