Kratu The Happy-Go-Lucky Rescue Dog Has A Mind Of His Own | Crufts 2019

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Comments from Youtube

RozanneMiller : I love it when dogs go to Crufts and just be dogs. I love the mischievous look on their faces, and their body stance is mischievous too. Olly was back this year too.

Devil’s Advocate : They should have a freestyle event! Points for randomness and just overall fun! 😂

KJ Boulware : Kratu and Olly are my favorite agility dogs - they’re live their best life.

Dar La : If he was going for Happy Points, he would lead the field. He is certainly a beautiful dog!

Mare416 : Kratu is the embodiment of “do what you like, like what you do” and I love him.

blissfulDew : Lol kratu is getting better at his tunnel antics. Such a happy dog 😂

Kevin LaClaire : Would love to see a human contestant on Ninja Warrior behave this way

pixiemimi20 : Kratu loves that tunnel! He can see everyone but they can't see him😁♥️

Sophie : I would die for Kratu, he’s adorable.

Andrew Price : I love Kratu, so glad to see that he's back this year!

The Lone Wanderer : Kratu Won because he was the Happiest dog having the most Fun. Heck the course

permanent 8track : i'm going to assume that those 12 downvotes were mis-clicks

Egard Watches : Sometimes you win just by being you! Well done Kratu :)

bob23456 bob : Kratu lollips around without a care in the world. What a great dog.

Ian Morris : This is why we love dogs.

Pygiana : Kratu is more creative and a free spirit than the dogs that do it right❤️

Nestor Ovando : Kratu is my spirit animal. If reincarnation is a thing, I want to be a dog as happy as him.

no name : I love this dog. He cracked me up. He reminds me of my dog who rarely does anything she's told to.

Yanni Giftakis : Totally me when visiting someone and they say, "Make yourself at home." :D

Worapha Thaothongchai : Kratu has more fun than last year 🤣

Pistachio : It's really nice seeing dogs have a great time.

Therese Tag Goulet : I give him 10 out of 10 for attitude!

Textual Predator : *I score 9 out of 10, good form. Perfect execution.*

Jim Faust Jr : Love him. :) thanks for making my day Kratu lol

메그Meg : Love his personality lolll what a cutie

LaTesa Hughes : Oh my! He is so adorable! Having so much fun. He is in love with those tunnels.

Tom Westbrook : So happy Kratu is back this year. What a great dog!

SheilaghmBrosky Brosky : I love Crufts. They aren't so tight ass or phoney as Westminister.

Ben : Wins the happy-to-be-here award!

Demi Nunya : Blue Ribbon for Giant Goofy and Love-able Hairball Kratu !

I luv my bulldogs : Definitely put a smile on my face 🤣 and made me laugh

Luisa Cama : Thank you Kratu. Looking forward to watching you in 2020.

DJ Yoes : That dog is my spirit animal.

ORGONEkillsEVIL : That was great! Great job! I laughed an the dog looked to be having a ball too so... Thumbs Up

NeoGee : This is called winning, I mean he's not winning the agility event, but he's clearly winning!

Alicia Graham : Go Kratu! Haha! I think his soundtrack is Another Brick in The Wall by Pink Floyd 🎤🎵We don’t need no education! We don’t need no thought control. 🎶

animalcam : Many thanks to those who made all this possible for this rescue dog. There are some big hearts out there!

Neko Blick : I'm finding myself watching this video sevetal times!!!!!15 times or more

Mike Patton : Brilliant! Bravo to him and his trainer!😊

Uberqueenbee : He did it his way

D Heyes : Kratu and Olly, now there are 2 of a kind for Crufts. Love these 2.

Lucas : What a lad, love him so much.

Thrilla from Manila : Let Kratu run his own course!

Karan Singh : Who came after 9gag

paramini08 : Still making everyone laugh this year. I also love the lady owner :))

Lucidity Soul : He's just happy to be there, what a good boy😭

Debbie Green : Too funny! He's having fun on his own terms! LOL!

Mary Leverich : Kratu Rocks!!! And such a beautiful, happy doggie!!!

ShogunOrta : Hey, gets at 10/10 for imagination in my book!