Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

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Jain Tech : 25 seconds in and I am begging for more.

Jordan Wong : this is that one gold video you find every 6 months or a year.

motivation audio : The background music make this video create more horror 😂

valong ql : This tap water has a pH of *didn't check*

PriceyFern : *What have they done to you sponge bob?!?*

Grimm Hades : Another night of wtf are you recommending me YouTube. But I watched it all lol

Barış Zafer : I dont even know whats going on in the video but i gotta admit whatever it is that i am watchin is pretty damn intense.

CC_ Marielos : He waited 44 days just for a salad

Reece Beauchamp : Cool, so this is what serial killers do in their spare time?

ESKimo : Who knew gardening could be so intense

Miguel Avila : Damn you will probably 100% will survive in zombie apocalypse. Edit: thank you for 96 likes

FrankieMoto : For some reason now i feel like planting stuff

Kamalesh Mishra : It is part of hydroculture.we call it HYDROPONICS. In this process we grow plants without soil by using nutrient and minerals mix in the water. Nice video.


SugaKookies546 Rei : This sounds like a dramatic movie scene

Gil Msngk : The voice, the sound track...... im watching.... a story to tell.

some dude : My name jeb

rapskallion : Jeb, you always manage to entertain and educate. Your demonstration of picking up six rock wools with one hand floored me. Your mastery of the audio track is very impressive and even a beautiful art form in its own weird way. I can't understand why this has earned 15K dislikes. I guess there are a lot of hard core sheeple out there who will never catch a glimpse of what's outside their box. So sad.

sammimitsu : I absolutely LOVE Siegfried's funeral music and the whole Ring Cycle. You are creepy and strange, but in a good way.

Felipe azul : De seguro aprendistes con cannabis a mi no me engañas😏😏

Aizark Lizard : Гидропоника обычная, какие законы природы. Есть аэропоника еще, там даже водного раствора нет. Растению нужен ряд веществ и условий и без разницы в чем он будет поставляться. Это не закон.

Primink : Wtf am I doing with my life...

캔시ᅦ : 미친 자막 왜저래 개 약빨았네

Saffron Dominic : the way you clipped off the sprouting radish was horrible to watch! 02:03

Charles Storm : You should try growing squash, corn and the sort like this. Could be interesting

PICKLE RICK : Okay not gonna lie by the title I thought he was growing the carrot on the other plant

Ak Builds : I thought he said "My name is Jeff"😂😂

victor 91 : Psychopathy at its finest!

Ody Muy : I love this video 😂👏👏👏

Cheezit Buane : this guy sounds like he wants to eat my liver

Katlyn Albright : wtf...

Justin Y. : Farming level 99

Nekit Boom : Ничего не понял но интересно

alwaysbusiness4 : The green thumb mad scientist 🤔

FGF 001 : I'm going to try growing coriander (cilantro) in a jar, with a sponge, on a warm window sill. Because my coriander drops dead every time in the summer Aussie heat. Every time!!!!

big tiddy goth gf : A mad lad to be sure

Hyperdrive : This is the most terrifying salad ever.

iosif o : я бы понял, если бы чувак вырастил вместо редиски батон нарезного хлеба, или огнетушитель. но это просто гидропоника, что он там нарушает?!)))

Shannon : What kind of sinister thing are you doing?!!!

Theironsword : MY NAME JEB I had to

Humberto Macias : pH and ppm check on that tap water sounds about right lol

nascardude1400 : I lost it at "PH balance is: *didnt check*"

Rex Paul Namang : So much formula and efforts for just one salad.

Egoist Pink : eso fue extraño no entendi xd

Lamka Lamka : I think this is a pretty fun video but why tf did it got so many dislikes? Triggered gardeners?

Echan : I'm *UNSATISFIED* and I don't know why.

2muchhair : The music hooked me... the sarcasm took me OUT!!! subscribed!

Leah Morales : Wagner was an appropriate music choice.👌

olani26 : Gro Dan! We use rock wool to grow weed here in Oregon.

xXBlaxQXx :v : Que es lo impresionante aquí? Que tiene a las plantas en un molde de hornear, o que condimento a las verduras para tenerlas listas para comer cuando estén listas?.