70 People Reveal Their Country's Most Popular Stereotypes and Clichés | Condé Nast Traveler

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Bultauruné : ''Hakunamatata, nobody say that'' xDD

Lingualizer : Why did I find this golden video just now?

Tampatec : 3:13 LOL that was the best one!

Sam the Straight guy : The Iranian guy’s one was actually sad.

Akira Alexis Soyra : I am Japanese and Korean. And I do love rice and sushi. 😅 I am tall, but born albino. With platinum white hair and some random patches of red hair. It can look hot pink or really ugly highlights. It's a condition that runs in my family. My older sister has black with tiny spots of blonde. We all live in different parts of the world. And all look different b/c our family is multiracial.

Diamante Dea : US: guns, McDonald’s

ohwell03 : The awkward silence after the Israeli guy 😂😂

Rojeana : i’m iranian, and man that broke my heart. i’ve been called a terrorist for my ethnicity. and it really saddens me, not only because they called me such a ridiculous name, but because they took a whole group of wonderful, kind, loving, and open people and pinpointed them as one type of person. the government of iran DOES NOT represent the people. i am so proud to be iranian.

BossBellini : I think most of these people are second-generation Americans tbh..

Lex W. : Brazil: That we speak Spanish. WE DONT

Eriko. Oy : That dude who impregnated all the Nordic women is a legend

I like memes : “Hakunamatata, nobody say that”

Josef : All of them speak perfect English.

Chiaretta Chiara : When It comes to Italy everyone talks about pizza,pasta,mafia,and thats pretty annoying considering that Italy has the highest number of unesco world heritage sites, long history, rich culture :( we havent only food -.-"

GhostyFamIsHere : "Sound very harsh-" *Im german and Im triggered*


Krazy Lel : I’m just sayin’ the Vietnam dude was so stylish

Niousha Yz : I agree with the Iranian Guy 🇮🇷👌🏻

정 민리 : Do you eat turkey in Turkey!😂😂

Shaher Harden : You have have advanced perfume industry because you stink... 2:40 🤣

Max Rockatansky : there is a reason that you have the most advanced perfume industry .....hehe... nah im just joking but i get the stereotype

toast ed : Ok French guy. Perfume does not equal higyene

My name is not Rick : All Scotland men sounds like groundskeeper Willie to me 😂😅

ESMC Nemesis : 0:34 Vietnamese Steve Jobs

Venus T. : Filipino rep. : "People think I'm a nurse." Where's the karaoke? Or the fact that we're always late? Or our love for basketball? Or mangoes? I mean, seriously! I'm not the most patriotic Pinay, but I could have done a better job with my country's stereotypes than she does!

Swrve™ : Shouldn’t Thailand be lady boys

Victoria Smith : It’s true why do everyone think Persians are terrorist name one time they have done anything. And for everyone else I feel u and I get it.

محمد العراقي : Wonder why there's no germans in this video

Carrie Mccarins : Dominicans are Loud. lol

Leonie S : That's right about Guyana people think we're African

S M : "They" think. More like dumb Americans think

Buse Gökdemir : 0:39 Turkey 🇹🇷

Aksmena : Przyznawać się kto z Polski 🇵🇱

ívyann. a : USA: Fat Accurate 🤣😭

Natasa Ma : I felt sorry for Iranian guy...

Duglet Gaming : 2:10 if she's german I'm queen Elizabeth II

Mari Fournier : Kazakhstan Iran Russia ❤💕


Mukhtar Mukhtar : 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🔵🔶🔵🔶🔵🔶⬜Алға Қазақстан Kazakhstan

Rizzlelid : For fucks sake, don’t use the British flag when referring to England, unless you use it for the other countries in the UK. Like the British flag literally has the Scottish flag on it. Edit: just realised that I’m proving the Scottish stereotype that we’re always angry.

mike goulis : a lot of people with American accents. Skeptical.

FPS_ Neto : Most of these people were just born on their country and didn't even grew there the ones who were really born and raised are the ones with even the smallest accent cause there's no way polish people (example) speak fluent English without accent

Delta_x : donde carajo esta Peru

atm 487 : Bosnian guy's one was sad :(

iVo's Music Corner : Russia: That we walk with bears and drink Vodka xDDDDD

The brony gamer : 0:00 0:05 Am I a vampire?

Galu xD : 3:16 Well, your shirt does not help much.

Internet Explorer : Portugal: we are around all Europe and everything needs to have the Portuguese flag It's true 😂😂

kenan35 : I can tell you no one in türkiye heard about that joke or would it understand... I dont think think you not asked any turk for typical sterotypes. Only a joke that only english people understand because only by them my countrys name is also name of a bird.

OG Maejor : The Kenyan guy should have said the one where everyone thinks we all runners