Boarding Order - Key & Peele

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Alexander Reinfield : Is this prequel to Turbulence? lol~ Mark with a K :p

Denise Vasquez : *Nun shoves* “Typical” 😭😭😭

TheFikri136 : 1:59 No one is talking about this? DAMN IT..

123InDaPlaceToBe : 'Thank you for your service'

Emily Oberg : I’m dead, I just realized he said *”thankyou for your service”* to the military baby 😩😂

SAK- SOON : There's only one person in the boarding group 1 😂😂😂 why does it even exist 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Martin Röttig : He said "Thank you for your service." to the military baby, lmao.

Jason Luong : That's a lot of money spent just for the punchline.

stringerdude : If people only cared this much to get OFF the plane. Never understood the rush to board first and wait in a confined space. The terminal is more comfy.

Zoë Newsome : Aww yes my daily dose of Key and Peele... I miss you guys

Intro2Fit : Damn. When he sipped his coffee. The look of disgust was spot on...

Jemster : I didn't know it was possible to be infuriated and laughing at the same time.

Spirit : Deep...

A Bums Boot : That military baby though 😂😂😂😂

Veridian : Thank God the military babies were there to save the day

Najeeb Al Haddad : Nice casting, nice producing , everything is nice in this video

niyah w : That last scene is how you know you got yourself a BUDGET

Cameo Mitsunobu : 3:40 It's a good thing that he already learned his lesson in the "Turbulence". He have fasten his seatbelt. XD

Md Mahmudul Hasan : Assalamu Alaikum, that bit killed me 😂😂

JamesPrime : Shout out to the people who go last intentionally 😎😎😎

Val B. : Oooh so this is where the turbulence war started. LOL

Reno Uzumaki : Now boarding anyone who completed all their Fortnite challenges and is level 100...yeah that wouldn’t be me 😒

John Deer : That sip of the coffee...🤣🤣🤣

potoplayer : I'll never understand why people care about boarding group


Aruna Chotak : *seatbelt*

Carbon MF : jesus what was the budget for this

Hawaiian Brian : Man, I'm glad he survived.

Alfie Prescott : like if you are still watching in 2018

cash last : “We would like to continue boarding with Military personal... whattt?? Thank you for your service “... cracks me up

pokerworld : Jason Schwartzman. I died.

bsotelo60 : Any drunk people

nic : I was at that plane crash set at universal studios!!!

Alex k : I would laugh harder if it wasn’t so true.

Veridian : It's gonna get even worse when he's in the plane and wants to use the bathroom

Kube : Did they get this from Sam & Cat?

Homer Relativo : the airplane set looks like the one from universal studios

Caine : Why does it even matter if you’re on the plane first

Joshua Amador : Jason Schwartzman

COSMIC : 1:59 Kermit the frog meme in real life

Tayla : This was from Sam and Cat

Joe Curry-Stodder : Man, those production values. Since when did they get the budget to do that final shot? Is that CGI?

Tayla : This was 100% a scene from Sam and Cat

Aujinae Sherrell : 1:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂mood

Mz. Phatbaldkat : Old religious people with military babies cracked me up😅

eolhc : me with Emirates

AJ Entertainment : mannnn on the real that junk gets me frustrated not on this particular video but in real life @1:58

Jiyeon Joe : They carry their children like those were loads lol

fukqyou asszhole : It's true they board stupidly but at the same time what's the hurry to get on a plane? Never understood the impatience there cause it's not taking off until everyone is on and normally you just sit there uncomfortablely and wait until the pilot is ready and the runway is clear. Just shows you how important people like to think they are when we are ALL nothing on our way to eternal unknown darkness. Enjoy your day.

kermit sewerside : the production value on these four minute sketches are amazing lmao, don’t they use off-use movie sets?