70 People Reveal Their Country's Most Popular Stereotypes and Clichés | Condé Nast Traveler

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Diamante Dea : US: guns, McDonald’s

Spongebob : “SmOkE wEeD” No honey, that’s the stereotype of Amsterdam. We, dutch people, are *Cheeseheads*

Edgar&Maya : "Everybody thinks that here in Norway everybody is tall and blond"- said a tall blonde girl. Wtf

Akira Alexis Soyra : I am Japanese and Korean. And I do love rice and sushi. 😅 I am tall, but born albino. With platinum white hair and some random patches of red hair. It can look hot pink or really ugly highlights. It's a condition that runs in my family. My older sister has black with tiny spots of blonde. We all live in different parts of the world. And all look different b/c our family is multiracial.

rob LMC : 3:56 “People think im a nurse, im like OK?” Lmao

Bultauruné : ''Hakunamatata, nobody say that'' xDD

vIvan : “that people think were nice, and it’s true.” Well Pack your bags kids were moving to canada

Scorpius Malfoy : *V O D K A*

Ariadna Cabrera : To the french guy: the perfume was invented by the frenchs to hide how much they stinked

Joseph Stalin : Half these people have american accents

Eriko. Oy : That dude who impregnated all the Nordic women is a legend

Iconic Cypriot : sweden: ikea

King_gaming01 : Indian girl should’ve said Tech workers

Sarinam Milano : ITALIAN stereotypes: pizza , accents,pasta Japanese stereotypes: sushi,rice,ramen Btw I’m Japanese but I live in italy

小兔 : so true (about Kazakhstan) I study in China, people here always think that I'm korean, but when I start talking to my friends (in russian) they get confused and be like "WTF WHO R U" 😂

Max Rockatansky : there is a reason that you have the most advanced perfume industry .....hehe... nah im just joking but i get the stereotype

SirMemeLord : French dude should've said that people think we surrender alot

Elina Flinn : I’m Iranian and the sad thing is I agree with him about what he said and it does happen a lot :(

Patty Z : 0:40 literally me when ever I go to an Italian restaurant 😂

Christina Does Stuff : As a half Scottish, half Lithuanian (roughly, got loads of other places in there.) that haggis and kilts thing was true, and we are NOT a part of Russia lol.

Lingualizer : Why did I find this golden video just now?

willowmsp : *yo did you know i ride a kangeroo to school*

The Computer : I feel sad for that Iranian guy

brandon : philippines: ppl think I’m a nurse... omg 🤣🤣🤣

Ava Tasha : *who else watches these videos and skips to their country to see how accurate it is* -boi-


Duglet Gaming : 2:10 if she's german I'm queen Elizabeth II

ELITE TV : Wait do u eat turkey in turkey

Liam T.W : 1:52 I got really confused for a second because I couldn't see her pants.

Op Red : They forgot North Korea

Ava Anderson : The sad part is, I'm Canadian, and most of us up here are liars and rude. But, I mean, America gets the fat and dumb stereotype, whereas we can be jerks and everything will be fine. Sorry don't get triggered I was just ranting.

Anonymous 101 : "Hakuna Matata?Nobody say that"

Lupo Casanova : The fact that the italian is like 0% italian triggers me.

zepter00 : /tough winters in Greece...Buhahahaha!!! :-D

Swrve™ : Shouldn’t Thailand be lady boys

Snowice2008 Version Uno : Mexico - Sombereros Me with Mexican parents - WAT ABOUT DA TACO Like for a like ( u gotta reply lmao )


vanyAkun : spanish not having 3 h siesta? plenty of times ive seen that 😂

multiBen -fit-aCTIVE : India not snake charmer ...should be dirty smelly unhygienic goes on n on fyi.I am Indian .

Tampatec : 3:13 LOL that was the best one!

HS KINGS : Pakistan 🇵🇰

Kim-Jong OOF : Selling replay buttons 3:46 3:14

TONY MONTANA : The italian guy doesn't know nothing about Italy😂

3WOD : i ain't racist but please, get somebody who's a real german.

Natasa Ma : I felt sorry for Iranian guy...

Sunny Star : I always thought Chile was a cold country cuz it sounds like “chilly”

Homeless Turnip : The Israeli guy was great! "People think that Israeli's are very blunt" . . . "Alright 😅"

frogdad : I love how different everybody looks in this video *-* Diversity is so beautiful!!

FPS_ Neto : Most of these people were just born on their country and didn't even grew there the ones who were really born and raised are the ones with even the smallest accent cause there's no way polish people (example) speak fluent English without accent

Rizzlelid : For fucks sake, don’t use the British flag when referring to England, unless you use it for the other countries in the UK. Like the British flag literally has the Scottish flag on it. Edit: just realised that I’m proving the Scottish stereotype that we’re always angry.