Elon Musk's Moon Tourism Explained!
Elon Musks Moon Tourism First Passenger Announced

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TheIgors20 : Elon Musk is the Elon Musk of the 21st century.

Mohammed Mokhtar : Elon Musk's dank memes just paid off!

Harsh Thakkar : The guy is funding space research by signing up for this very ambitious and possibly dangerous trip. He has my respect, it'll be an incredible thing if it gets done .

Josh Hansen : making history right here, what a time to be alive

inffected 0 : We need to put some flat earthers on one of these trips

A. M : *ColdFusion* you made a mistake, the 5 to 10 billion is the research and development cost. The cost of building one after it’s been developed is around $330 million and the estimated cost per launch is around $7 to $30 million which would make it the cheapest rocket available.

Dexter's laboratory : Finally honeymoon is actually possible

Automaton : 3:14 "The estimated cost of the BFR is around $5-10 billion. Now that may sound like a lot of money ..." It doesn't just sound like a lot of money, that *IS* a lot of money, lol ... Jokes aside, this is a great video! As usual ColdFusion covers the important stuff unlike the mainstream media that lose their freaking minds over Elon smoking weed

Jia Hong Situ : major respect to Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa

Totan Das : when I and my son walking on the rooftop, I pointed to the moon and say " look that is the moon one day we will go there" and my son replied dad we will buy a rocket and go there. He is 4 now and I am broke but I promise my self to do whatever I can do to go to the moon, now I have a way to keep my promise just need $11B more and I think I can do that.

Kaionfire : It brings a tear to my eye, it is truly amazing to think that in just a few decades it may be possible, even affordable(!) to take a trip to the MOON and gain the ultimate perspective. Elon Musk is a brilliant man, his name will go down in history.

kikivoorburg : Epic that space tourism is finally coming!! Edit: Many people have argued that "it has been promised for years" as if that somehow refutes the point. In the past, speculators about the future have stated that space tourism would happen sometime soon. There were no actual plans for it. These ideas were based on NASA plans to reach mars in the 70's. That, in fact is what's been pushed back - NASA's date for getting to mars has been moved a lot (mainly due to lack of public interest and funding, something that Elon has changed and caused NASA to re-enter the race). Elon Musk hasn't had that history yet. Yes, he's been quite bad at meeting his deadlines but everything he promised has happened. I mean he actually made rockets reusable in the most sci-fi way possible (landing UPRIGHT), and has got the delivering to the ISS! As for people saying he should help starving or poor people in developing countries etc. While I understand the point you are trying to make, I think it is not a valid attack on Elon. Yes, if we look at our current situation, Poverty and Starvation are likely the biggest issues we face. If we pay attention to the future, however, we will notice that there is an even bigger threat - Climate Change. Now there are two ways that we can try to tackle it, which are: 1. Try to stop it before it reaches the point of no return (some people argue that we are already there). Or 2. Try to make sure that humanity will survive it. Elon Musk has done both: He's attacked the transportation sector (which produces around 24% of emissions) with his Electric cars (helping to slow climate change if done correctly) and he's working on making sure we, as a species, survive by renewing interest in space and making his way to Mars (having a separate population of humans on another planet increases our changes of survival by orders of magnitude). And of course, some personal glory is involved for Elon. He does want to be remembered as "the guy who got us to mars" or "the guy who made the electric car viable". However, I think that he is one of, if not the best rich businessmen I've ever seen. People like Richard Branson with his spaceplanes and Jeff Besos with Blue Origin also fall into this category but I personally think Musk is the most admirable. He's literally given all of the money he made from PayPal to these two companies. Altruism is for people like Bill Gates (who is an awesome person and gives unbelievable sums to charity), Musk has decided to help humanity in a different way. If you want more people paying to charity, go and find the businessmen who sit around doing nothing with their money. At least Musk is doing something good with it. Personally I suspect that people like to dislike him because (as with anything that's liked by the mainstream) it's 'cooler' in some superficial way. That doesn't mean you have to agree with what he's doing or even be interested. But please, don't spew utter nonsense like "it's fake we are never gonna get there". I hope for humanity that those are trolls and not serious people, as in the future they will obtain the benifts that Musk is giving us, while they certainly do not deserve it.

Loot Box : *S P A C E C R U I S E V A C A T I O N S* One day it'll be so common people would do it regularly and considered a little boring. You'd have rich people in "speedships" trying to see how fast they can get to pluto and back and eco-concious daredevils one some eco-friendly bio-diesel version trying to do a trip through the solar system on a bag of crisps.

RedFox : It might be a crazy idea, But I have always dreamed to have my honeymoon on the moon 🙊

GameTime : I think people appreciate Elon way to little. Even if you don’t line his companys, at least be proud of what he does for humanity. If Tesla or SpaceX fail Elon has essentially just thrown out his entire fortune just to make earth a better place for everyone. Think about that..

Deshmukh Ganesh : Employees of blueorigin must be disliking this video. Please upload more videos.

Keep moving forward : Yusaku is........ WoW.

MatseKodo - : I'm so excited about the possible Space "race" 😃😍😊

Jan Detlefsen : The moon looks different now knowing that soon a spaceship with 100 pax capacity will make the round trip in 5 days.

Eric Roper : Humans can do anything they put their mind to. Capitalism is amazing :D

rockazz82 : Elon should take the flat earthers.

XplaneZ : Elon just build the solar roof tiles first...

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations : Elon is our most valuable human

lockoshamface : This video is the exact thing we all dreamt about as kids... Elon Musk is our super hero we all needed Excellent video

· 0xFFF1 : Twitch Plays Moon Rover think about it...

Chris Bullock : I hope this does bring many new technologies to earth and truely bring us more to the Jetson's area. The other thing I like about Elon's vision is re-usability . He has already revolutionized that. Also realize, with more competetion the cost of flight will drop so that avergae people can go and not just Billionaires too. This will also hopefully end the conversation on flat earthers

Victoria Lana : If this supports future products of tech that Elon Musk makes then I'm supporting it. There is a comment down below already about this but Elon will get plenty of money in the future if his project comes out true. He already has many things making in the mean time. He needs support even if this is how he earns it. (or even flame guns or flamethrowers). Can't wait to see the future which Elon made future more exciting.

navin luitel : Time to leave earth 😉

CH_AJ : The main backer is such an inspiring person, he deserves more recognition

MrMighty147 : I bet my ass it's not going to happen in 2023. That's Elon Time. I guess it's more realistic to expect it to happen in the late 2020s.

Gregory Wood : I am 52 and I am so glad that I am alive right now and have lived through the space shuttle time. Through watching spacehab fall to the earth. And to see the first successful landing of a falcon rocket and then over and over. Then to see two comeback in the same video feed. Suck it deniers. And I can't wait for what is coming up. To think they wanted to cut off funding for the ISS. and just leave. What a bad idea. Again I am grateful I have seen these tragedies and victories. I look forward to more awesome stuff. Thanks for the well thought out and informative video.

Uno más del Patriarcado : Elon can create a religion

DL Beaven : I'm going to be the first millionaire death metal guitar player in space, and I shall shred metal from orbit, melting faces on earth.

Robert G : I good friend of mine whos into this sort of thing told me 10 years ago that we will not be going into space again for a really long time as governments have no interest in it. Hes very pleasantly surprised to be so wrong

Savvy Dude : Baby I want to see the world Elon: I gotchu covered!

M Man : Neil deGrasse Tyson said we would consider it if Elon flies his grandmother and return her safely back.

Cyberdemon Mike : Ellon first property on the moon will be a hectare of weed #420BLAZEIT 🔥🌿🌿

O Bruv : Dagogo hears about artists going to the Moon: *Coldfusion wakes from the dead*

Noukz : "Reductionist" here. Going to Mars is much much more complicated and expensive than going to the Moon. But I say this Lunar mission is a go!

doug maurer : Fully feel like Elon will start recouping funds with asteroid mining. Bringing back more and more precious metals

David J. Smith : Hey Elon!...Be Sure You Swing By the Dark Side of the Moon and Check Out the Secret "Alien/ET" and U.S.A Moon Bases Hiding Back There!...I am Just Saying!...God Bless!

Jake : Elon Musk: Creates competition Jeff Bezos: Kills competition

Rowland : This could be a new revenue stream for the company.

ganugula manikankanta : if elon think he can,absolutely he can.

Awang Budiman : We're whalers on the moon, We carry a harpoon, For they ain't no whales So we tell tall tales And sing our whaling tune.

Kyle Li : Cruise ship in space... wall-e is next

dellort tog uoy : i'm telling you idiots. in 10 years humanity will be done with. enjoy your life while you can. and remember. Flat Earthers Have A Flat Brain...

Saumen Maji : Hey Dagogo, plz make a video on how big is ISRO. And continue the series.❤❤ Lots of love

Marcelo L. Costa : I didn't want to watch the hour long SpaceX announcement. Having a ColdFusion video covering the topics is such a delight!