Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury

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DeSinc : this guy learned one of those secret techniques the bad guys use in anime

Jesus Christ : this really makes me want to learn to play!

James Bishop : We all have that one friend: 1:09

inesis : There's always an Asian better than you...wait wtf?!

HardeBaas : 1:04 this one just makes me laugh so hard Adam. I saw it on your insta but it stays funny :)

Stefan Rees : I love the laughter of your opponents. Everyone seems okay with looking a little silly

HardeBaas : Nice compilation! That first one! Crazy against cheng haha

남기웅 : amazing!!!!

4munitas : 1:30 how does he get top spin on that serve?

TableTennisDaily : THESE ARE INSANE!!

Stephen Garrett : That Last Vegas one is the best. Right into his face 😂😂

himawar i : What a kick!!!

Isawent : Hey my favorite commentator got skills too 👌

Bruce Chiu : I knew this guy. His name is Adam. I mat him a few years back in Taiwan. Not only is he a good player in his unique sort of way, i think he one of the prominent television host for table tennis. I love it when did his Live commentaries during top ping pong Games around the globe. Without advance ping pong techniques, Adam will not be able to comment with such precise measures. Good job Adam. Keep up the good work.

Aaron Nonaka : Somehow, he makes it look so easy!

Charles Huston : That's tricky. Hide the movement of the paddle under the table so you can fake which way the spin is going! Well played!

VonScnitzel : Bloody awesome mate

Mensur Myrta : Omg fantastic shoot

Leeman Harrington : Adam Bobrow, snake charmer extraordinaire!

?,?, : Adam trolling the world

Gobi ! : Too good bruh

phaniraj patel : Hulk: I SMASH!! Adam: I SNAKE!!

Viara Velichkova : Wow👏😂

FG R : @Adam Bobrow I'd like to see you play against pro like XU Xin trying to win against you at your own game !!!!

CHUCKY 576 : I cant stop laughing watching this !!! This dude is amazing !!!!!

Avram Neal : When you find a game breaking bug in real life.

Jonathan Bobrow : New favorite part of this is watching the people in the background at 1:40 grow to the crowd at 2:17 :)

Nij Bot : So so good. Any chance and a Snake technique training video - I've been trying to get this shot down for months now and I've managed 2 or 3 successful snakes. They are so cool when they come off.

Crimprod : Real life Echizen Ryoma, Prince of Pingpong.

Dabo Assal : You have very beautiful movements and wonderful skills in the game of table tennis continued your hero and happy luck for you🌹


Trisno Adlan : You'd give the dragon a run for his money, snake.

Bradley Tishman : Hhhrrrrnnngggh, Colonel. I'm trying to sneak around, but my serves are dummy thicc and the clap of my spin keeps alerting the guards.

King Doob : Hahaha this was great.

Abhijeet Mishra : Master, please teach me.

sultane : tezuka zone!!!!!!

liulin04 : well done Bob!

tk1ngatk1nga : Great commentator, cool guy and entertaining player.

Juddersbaby1 : Play on 0.25x speed if you want to see what exactly he does. @1:15

Peter Williamson : It's embarrassing mostly because the guy tricking the other players has absolutely no form to his game 😂 straight body at all times except when bending to get the ball.

Quinn Baker : 2:18 messes with my mind. Even after watching it back 3 times, I have no idea how he got that kind of spin on the ball

ning wang : Gros good video but Taïwan isn't a country, it's a province of China.

Nexion : I have never been able to do this shot and it makes me sad

TTime : How do you make the serve at 1:30 It lookes like underspin

Tsygama : So good! Had to replay each clip at least 3 times!

Game & Sports Official : Man, how you give that spin at 1:36, with your service? The movement looks like a backspin serve 🤔🤔

anthony pizzi : What he does is he waits until the ball is out of view in other words under the table and hits it then making a specific movement with his hand that is usually opposite of the actual spin he put on the ball it's theatrics basically like if you put side spin on the ball to the left he moves his hand afterwards to make it seem like he put spin to make it go right instead thus tricking his opponent

drbin1111 : Adam some call u a clown , i call u the spirit of Table Tennis. Thank you!

Shalu Bhati : Hi adam, please tell me where was that facility in india new delhi I am a budding player looking for good facility in new delhi please tell

Gustavo C : The american xu xin!