Boarding Order - Key & Peele

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Veridian : It's gonna get even worse when he's in the plane and wants to use the bathroom

Why Is My Face So Ashy : I’m dead, I just realized he said *”thankyou for your service”* to the military baby 😩😂

Denise Vasquez : *Nun shoves* “Typical” 😭😭😭

Intro2Fit : Damn. When he sipped his coffee. The look of disgust was spot on...

SAK- SOON : There's only one person in the boarding group 1 😂😂😂 why does it even exist 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Veridian : Thank God the military babies were there to save the day

MrXcman92 : I work at an airport. This is so true, there are a ridiculous number of reasons to board early. Hell, at PDX, Alaska Airlines let people wearing Portland Timbers (the MLS team they sponsor) gear board early.

Ian Smith : “South Northern Airlines” 😂

niyah w : That last scene is how you know you got yourself a BUDGET

Ashcool : I know this is just a comedy sketch but I seriously want to punch Peele in the face. I hate people who abuse the tiny amount of power that they have and use it to make you miserable for no apparent reason.

Mz. Phatbaldkat : Old religious people with military babies cracked me up😅

Bertha Lovejoy : key and peele will forever be 10000000x's funnier than hacky SNL

fukqyou asszhole : It's true they board stupidly but at the same time what's the hurry to get on a plane? Never understood the impatience there cause it's not taking off until everyone is on and normally you just sit there uncomfortablely and wait until the pilot is ready and the runway is clear. Just shows you how important people like to think they are when we are ALL nothing on our way to eternal unknown darkness. Enjoy your day.

Alfie Prescott : like if you are still watching in 2018

Carbon MF : jesus what was the budget for this

Zoë Newsome : Aww yes my daily dose of Key and Peele... I miss you guys

Md Mahmudul Hasan : Assalamu Alaikum, that bit killed me 😂😂

pokerworld : Jason Schwartzman. I died.

bsotelo60 : Any drunk people

John Deer : That sip of the coffee...🤣🤣🤣

Joe Curry-Stodder : Man, those production values. Since when did they get the budget to do that final shot? Is that CGI?

Everwake : "Regal Alliance Elite members..." lol. I always wonder who joins those weird airline clubs.

Owen Walsh : That was an extremely expensive shot for one mediocre ending

Jetdot37 : Lost it when the drunk guy gets tangled, then the boarding group 1 guy says “No that’s my bag, sir”

DJay Paranoid : Anyone else noticed they filmed this in Universal Studios 👽

Andres Mojica : Jason. Schwartzman.

StarKiller 22515 : That was the plane from war of worlds in the crash scene

Michael Mello : I love how the nun pushes him around

Alexander Reinfield : Is this prequel to Turbulence? lol~ Mark with a K :p

diande zumada : 3:14 LOL I know that set! that's the set from Spielberg's War of the Worlds (2005)!

Alex k : I would laugh harder if it wasn’t so true.

CenTz : I bet there's no terries in the plane because of the Monk with his military baby

Joshua Amador : Jason Schwartzman

cash last : “We would like to continue boarding with Military personal... whattt?? Thank you for your service “... cracks me up


Rachel Stolley Gray : Is it just me or would this have been the perfect skit for David Spade and Chris Farley?

Patricia Haywood : SHOUT OUT TO GRAND RAPIDS!!!!! hometown haha

Hatchi Dehatch : 1:11 "That's typical"... lol yup, I actually agree with that

JamesPrime : Shout out to the people who go last intentionally 😎😎😎

AB B : What's a military baby?

Mike Spicer : Mark... with a K..

80sruler : I felt like this on Delta yesterday

Sebastian Jimenez : Isn’t Group 1 First Class? 🤨

123haninhk : Wow, the ending has a fantastic cinematography and great expensive set. This is a high class comedy 👏👍

Spit Fireking : Plane crash scene similar to that song don't let me go

livinimmortal : This might be the sequel of the Turbulence video. Mark still holds a grudge against Kyle for the seat belt incident.

EMLiBJO films : Oml I live in gr ( Grand Rapids )

Jinxcity84 : Military babies lol 😂

Victor K. : Desperate to get on a plane. Plane crashes. Consequencies...

Darryl Grant : Having experienced some bad customer service from gate agents at SW , I laughed my butt off!