Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury

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From current World top 10 professionals to local club players. From challenge matches to National Championships. Some snakes* from around the world. https://www.instagram.com/adambobrow https://www.facebook.com/AdamBobrowOfficial Adam plays for andro. Equipment: Treiber K Off and RASANTER V42 (ultra max) on both sides. Thanks, Cheng I-Ching (TPE), Galia Dvorak (ESP), Regina Kim (UZB) and all the players who played with me. I really enjoyed the matches. *one of my favorite table tennis shots


inesis : There's always an Asian better than you...wait wtf?!

Jesus Christ : this really makes me want to learn to play!

Charles Huston : That's tricky. Hide the movement of the paddle under the table so you can fake which way the spin is going! Well played!

AGV Tech : This is just simply brilliant. What a beautiful shot. I'm blown away.

Asim Asadi for Indian Bros : Backhand turns to the opponent's left. Forehand turns to the opponent's right.

gold dieb : I play five years now but thats a big problem for all

Mix of all things : Could you make a tutorial about doing that trick ?

Arnav Khadka : He's a hacker.

Aaron Nonaka : Somehow, he makes it look so easy!

maurice_0615 : Nice compilation! That first one! Crazy against cheng haha

Un Known : nice shot. but the question is. did he won all the matches?

Stephen Garrett : That Last Vegas one is the best. Right into his face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

F. Rick Herr : YouTube commert warrior here. "hold my beer" - I got this!

Isawent : Hey my favorite commentator got skills too πŸ‘Œ

rockdaniel123 : Oh man! It was you! Such an honor to play with you.

DouggYPrankZ : Can you please make a tutorial on how to do this trick!!

Psychokore Underground Rap : God amongst men πŸ“πŸ˜Ž

TableTennisDaily : THESE ARE INSANE!!

Jonathan Bobrow : New favorite part of this is watching the people in the background at 1:40 grow to the crowd at 2:17 :)

southblueexe : θ¦‹γ¦γ‚‹γ γ‘γ§δ½•ζ•…γ‹δ½“γŒγƒœγƒΌγƒ«γ«εεΏœγ—γ¦γ—γΎγ†γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚

Dabo Assal : You have very beautiful movements and wonderful skills in the game of table tennis continued your hero and happy luck for you🌹

HΖ°ng NTV : To defend spinning ball like that, we have only one way is keeping your hand on the table and touching the ball right after it touch the table

Don Nguyen : You can look under the table to see how he touches the ball and ignore other motions. That is how to beat a snake style!

Bradley Tishman : Hhhrrrrnnngggh, Colonel. I'm trying to sneak around, but my serves are dummy thicc and the clap of my spin keeps alerting the guards.

pcleong123 : Mist hit the ball immediately just after bounce; on the rise and not after rising too long.

phaniraj patel : Hulk: I SMASH!! Adam: I SNAKE!!

Crimprod : Real life Echizen Ryoma, Prince of Pingpong.

bMoney12 : Teach me this. I have a ping pong tourney at work coming up.

?,?, : Adam trolling the world

fade and braid : Spin master..... I would love to see him do that to the Forpheous table tennis robot and see how it responds

Justfor theviews : one shot in and im loving this dude, im not gay okay..

maurice_0615 : 1:04 this one just makes me laugh so hard Adam. I saw it on your insta but it stays funny :)

PRAGUN AHUJA : Just play the ball as soon as it bounce instead of waiting for it to spin all the way take on half volley

Charles UFarley : Play this at .25 speed with headphones for the full effect.

ururmemes : I actually nailed this once when playing with a friend, he couldn't do anything to stop it

Carlos : I've been trying that wobbly shot, but I'm not nearly as good as you and my first part of the motion is still very visible. Will keep trying since I love spin shots

Tsygama : So good! Had to replay each clip at least 3 times!

Crazyoldman84 : When you build up your special

Jon B : Like a boss...

Silvano Silva : My favorite Sport!!!!

Edu Kids : If you wait the ball bounce high... You lose


Adheeban Gowrishankar : Any idea of making a video on playing this shot?? This is just amazing

Mr. Robot Cat : Better video quality than ITTF.

Shady Fungus : The lab must’ve exploded when he mastered his signature move.

4munitas : 1:30 how does he get top spin on that serve?

FG R : @Adam Bobrow I'd like to see you play against pro like XU Xin trying to win against you at your own game !!!!

himawar i : What a kick!!!

CHUCKY 576 : I cant stop laughing watching this !!! This dude is amazing !!!!!