We Finally Caught Her in the Act! Our Cat Pees in the Toilet!

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Mark Felt : dafuq ....what's next ? ordering pizza ?

Frank Norris El Farsi : *evolves*

JaveonB : Did you train her to do that? If so, was it difficult? Pretty cool, smart cat

glidingpig : I'm not impressed....She didn't flush.

Jared Davis : That's a good kitty! By the way, you can train your cat to use the toilet. You can also purchase a "City Kitty" litter box that fits on the toilet and you slowly remove the litter box from the toilet and the cat just goes in the toilet.

YBM Entertainment : Who are the five people who disliked this? Haha I’m confused

Social Norms : your cat's jinx from meet the parents. congratulations

HHH199 : Jinx the cat would have flushed!! 7/10

Cynthia Rutt : My kitty did that! One of my favorite things...no more box!

Eugen Krause : Took a drink first?

airlockengage : Obviously evidence of reincarnation.

Jon : 0:28 Meggie: bruh...ya'll wanna give me some privacy or nah?

Funny Vine Videos | FVV : Can we please feature your video tonight?

EarlyNai : Good girl