Old Greg

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Banana Duck : Damn Rick James is looking rough.

kaleb saffelder : its attached to ya rod muthalickah

Lucy Jones : I'm dressing up as him for halloween and any time someone gets agitated I'm going to say "easy now fuzzy little man peach"

elliot3197 : So upset the full 10 minute Old Gregg was taken down due to copyright..

Edgar Allan Poe : Wanna go to a club where people pee on each other?

LPSFreakTV : My school is obsessed with this and the teachers hate it

McChicken : Easy there, you fuzzy little man-peach.

Jacob Smith : make an assessment

Sir Globs Alot : Yes sir. Thank you sir.

Gregory Marrero : School wasn't easy after this video got around let's just say that :/

Ryanmiller70 : So my manager told me to look this up. Not sure if he hates me or not.

R3DREVO : who df made this, it kept me up for a damn month

dpsrbi : Im gonna hurt you..... I like you.

Bailey Swink : My boyfriend told me he found a video that reminded him of me and i thought it was gonna be a heartfelt love story but nooooooooooooooo. I laughed my ass off and so did he.

Eloy Maduro : old greg sounds a bit like Cleveland from Family Guy xd

Tristen Whitlock : This could literally be a show itself and still be hilarious in years.

Big Jumbo : Cause you've seen my downstairs mixup. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

MotoLogic : This is by far the weirdest thing ive ever stumbled upon youtube.

thatguy : how does this only have 750k views in 8 years!? I watched this when it was first posted and it's still hilarious today.

Madelin Pudsey : I love the scream in the background as they zoom in on Curly Jefferson

TheKyleBearr : I know what you're thinking You're thinking "Oh here comes Old Gregg he's a scaly man fish"

Not So Normal : When I was like 7/8 my older brother showed me this and I got so scared 😂

Heath Rushing : Damnit this isn't the full vid...WHERE'S THE FUNK?!

OriginalLuigimon : why does old greg reminds me of pewdiepie

Josh O : What ever you do dont watch this stoned... youre gunna have a bad time

Noah Roush : What the heck, Crowder.

Outdoorsman1944 : Why does this look like some kinda acid trip lol

chlo. ayye : "I'm gonna hurt you" "what?" "I like you. what do you think of me"

×_lil_biscuit_× : Do u love me It's old Greg

MinecraftNoobster 1701 : I'm going to hurt you. Make an assememt

Snagg2k : Who’s here 2018👀

Vixie Merryman : How I came into my friends life. I'm old greg XD

XenoEmpireTv : The first Transgender bathroom conversation

Kerry Daniels : Make an assessment

claire gray : this is disturbing! I feel unclean! the world seems so dark and scary now lol

Blackheathenly : *Gregg

Angelica McIntosh : Can we get a remastered version of this please?!

Tomalo21 : This video literally has prevented me from killing myself

LaVern Cook Jr : don't lie to me boy!

Colli Di : A random girl suggested this video and now we are best friends

Vei1side : a buddy of mines that passed away 6 or 7 years ago use to quote this video everyday to me. I now realize why he did so. this is hilarious and weird wrapped in one.

Fraser Tilson : That was more of an.. exposure.

Nick Johnson : This became a running joke at my school after I shared it with my friend group.

Jacob Smith : still watching this in 2016

Gregory Davis : when people come to my house I say this is Greg's place I got all things that are good

Richard Rhodes : I see I'm pretty popular for a scaley man fish. 2.5 million views. Lotta fuzzy little man peaches showin me their love.

Timo B : If Ringo Starr lived underwater in the Octopuse's Garden.

Rob Thornton : "I GOT A MAN-GINA!"

anonymousandcool : Old Gregg reminds me of the guy in my first online relationship....

AndHoldTheMayo : Make an assessment 😂