Hot Wheels Custom Sweet Tooth Van from Twisted Metal
Hot Wheels Custom Sweet Tooth Van from Twisted Metal

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In this video I will convert a Hot Wheels Combat Medic to a Custom Sweet Tooth Van from the game Twisted Metal. Video on making etching solution...


PUBG MOBILE 69 : My adrenaline hits 100000000 whenever i see that truck in twisted metal for no reason

PHANTOMIC : Hot wheels should bring out a twisted metal collection so I can collect them all

Papai Pal : Please do these from Twisted Metal: (1)Shadow (2)Spectre (3)Warthog (4)Thumper (5)Outlaw

bowchee : I appreciate this build of one of my childhood memories. Subscribed!

wonderboy2402 : Really cool build, I’m coming from miniature painting. Some excellent tips here.

Michael Anderson : I loved twisted metal growing up. This build is phenomenal. Love it.

Steve Ramirez : Awsome custom Sweet tooth, all it needs is a giggling sound effects

Olwydd : Have you ever considered using small leds for headlights/break lights/indoor lighting? I think they would make a wonderful addition to your models. Many use really small leds in their miniature train set streetlights etc. and thinking there could be enough room in some of the models for a battery pack and on/off switch. Or hide them inside a mount if you use them.

gahshew : Sweet Tooth was my go to in that game! I love this and wish it was mass produced and packaged!! Excellent job and keep ‘em coming!!

Bimbo Koopa : I have a custom set of twisted metal cars. The Axel is my favorite!!

KuJo13 : Now I have to polish off the PS2 for some Twisted Metal Black. Well done. Beautiful build.

Julian de Vries : he skipped parts but still didnt make a video purposely just above 10 minutes this guy really does youtube for fun

damo South : That weathered look is amazing. Love the glue hair as well. Next level smart.

Brandon Farris : In Twisted metal 3 the ice cream truck had M2HB gun's on it this a cool fact.

Ricardo Romero : Awesome build!!! I was just talking about twisted metal at work today and how awesome the ice cream van is.

ik ram : Rather than using laser machine thing to make holes, its better and cheaper (obviously) using hole punching for model kit

The Desk : *I* am Calypso, and I thank you for playing *Twisted Metal!* 💣💥💣💥

mike smith : Great stuff man!!! It could use some bullet holes though.

Matheus Righes : Maybe making some Vigilant 8 game cars would be interesting!

Sandfox : iv'e seen this in Rocket League, it's the Ps4 exclusive.

codycrazycraft : Finally you're getting a lot more views now and what you were getting 50K

Herr Bert : As a day one Twisted Metal fan i have to applaude this work of art!

Oxy Moron : I'm going to give you all my money and in return I want that van.

Blitzkrieg Camo pony : Man I'd love to buy one of these from you. I love Twisted Metal and I love Hot Wheels!

Pogokoala : WOW this is so freaking beautiful! shot i wish i own it.

Aviel The Alien From Planet Mexico : This one's my favorite so far. I'd love to see more from the same game.

josh kind28 : Please do Darkside (Dollface) and please use a actual hot wheels police car for the bumper

Dillon Soucie : Bullet holes an overall battle damage would really make it pop more

Khall : Is that a hard-drive disk rotating display stand? I rate that a 10/10

Robert Durham : I have to say this is probably the best car you've made! This has to be considered master level of work and skills. You've got me hooked on your videos! Definitely sharing this video and keep them coming! You are awesome!

holy duck games and cartoon : Why is the hot whell is make of plastick not matel?

Mr Good bye : Build the jeepers Creepers truck of that Horror movie pls

Siddhesh Mundhekar : You are a very good artist... like your work & information to Detailing.. like from India and I

Paul Bialozor : Overall it's great, except the rims seem a bit too shiny all things considered... Well done...

Gester Abesamis : nice work man, super awesome, now i want one... subscribed.

Michael Taylor : Sweet Tooth is my favorite character in Twisted Metal

asma rizwan : You get better in every video man, I swear. You deserve a lot more views and subscribers for your work.

onedeadsaint : this is damn impressive! might be my new favorite video from you!

InstantChildBirth : The spring could use some aging effects, but I think this looks great. I wish I had something like this.

Geo Quiroz : wtf i was thinking of this van today i passed by an icecream truck for sale and this pops up ... weeiiird

grey1wa : only thing I would have added were some bullet holes

Insert Your Name : holy shit sweet old time remember all of that, use game shark for ps1 lol xD. what a great memories

BaggaleyTech : "I'm sure there are ways you guys could improve on it"....Erm...Nope. Thats pretty much perfect.

OG Fight night : Congratulations you just ruined a collectible hot wheel

awesomeOrlie : Awe man that's should've put bullet holes

Plant based life : I’d buy ice cream from that.

Vinnie : I miss that game i use to play that in psp when i was 4-5 yrs

Nadeem Sanity : Dude do Paul Walker 97 Eclipse from the first Fast and Furious

Ad 3yk : 1mm drill bit along the outline? then increase to a 2mm. or whatever size u want