70 People Reveal Their Country's Most Popular Stereotypes and Clichés | Condé Nast Traveler

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OG Maejor : The Kenyan guy should have said the one where everyone thinks we all runners

Black Wigga : 4:00 I don't know why but this Jamaican guy cracked me up, dude's chill af

Ifan Dafydd : New Zealand: "We're all sheep shaggers.." Cue raucous Welsh laughter

Morello : The Iranian guy's feelings were genuinely hurt.

Jesse Hernan : Portugal: That we speak Spanish

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Chile should have been: hola weon, como estay weon?? Como esta la wea weon?? Ja ja la wea

ClassicLy : Philippines: we're all nurses me: is that true? "Mom are u a nurse" mom: "yeah" *not helping*

ANKIT K. MISHRA : Bahamese girl was beautiful....

Ordinator : The italian guy is suspicious

hgewhew hewdhewr : 70 people reveal how Americanised they are due to the U.S economic empire.

Max Rockatansky : there is a reason that you have the most advanced perfume industry .....hehe... nah im just joking but i get the stereotype

Ece Cıllı : Do you eat 🦃 in 🇹🇷?Gosh it’s killin me

Jose Partida : Okay no one thinks that India is full of snake charmers There are far worse/popular stereotypes of that country

I’m Dominican Bitch : Of course they Say Dominicans Are Loud🙄We Can’t Talk Normally 😂

Leonardo Meira : Brazil: all the people are extremely extrovert, playing football while dancing samba at the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Oh, and every single person must be darkskinned too, just as being """exotic""".

Swrve™ : Shouldn’t Thailand be lady boys

Pryxtel : Italy: Mario, Pizza, Pasta, THE MAFIA, men named Vinny Ethiopia: Starving people. France: Bread, Cigarettes, Mimes.

THUG life : suka blyats

ii_kiwi _ii : Why do they all sound american?

Happy Bunny : “do you eat turkey in turkey”

iVo's Music Corner : Russia: That we walk with bears and drink Vodka xDDDDD

Hidden_Thief : I'm triggered. Where is Hungary?!

jeronim selles : Spain la sevillana , el torero y el flamenco

Inspire6 : USA : ruin the English language started in England but now its ruined.

Safoorah Haffejee : South Africa😀😀💚💛💙

Claire Grimes : ride an elephant to school😂😂😂😂

salim albitar : iran is a country of terrorists and Israel isn't? 😡 what kinda BS is that? Israel's should be that they are usurpers!

Sideshow Bob : 1:11 😂😂

some day : Its very sad how people of Vietnam habe to go through that ALSO another stereotype of mexicans is that they are all dark skin and have black hair like no theres blond light skinned people with blue eyes or red headed people

Alessio A-Lexus Palmieri : Come on!!! The Italian is not Italian....

Antonio Francescon : Brb going to Lebanon..

Zirael Fenexxy : So ironic that Germany is represented by a muslim

Joey Jovan : indonesia mana?

Sean Barry : Awww the iranian guy :(

Pearl_TheSuperSaiyan : Hetalia in a nutshell...

Kitty Candy : Where's Indonesia?


Not Today Satan : the greek guy didnt even mention that they think we say opa ,ya masall the time and that we are lazy and loud

Ameliaa Xavier : *MALAYSIA WOOOO*

Diamante Dea : US: guns, McDonald’s

Atomic : 4:40 parts are dangerous but where whe lives its actually really pissfull :D

kingdomofaxum : I thought Sweden is Somalia

Kitaeca BG : Амааа ооо курвоооо кво приказваш ти бее

I Dunno : you should have added Colombia, Ecuador is irrelevant, remake this video with Colombia now, don't leave us out

laet : 2:17 why is there 3 seconds shooting of the background?

Michaela DeSimone : 1:09 facts

Mr. Thanos 97 : Add Serbians and we love bacon and bbq and rakija

Bloo57999 : USA literally all he said was sad, lol

Justin X. : *_V E R Y L O U D_*

thicc shishtar : ‘a lot of people think israelis are very blunt’ *dead silence* ‘alright’