Realistic Mortal Kombat

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TheSupremeJoyner98 ! : This looks like Dorkly's work.

Energyone : This is the kind of stuff Dorkly makes on a regular basis.

Renegade Gaming : froze me and punched me back to room temptaure. never realized that. brilliant

Psychotic Ninja : So, Freezing someone with magic, and punching someone's head clean off is more realistic than pulling a head, and spine off with one arm?

3DaiYo4Kai56 : Punching the head off, killed the joke of being realistic

simony17y : That awkward moment when "Realistic MK" turns out to be still unrealistic. :P P.S. Isn't it supposed to be "realistik"? :D

TheFailmoose : That's how Johnny C do! That's how Johnny C do!!

IndianTelephone : So Pete holmes is the new Dorkly?

Shonen Hikada : Mortal Kombat Red Tape please.

Mr Not That Famous : "You are one hell of a chiropractor" that would have pissed me off to new lengths....

Ian Barefoot : It doesn't end there. The height that huge characters can jump. Plus a punch from a smaller character effects the larger ones in the exact same way. Like Cassie Cage can punch Ferra in mid-air and knock him back.

Carlos Nery : Finnish him without the laws of physics

FBI Open up : sub zero can take heads off with his super human strength

Daryle Henry : What the hell? This guy us the funniest guy alive! Why have I never heard of him until today?

Colin Stein : This video was totally ruined after the ice freeze, might as well rip off his head after that.

C_Clop : Dorkly bits anyone?

killerphoenix115 : I always figured Sub-Zero used his ice powers freeze the area around the spinal cord making it brittle and easer to break.

Randy Gutierrez : I guess you can say Sub-Zero got played......

wolvie041007 : this was really unfunny

Žan Ujčič : Deception.

Tony Gilmore : all these spoof cartoons on youtube are copying the style/formula of Family Guy cutaway gags, sure FG might not have invented it but they definitely popularized it

Arthur Gaming NL : I think this is dorkly's ALT channel.

reid ob : Wow that was terrible

RobyTheDino : 1:00 How did Sub Zero change hands?

bullsquid42 : I'm still wondering wether these skits have anything to do with Dorkly. I mean Pete sertainly knows some of the Dorkly people from CollegeHumor. So if it's not a collaboration ... I'm not gonna say what it is then because I really love this show and it sucks that it got cancelled.

TheoneandonlyGTA : That little touch with Cage going over to him in his combat walk. Gold.

endorbr : We're going to argue the laws of physics about ripping a guys head off with one hand but not complain about the fact that he just shot an ice blast from his palms 30 seconds earlier... mmmkay.

SERVENT OF GOD, CREATOR OF LIFE : Before watching this i had a feeling it was dorkly

rmeddy1 : The joke about realism is kinda undermine by having things that break said realism but snarky dialogue so lol?

FlashMeterRed : Always wondered where johnny cage pulled his sunnies from

Sandwich Man : this = dorkly but better.

Alex Vanover : Pretty terrible.

Cynnx7 : lame as hell

Craig Golden : Nerds lol

tommy d u b b s : Scalp him

MultiTarded : Not exactly realistic. Mario was better.

Igbo Prince : Ever since you froze me and punched me back to room temperature. 😂🤣

E.LA.O : We have another dorkly.

Reject Bean Soup : Mortal Kombat is the shizznit

The Young Gamer : This isnt even remotely funny

Daniel Pesina : Love this, it's actually Alchemy and strength.

Leon Kennedy : I'm sure this has "melted" the feelings of Sub-Zero by not achieving the fatalit of dreams! 😂 😂 😂

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride : I was so waiting for Cage to punch sub zero in the nuts when he turned around

A.F.R Random : Classic

TheLNashProject : lmaoooo Johnny was assisting him in his death.

A.Frank Blunt : Must be hilarious ... if you're 11 years old smfh.

Sneezy Boi : so he can ice blast but can't decapitate ???

EvanShmevan : That's how Jonny C do!

dèl Păntión : and the sad thing was that it was actually a pretty damn good show

Wide And Nerdy : Its kind of funny that he criticizes the head rip but gives the cold ball attack a pass.