Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

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FrankieMoto : For some reason now i feel like planting stuff

Loreli G : This has such a chaotic evil energy

Gabby Berry : Ok who left this man alone because hes making salad into an entire intense movie

RiquiRoque Fort : Pues su cara si que ignora las leyes de la fisica.

Kristoffer R : This is one of those youtube channels you only find a few of in your lifetime.

rjm842 : Gardening with Hannibal lector

Alex Fisher : Great video

Live2PlayMC : R.I.P - Lettuce1 ??? - ??? Had a small bug on it. R.I.P - Lettuce2 ???-??? It had a good run.. but the fungus just ran a bit faster.

Lautaro Zacarias : Mas se 40 dias para comer una ensalada de lechuga ...piola

freedumb labowski : I was not expecting.....the great, dry sense of humour 👌😂 very well done sir...very well done ha

Jordan Wong : this is that one gold video you find every 6 months or a year.

BlueBerry Bluish : What do you use?!

Anti social social club President : *M Y N A M E I S J E B*

Realinho : In loving memory of Jeb, who passed away shortly after eating a salad infected with every fungus known to mankind. He died for our entertainment.

Goldenheart ! : In school, we're growing lettuce using hydroponics

Barış Zafer : I dont even know whats going on in the video but i gotta admit whatever it is that i am watchin is pretty damn intense.

Leonel Ayala : Oh lechuga!

ArmyCrab : Hairhanded man with hugeforhead teaches us to garden while using funny jokes and getups.

Zack Dyke : Where Am I

Boz 2011 : What the did i just watch

Ak Builds : I thought he said "My name is Jeff"😂😂

john sall : Perfect indoor garden

thepiger4009 : MY NAME IS *JEB*

Hiteshree Pandya : A ton Love 😅😅😅

TheSmileyVirus : 1 video... I'm hooked... this guy is funny!

MoMoIRoMoI : this is so dramatic!

Rebecca Reiger : Omg, i want a salad now 😍😍😍

Alex Newsome : Got lost on the YouTubes ended up here and gotta day I loved the video!

Dean R English : Lol.....”this tap water has a pH of didn’t check”

KeepCalm AndDeALwithIt : John.. is that You...

Phoebe Jauregui : My name... MYNAMAJEB

smokey mcbongwater : The music got me laffing

Muffin Land : "This is the voice of a man who has seen the face of god, and was disappointed."

A. Y. Ortiz : Good work with the narration. No wonder how it had 5.3 M views on simple hidroponics.

SweertugaDany : You just know, that this man's main crop is some dank weed

Joshboy Future : congratulations dude you actually made watching plants grow interesting

Omaha Joe : the root systems remind me of a cenote

Awangku Ammar : Who knows this could be so interesting 😂

GOLDENsugakookie reg353gs : his intro lol 😂😂

medikk54gaming : I love this boi, he's hilarious

Hyperdrive : This is the most terrifying salad ever.

Coda Electrical : my name's JEB

Clara L : Forget Apocalypse now, or Ludwig... THIS is what Wagner was made for.

KillbotXP : EPIC!

BRAGGLEFRAGLE : Its fun/cool, for sure, but pretty pointless. You wound up growing a small yield of low-quality produce, just to say you broke the rules lol. Actually, I lied. You got millions of views out of it. So, great video. Dumb gardening.

Smiiile356 : Why did I feel like I was watching an intense movie about plants?! 😄

Entropy : Educational and cool, just like all of my teachers never were.

pepito gamplays : Like

Ariadna Rivas Bueno : My name is Jeff

Baldpai : I like this guy...