First Person to Run a Marathon Without Talking About It

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schmoyoho : inspirational. i’m a new man, might even go on a vacation without posting inspirational captions on a heavily filtered sunset

Justin Alexander : Next up Vegans, Self Diagonosed Depressed people, Harvard Graduates...etc

FullMetal 112 : "It almost seems like she enjoyed running for its own sake " WHAT?!

Carlos Vega : Plot Twist: She is also a vegan and nobody knows.

Jennifer Schultze : “Why would I have talked about something that’s not interesting to anyone else?” 🤣

Justin Banks : Empowering. This reminds me of when I ran a half marathon nearly two years ago.

SycheRyder : I know this is a joke, but I really do follow a certain rule in everything I do: Before doing anything, I ask myself this - "would I still feel good about doing this if no one ever found out about it?" In most cases it's about masturbation, so the answer is yes. But it also applies to things like going to the gym, donating, owning cryptocurrencies, reading a book, you name it.

tphillip66 : This is hilarious. I'm debating sending this to my girlfriend because I know she would be so pissed.

James Todd : If a person runs in the forest and doesn't tell anyone... are they disposing of a body?

Kartoffel Kamera : She also mines cryptocurrencies without telling it anybody.

Alligator Uno : Next up: The fitness model that doesnt take pictures of herself

dennishamiltonyoh1 : Sarcasm is the best comedy.

ttgk : My aunt did a 5k and we all almost excommunicated her from the family. Non stop bragging and talking about it for months

B Wall : Now do crossfit.

daregoat : Wait a sec, this isn't the onion

Fisher Theo : Social Media is a Cancer that need to be snuffed out.

funzster : "Sorry just got unexpectedly emotional" Then takes a selfie for twitter... 😂😂😂😂😂 This video has such a deep meaning though. Hits the denial point in your brain really hard!

KEVLAR ACR : now watch hipsters talk about how they didnt talk about running a marathon.

trev whit : As a life long runner, I find this hilariously arcuate lol.

Calamari Chris : This sad fact dawned on me the last time I kayaked solo back from Catalina Island: "I don't even enjoy this. I'm just doing it because I enjoy bragging about it in cocktail parties." And I've also gotten way too much mileage about my two marathons as well. [hangs head in shame]

Arnel DeLara : No need to be verbal about it, 13.1 or 26.2 bumper sticker tells it all.

Deena Daggett : I ALmost ran a marathon once, like I Thought about really hard, and I Still told everyone. 😔

Jonni0608 : Next up people on keto, paleo, people who've lost more than 5 lbs

CheapAssReviews : Did Comedy Central buy this from Above Average? Or is Above Average Comedy Central #confused thought this came out three years ago.

master Kush : I saved somebody's life and never talked about it , oh wait I just did

becks7 : Not a runner myself but I like listening to people talk about running marathons and ask them about their training and diet. They put in a lot of effort so I feel like they’ve earned some bragging rights. Much better than posting stupid selfies from your bed or #wanderlust pictures from your last visit to the Grand Canyon.

casual gamer : God , 😂 .Am feeling so dumb . Coz I did not understand it was all a joke until I went for comment section

cqtaylor : Next up, the first CrossFit athlete to not talk about CrossFit!

Jae Enceeti : This morning I had breakfast without telling anyone about it. Yup, didn't even post pics of it on my stories. What!?

Brandon A : Humans have become the pinnacle of basic.

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future : I once ran out of food and ran to taco bell. Afterwards I had the runs.

mistadreadman : What is surprising is all that running in the sun and she that mayonase pale.

MojMojin_arts : I never thought this was possible😩😂

eden camacho : She's almost as humble as I am

Dear Ash : *brain explodes*

Mr Eckes : Very funny and pretty much covers the whole social network craze, not just marathons but breakfast, lunch, dinner, what the kids are doing, what I'm doing etc etc.

Tony Flow : I did a half few years ago, didn’t train much, got a respectable time of 1.22, felt fine after, and I’ve never mentioned it to anyone, and I never will, because I’m one of the most modest people you are ever likely to meet. FACT.

Big E : 😂 yes god those people are the worst

B-Series : How about you like this comment without telling anyone Edit: Wait I just realised I'm late

Myname is Myname is : And still everyone knows about it 😂

Daayum : But she just did...

St00p HD : “Maraton”

John doe : A Giant leap for Mankind.

Derick Chafton : Looks like some lard ass got their feelings hurt.

DrGeneralkumar82 : Vegans and crossfiters need this too...

usernamedkjah : Find a Spartan race, CrossFit loving vegan then we'll talk. HAhaha

roolee2k : sarcasm at its best

D. A. : But did she have a bumper sticker.

Te Akau Hudson : I'm voting for Kanye West to be president and I'm not telling anyone about it personally

Jona zzz : The perfect woman doesn't exi....