Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

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Jain Tech : 25 seconds in and I am begging for more.

rjm842 : Gardening with Hannibal lector

Primink : Wtf am I doing with my life...

Pixel : *evil monologuing*

Justin Y. : Farming level 99

some dude : My name jeb

Loreli G : This has such a chaotic evil energy

Monsieur Candie : this is the best thing i've ever watched in my life

Papillon Effect : He's a mad man!

BlockChainDP : Illuminati technology

TheFrostyIcecreamSlush : This is the most dramatic gardening video I've ever seen.

Gavin Boothe : The music is what really makes this video. I haven’t listened to classical music for maybe a year. I honestly think classical, could, make a come back in popularity. Listening to this after not for a year or so and just listening to rock, folk, pop and so on, makes me realize how much more rich and full of an audible and mental experience it is compared to popular music. I still will always love popular music most, but really. I forgot how amazing it is. Anyway, back to talking about this weird ass video. Lol.

Life of Laura : You have a great sense of humor. Loved it!

Norbert Goder : Basically you were making a salad for more than a month

Siyu Z : 10 tons of love finally turns into a bow of salat.

Ak Builds : I thought he said "My name is Jeff"😂😂

LoreenMew : This is by far the greatest movie I've ever seen of my life

CryptoMed : Kratky methode .

Isobelle McCormick : How did I end up here? I mean, I'm not disappointed......

Евгений Лугин : Если садовник игнорирует правила садоводства, это не означает, что он игнорирует законы природы. Если бы он их игнорировал у него бы ничего не выросло.

MoMoIRoMoI : this is so dramatic!

Graham Grace : I spend my life on YouTube and apart from a video of a cat I saw back in 2012, this is the best !!!

Diego Babini : mostly water and no flavor, if you want real flavor and nutrient dense food you have to grow out of the earth. but the video is very entertaining indeed.


MEK : A whole month for salad. Damn you must've been desperate.

StabbyMcBlade : I sometimes ignore the laws of nature, hey what can I say, I'm a thrill seeker, I like to live life on the edge...

hirocaster : haha love the music


Recherra Tyler : I wasted almost 8 mins to watch a man grow and eat a dirty salad he didn't wash?

Phoebe Jauregui : My name... MYNAMAJEB

Michael Mandell : waiting nearly 2 months for a salad mans got dedication

Liam Oswald : most badass gardener

Александ Александров : за полтора месяца вырастить тарелку салата... прикольно конечно, но сколько денег ушло на электричество и удобрение? в чем смысл? ладно бы выращивал что-то, что просто так не купишь 😏 просто поставлю лайк)

Bubbly Bobby : The slo mo effects and sound effects are everything.

Barış Zafer : I dont even know whats going on in the video but i gotta admit whatever it is that i am watchin is pretty damn intense.

Sheri : The best home grown organic salad ever.

D3n N3sm : Time to make some salad for 40 days!😂

Shy Josh Specials : What did I just watch....

Nafisa Nuzhat : A chaos entity....a bored God...pan is that you

FrankieMoto : For some reason now i feel like planting stuff

DaDomino : majestic, funny, terrifing never felt so mane shades of emotions... for a salad

Savage99 K : I've never seen a gardening vid as intense as this one

Dominik Spider : 0:08 - 0:12 when I show my customer's the new weed i got 😂😂😂💯

Princess juhanisah Banocag : For some reason, i feel sad for the plants 😭 It was like, you're taking care of them then suddenly you will eat them 😭 I don't know what's happening to me 😂

Joshboy Future : congratulations dude you actually made watching plants grow interesting

енот : люблю гидропонику ))

Papa Pingu : You monster.

god incarnate : I am not really sure how I ended up here but I'm glad that I did.

MyPaperTiger : A dangerous and beautiful genius.

Hyperdrive : This is the most terrifying salad ever.