Big Boy #4014 in the cold and snow Hays to Sharon Springs, Kansas 2019
One of the largest steam locomotives is back in service UP4014 running in snow

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In a scene that the majority of us have only seen in books and movies. We see a Big Boy in the cold and snow of Kansas, a state that has likely never seen a Big Boy locomotive. The giant locomotive leaves a impressive steam plume where ever it goes, making it easy to find the locomotive again. This locomotive attracted extremely large crowds moving or stationary. Many of the towns bused the children from the local schools to the locomotive to see it. People were lined up all along the mainline, at every crossing, and there was a line of cars miles long following the locomotive. Filming locations...(all Kansas) Hays Ogallah Wakeeny Collyer Quinter Grainfield Oakley leaving Oakley McAllaster McAllaster Shanon Springs