Realistic Mortal Kombat

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TheSupremeJoyner98 ! : This looks like Dorkly's work.

Renegade Gaming : froze me and punched me back to room temptaure. never realized that. brilliant

Energyone : This is the kind of stuff Dorkly makes on a regular basis.

Psychotic Ninja : So, Freezing someone with magic, and punching someone's head clean off is more realistic than pulling a head, and spine off with one arm?

Shonen Hikada : Mortal Kombat Red Tape please.

TheFailmoose : That's how Johnny C do! That's how Johnny C do!!

Mr Not That Famous : "You are one hell of a chiropractor" that would have pissed me off to new lengths....

IndianTelephone : So Pete holmes is the new Dorkly?

3DaiYo4Kai56 : Punching the head off, killed the joke of being realistic

simony17y : That awkward moment when "Realistic MK" turns out to be still unrealistic. :P P.S. Isn't it supposed to be "realistik"? :D

Daryle Henry : What the hell? This guy us the funniest guy alive! Why have I never heard of him until today?

C_Clop : Dorkly bits anyone?

FBI Open up : sub zero can take heads off with his super human strength

bullsquid42 : I'm still wondering wether these skits have anything to do with Dorkly. I mean Pete sertainly knows some of the Dorkly people from CollegeHumor. So if it's not a collaboration ... I'm not gonna say what it is then because I really love this show and it sucks that it got cancelled.

Igbo Prince : Ever since you froze me and punched me back to room temperature. 😂🤣

pokepokefanfan : pete is no longer doing the pete holmes show so can we get pete to replace craig ferguson? 

Žan Ujčič : Deception.

vIrGiL : *"froze me and punched me back to room temperature"* 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Sandwich Man : this = dorkly but better.

Carlos Nery : Finnish him without the laws of physics

TheoneandonlyGTA : That little touch with Cage going over to him in his combat walk. Gold.

Arthur Gaming NL : I think this is dorkly's ALT channel.

Ian Barefoot : It doesn't end there. The height that huge characters can jump. Plus a punch from a smaller character effects the larger ones in the exact same way. Like Cassie Cage can punch Ferra in mid-air and knock him back.

FlashMeterRed : Always wondered where johnny cage pulled his sunnies from

wolvie041007 : this was really unfunny

phrozen17 : Kinda ripping off Dorkly

anagennao : Feels like I'm watching Dorkly!

Cynnx7 : lame as hell


Craig Golden : Nerds lol

solomoleful1 : It's like Dorkly content, but, good.

YouTube5000 : Lmao!! Just freaking epic!!

Reject Bean Soup : Mortal Kombat is the shizznit

Damon Liddiard : Oh, Johnny Cage's yoga pants.


t gal : Absolutely brilliant!

Dancan Okumu : Dem realistic

Mina. C. : "You've been CAGED!" --Cassie Cage (MKX)

jimmjimm6699 : KUUNG LAAOO

acicon : Animated by Lowbrow?

Iconic_Philosopher : Lmfao this reminds me of robot chicken lol please fo more

Iconic_Philosopher : Lmfao this reminds me of robot chicken lol please fo more

RobyTheDino : 1:00 How did Sub Zero change hands?

szepi79 : the animation is from the 1st game, but the "fatality" letters are from the 2nd game... realistic... right...

Carson James IV : KNOCKOUT!!!

Sly88Frye : Oh, well the ending wasn't realistic though. lol!

Notics Varus : Dorky called, they want their jokes back.

kyle mohler : This is stealing material from Dorkly. If you like this...go there.

killerphoenix115 : I always figured Sub-Zero used his ice powers freeze the area around the spinal cord making it brittle and easer to break.