Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

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Jain Tech : 25 seconds in and I am begging for more.

Barış Zafer : I dont even know whats going on in the video but i gotta admit whatever it is that i am watchin is pretty damn intense.

Jim kellt : He's like a serial killer but like salads and stuff

Furius fajita 1 : yes police, this man right here

RedyTheLegend : Do you laugh very loud at the top of your house when its stormy outside?

Alexandro Fernández : Why this is so f*cking educational, hilarious and majestic at the same time???

FrankieMoto : For some reason now i feel like planting stuff

hahalord : Are you serious? Showing me this? Right in front of my salad?

the raucous lemon : Imagine having to wait 40 days every time you wanted salad lol

Isak Renström : why was this in my recommended


Jordan Wong : this is that one gold video you find every 6 months or a year.

Agent Ham : Gardening has never been this bad ass. Well done, sir.

Scoobydubby Noo : Botanists hate him! Found out how he does it _HERE_!!!

ALMOND MILK : This is what ASMR should be.

Palle Vermaas : I knew from the intro that this video was gonna be weird af

some dude : My name jeb

MilanFilmsHD : I thought he is gonna say my ''my name is Jeff'' but nah ...

Canadian Ice Boi : Jeb is an absolute mad man

Lokoo : wtf mate, this is like a bloody tragedy film.

willem dafaq : 1 like 1 prayer for the carrot

Primink : Wtf am I doing with my life...

Dyara Baram : I need a quick salad, wait let me grow them my self and wait a month for them to grow

AnksDilxMc : Reported for breaking the law of nature.

Cubsuk Bukcus : Now I want to be a gardener

Michal R : That radish hella thicc

nascardude1400 : I lost it at "PH balance is: *didnt check*"

Mills , : Can I grow weed in my room that way?

Simon Says Apple : Gardening made cool. And dramatic!

Lio n : I love the editing so much

Seecooty : I don't see any laws being broken, I just see plants growing in some dirt

Flint : LOL I never thought the words "Its time to make some salad" Could sound so ominous!

EnJoyce : Recommendations... I THANK YOU

Baked Zucchini : the absolute madman actually, though why was this so interesting?

Imy Emma : I don’t know how I ended up here. But I love it.

Leo Park : By GOD. This video is a work of ART.

Hyperdrive : This is the most terrifying salad ever.

Matthew Boudwin : ABSOLUTE Mad Lad!

Snappin' Beats : dark side of the internet

HITMAN JJs : *My name is Jeb and it's time to make some SALAD*

Martin : That music, though...

MoMoIRoMoI : this is so dramatic!

Elvis Swagger : ABSOLUTE MAD LAD!!!!

Maia Choat : Omg this is the first video i've watched of yours and you talk so seriously but i couldn't help but burst out laughing at almost everything you said!!! You also seem really knowlegable and talented

Let me sleep in peace : My favorite gardening rule to break is to have one, which i break everyday.

Ryan Critchlow : Those plants are way too wet. You gonna get some root rot.

Joshboy future : congratulations dude you actually made watching plants grow interesting

Marc : this dude is insane

Sietze van de Burgt : If you have a pest problem use some tobacco put in in water rinse of plant with it !!! Also once a fungus takes root use some vinegar on it in a separate place and make it disappear if it likes a base !! Also using a separate part with other plants using a carefully chosen laundry detergent to fight bacteria might help !!! So you don’t have to throw things away !!! Also a thing I like to break is the harvest rule !! I had potato’s growing in a compost bin on top of it since some ass stole the lid and made it a permanent potato plant !!’ Did buy a cabbage put it a couple of millimeters above water let it grow root and such to prove it could be re grown !!! Do use ashes of wood to replace chalk !!! had most fertile compost !!! I had a pond with reed growing in a pond got some water out of a place where frogs where breeding !!! Took clean nature water and got it throug a coffee filter did put the filter contents needed a pond !!! Once I used the pond to clean waste water it got a little to much algae but I used also a toilet to compost things but did actually not walk around on bare feet within 2 meters !! Or actually I did build a stone mason brickwork with openings in the stone around one meter wide one meter deep !!! It acted to make the toilet function!!! The compost bin was used in the winter to house the mouses once it got the lid stolen it made the mouses enter my garden shed again !!! Had shot problems asked a horse to make them only shit under the closed !!! Worked weerdest thing ever asked the horse not to step on mice and be careful with their holes so it won’t break a leg !!! Also made an entry level experiment in outside off grid living !!! Stayed away for months outside !!! Loved to be there !!! kept quit !!! Had some problems with someone who thought I belonged in the luny bin because I like bushcraft and off grid living !!! Had the police over for a different reason got kicked if the vegetable garden center moved away next year backyard gardening !!! And thinker on things and think about designing the future tech while living cheap and different !! Always been an outsider that didn’t care so much about rules as about people and their well being !!! Was a nasty frustrated kid learned some things the hard way others by experience!!! Spend time on the vegetable garden center as a counterweight for my tech interests!!! Like to be unconventional in many things !!! Did almost build the best peepers backup house and got kicked off !!! Now living at a different place !!! Don’t want to be negative so I improved And need to start my garden next year !!!

誰もSash 無情な 神 : Fucking epic dude