Old Greg

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Comments from Youtube

Tomalo21 : This video literally has prevented me from killing myself

patrickJMT : i got busted by my wife practicing my old greg voice one day. i did not realize she was home while i was practicing. for the record, it was a pretty good old greg impersonation. she won't let me forget.

flocksofcandledswans : im so sad that the long version got removed due to copyright. some people will never know the funk 😭😭😭😭

Lucy Jones : I'm dressing up as him for halloween and any time someone gets agitated I'm going to say "easy now fuzzy little man peach"

AmbrociousXP : 2019....Im here to take in my fill of weird. Aaaaand DONE.

Greg Marrero : School wasn't easy after this video got around let's just say that :/

Gregory Davis : when people come to my house I say this is Greg's place I got all things that are good

TheKyleBearr : I know what you're thinking You're thinking "Oh here comes Old Gregg he's a scaly man fish"

chlo. ayye : "I'm gonna hurt you" "what?" "I like you. what do you think of me"

MotoLogic : This is by far the weirdest thing ive ever stumbled upon youtube.

Kerim Leleta : I'm gonna hurt you Excuse me ? I like you. What do you think of me? I don't rightly know sir. Make an assessment I think you are nice modern Gentleman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Snagg2k : Who’s here 2018👀

Angela56124 : This is from a show called The Mighty Boosh if anyone was curious

Jacob Smith : make an assessment

kickingitwithtimmyb : a buddy of mines that passed away 6 or 7 years ago use to quote this video everyday to me. I now realize why he did so. this is hilarious and weird wrapped in one.

Rohun Saigal : The Shape of Water (2017) Congrats on the Oscar, Greg

BLAKE PIERCE : Ever drunk baileys from a shoe

Banana Duck : Damn Rick James is looking rough.

Lick My Clit : Rip my man curly jefferson, died for what he believed in

Conor Abbott : a buddy of mine is dressing up like gregg for halloween

LaVern Cook Jr : don't lie to me boy!

Nick Johnson : This became a running joke at my school after I shared it with my friend group.

Skies : Oh you know me, You’ve seen my downstairs mixup🤣😂

Angelica McIntosh : Can we get a remastered version of this please?!

MinecraftNoobster 1701 : I'm going to hurt you. Make an assememt

Kerry Mihalik : Make an assessment

LPSFTV : My school is obsessed with this and the teachers hate it

James Guthrie : I sexually idenitify as a seaweed and I find this offensive

Lilah Bellamy : Poor little Old Greg has so much love to give...

Mike Musto : Is this the best video of all time? Make an assessment.

Dominique Echard : Who would have thought that Noel would be a host on the Great British Baking Show?!

kaleb saffelder : its attached to ya rod muthalickah

Kenny Powers Gaming : This was soooooooooooo huge back in the dayyyyyyyyyyy. Definition of the internet.

Reaper Falls : watcha doin in ma watas motherlickas youve seen my downtairs mix up thAts old old gregs vagins ive got a mangina

Hannah Pearson : As close as you can get to Bailey's without your eyes getting wet

mafatchu : lol went as him for halloween 7 years ago. hilarious nobody knew who i was hahahahha

clelvis225 : You love me, and you've seen me, and you know me....I'm Old Gregg

Diamondback502 : Do love are you playing your love games with me

Jay Cartwright : He sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy

Josh O : What ever you do dont watch this stoned... youre gunna have a bad time

dpsrbi : Im gonna hurt you..... I like you.

anonymousandcool : Old Gregg reminds me of the guy in my first online relationship....

i love my ducky : This video is pure gold; I'm 10 years late but it made my day

Jake Taliaferro Worley : Easy now fuzzy little man peach

Nicholas Elam Shah : I'm old greg > I'm pickle rick

Bailey Swink : My boyfriend told me he found a video that reminded him of me and i thought it was gonna be a heartfelt love story but nooooooooooooooo. I laughed my ass off and so did he.

Captain Joey : My Psychology teacher played this in class by request not knowing what he was in for.

Jane Dean : How quickly he changed his tune when he saw Curly Jefferson 💀

ghost lord : Wtf did i just watch and why tf did my friend send me this