We need to talk about failing keyboards on these new Macbooks.

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Louis Rossmann : And here it comes! :) https://www.girardgibbs.com/apple-macbook-pro-keyboard-defect-lawsuit/

shubus : But Louis, Apple products are not designed to be serviced like this. The idea is to milk the customer as much as possible.

Richard Crockett : You are asking an awful lot from the disciples to the cult of Apple. They would have to admit their God has flaws!

ö. . , : Disposable eyecandy. That's what Apple has become. Apple was once a pro brand. Now it's a brand for wannabes. I have my old Apple Powerbook G4 in some drawer. It has two clips, you can remove the keyboard without a screwdriver, you don't have to open any part of the machine. This gives you also access to your RAM slots.

Dmitry Granicin : They riveted a laptop keyboard to the chassis. The thing that is most likely to suffer from liquid damage. Riveted to the chassis. U WOT MATE.

Guy Family : I've stabbed they keyboard several times with a pen and it works again. The pen, not the keyboard.

TheMagnificentZoltar : Short version: Buy a Dell.

Louis Rossmann : 4:25 - DELL keyboard repair 4:57 - APPLE keyboard repair

Gordon Freeman : Imagine an apple approach to cars in terms of serviceability, need an oil change? nope, you must buy an entire new engine and drive train, also, you would have to go to dark corners of the Internet to find information if you ever wanted to give it a shot at fixing it yourself.

Joe Panico : Apple has done such an amazing job of marketing their products that people are brainwashed into believing there are no other comparable options for less money. Kudos on this video and for calling them out on another rip off maneuver.

Joe Pineapples : Apple should be branded as a Cult like Scientology.

Apache Longbow : You can have my ThinkPad when you pry it from my cold dead hands. I replaced the display on that in less than 5 minutes, with an OEM part, following a service manual published by Lenovo.

Rick M : Louis, it just struck me, you have in the past equated Apple customers who keep going back to Apple to abused women who keep going back to their abuser, and I don't disagree with the analogy. But I think it's time to take this analogy further. First lets say it, if Apple customers are like victims of abuse who keep going back, then Apple like an abuser who keeps abusing. But importantly I'm now talking about to the 'fanboys', who attack/blame the person with the defective product, for the issues they experience. It's what our society used to do to abused women (and still often does). Society would blame the girlfriend/wife for aggravating their abuser, thus causing the abuse or at least would claim the abuse was over exaggerated or even claiming it didn't even occur. As a society we have realized this and have tried to stop we now call enabling. The same behavior is exhibited by the fanboys. it so now it's time for the fanboys to face reality: that they are in fact enablers of corporate abuse and the rest of us need to start calling them out on it. This happens. of course, not just with Apple but other brands as well. So let me start... Fanboys you are the enablers of corporate abuse, you need to stop. Shame! Shame!

DashCamAndy : So a $2400 laptop has a nearly-impossible keyboard replacement, but my $800 eight-year-old Vaio takes almost ten minutes... Ridiculous... Oh, and my Vaio survived a liquid spill 3 years ago and still works flawlessly (only thing was the keyboard got sticky)... wOw...

Dean Vidafar : Australian consumer law states that manufacturers have to provide a minimum of two years on electronics

MUSiCK ➈ : ..Ripping out the keyboard? This physically hurts to see..

Tom : These new Macs must be wildly profitable - they've taken out all the stuff that cost money - MagSafe, the lighted logo, the charging indicator. They force you to buy all the storage and ram you'll ever need up front and they're designed to be impossible to fix. So the net effect is that the TCO difference for using Apple is way more than the sticker price difference between a new PC and a new Mac. I think the problem is that Apple see this as a zero sum game - more costs on their users means more profit for them. And their fanboys will defend it.

John Smith : Holy crap that apple keyboard replacement is absolutely stupid. I cannot believe they made it so repair unfriendly. That's absurd.

Ryan Warsaw : I'm a Software Engineer whom has used Mac OS for years, but frankly I'm getting pissed off at Apple's complacency with these new MacBooks. I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought a MacBook Pro 2013 for myself: decent (but overpriced hardware), no-upgradeability, has a lot of issues related to engineering quality / overheating, etc. But then they started being stupid: *New keyboard* (old one was fine), *Switched over to all USB-C and got rid of an SD card slot* (Love to talk to the genius that made that decision), *can't buy top model without the new touch bar* (I don't have a use for it, it's just one more problem waiting to happen). I'm honestly considering never buying another product from them again, and just switching back over to Linux/Windows despite the productivity drop for what I'm doing, that's how much they've driven me up a damn wall this past year and a half.

wnsl : haha that keyboard was the thing that made me stop doing any hardware repairs for customers a few years ago :D That from a company that claims commitment to environmental sustainability...

Willy Nebula : Thanks Louis for my Apple inoculation booster shot. I think this one will last me a good five years

Western Gents United : Don’t you have consumer law protection in the US? In Australia even after Warranty is finished of that keyboard on a Mac failed and it was not your fault. Apple would have to repair or replace that laptop.

redtails : Apple's products appear to be completely designed by Wallstreet investors.

Capt. Marco Hawk : i remember trying to fix an issue on a laptop for a friend, they said it only stopped working after watching netflix, so I opened it and inside it was full of bolognese sauce lol

Caileff Wadsworth : Man there's already a bunch of butt hurt apple fans in the comments 😂

Rj Rj : I miss the old ThinkPad keyboards 😢

Kevin Miedema : what a *riveting* tale

Ray San : yep, i have to agree. Replaced the keyboard of my lenovo notebook a few months ago. I didnt even bother to ask for service. I ordered one from ebay and swapped it out in under 10 minutes without watching a tutorial and i have never opened this machine before. Ripping the keyboard out is redicolous

Computerman 21 : Because of you My next laptop will be a thinkpad

[sic] : Why do people still buy Apple? I've never really been a fan but the last 3 or 4 years they seem to have really gone to shit; it's almost like they are seeing how low they can push the quality bar.

MegaMech : One funny... Unfunny comparison, is vehicles. Vehicles have been going in the same direction for years. Newer vehicles are almost impossible to work on because it's so cramped in the engine bay. Car manufacturers do the most ridiculous things. No wonder mechanics are driven to drink! Pun intended.

Jim Smith : Heard you on the radio (NPR) the other day, good job and keep fighting for the right to repair.

GGigabiteM : Aaaand this is why I refuse to work on Apple devices. The kind of people who own Apple devices already don't understand why they need a new logic board when their SSD shits itself since its integrated, definitely aren't going to understand why they need to pay $400 to replace the keyboard riveted to the case. I can't help but feel bad for some of them because they'll see what they think is a "great" deal on craigs list for some used Apple product, which is described as having easy to fix problems by previous owners wanting to screw someone else with their problems. The worst repair I ever had to do on a laptop was one of those HP envy 17s with beats audio which had been dropped and broke the hinges. HP in their infinite wisdom integrated part of the hinge into the upper palmrest assembly. Of course the upper assembly had ribbon cables, wires, sensors, latches and the keyboard attached with like 20 screws. It took 3 hours to transplant all of that to a new upper and another hour to get it back together.

pbhenry3 : This is very sad seeing stuff like this all the time. Disposable machines :( I sincerely hope more people become aware of this type of stuff over time, so much so that it affects sales significantly, forcing change. But that is just wishful thinking. There will always be people that just buy stuff based on aesthetics, specs, or marketing. Still people who care should be aware of this type of stuff before they make a decision to buy. The more information out there, the better. Thanks for the video.

Adrian Arellano : Out of sheer spite for 3rd party repair shops Apple will replace absolutely all screws with rivets.

Everyone Can Do DIY projects : You are totally correct. I used to buy Apple products but I am done with them. Ridiculous prices and their idea of "innovation" is to remove useful features from poor quality machines. You Rock Louis.

Andrew Willard : Only apple product i own today is a old 2011 macbook. I only use that old macbook for live performance stuff. I'll be replacing that with a pc based laptop soon. I also switched from the iphone to android. After i had two ios updates brick the iphone 7 plus back to back. I asked me self Why am i paying for a device that can't even update? not only that but apple creeps me out now days.I saw the light at the end of the tunnel apple only really has a fancy phone other then that they got nothing... So I converted to a more open universe. And i'm loving every second. Were i'm going with this is. I understand that Louis makes a living fixing apple's fuck ups and people's i device issues. While i respect that fully. And i also support the right to repair.I don't wanna support apple or any company including john deer. That Don't support the right to repair. So ultimately i think even if apple and these said company's that don't support the right to repair were gone someday. I think everything would be not only fine but better. We could have standards for devices were the repair information is open to anyone that want's to repair that said device. Shops would be repairing openly with no limitations. Only way that will ever work though. Is if we create products to last. Instead of designed obsoletion. Also they say they don't want people hacking devices. How are we gonna know if any device is secure unless we pen test it? how will we know that someone isn't listing in. If we can't hear or see. Keep Hacking Keep Fixing. Without that were obsolete.

Eduardo J : designed to sell more laptops, after all most people are simply tech illiterate and will just spend more money on a new machine

Ben Wilson : OMG Apple hardware is bad quality! Nope, sorry, i cant even act surprised any more.

Tom Gidden : The 2017 12" MacBook I'm typing this on had two keyboard replacements in its first month of use. No cat piss or Coke; just some random speck or a hair got under the spacebar and acted as a fulcrum to lever one of the microscopic lugs off in the main case. That happened twice, two weeks apart. If this happened past AppleCare expiry, it'd be £281 (~$400) each time. $400 for the sake of a brittle <1mm-wide plastic lug that's visibly open to the elements. It's ridiculous. No other premium product is that exacting and fragile; certainly no other mass-market product. I've ended up defacing the laptop by taping an ultra-thin TPU keyboard skin on to basically add the seal that Apple clearly forgot to include. If they insist on a keyboard that's so vulnerable to foreign object ingress, it needs to be sealed. It's worked so far, and I've finally got used to the slightly clunkier action of the skin, but it just shouldn't be necessary. Apple has a lot going for it. I think the macOS environment and the feel of their hardware is worth me paying a premium. However, they really are taking the piss at this point, and they should be offering a _permanent_ voluntary recall on all these butterfly keyboard products. Bah. >:(

Aaron Moffatt : Louis standing up for the consumer instead of profiting off Apple's bad design. Admirable

Shannon Smith : In Australia the law is different. Regardless of the manufacturers warranty time, a device legally needs to be able to last a reasonable amount of time. That time differs between manufacturers, device and price. For example, you should get about 10 years out of a microwave. If the company gives you a 3 year warranty but the device breaks in 8 years, it has not lived a reasonable lifetime so it is still under manufacturers warranty. It works the way you are basically saying it should work over here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrxxzsaBkC4

Andrew Palmer : I read about the keys on those models being susceptible to dust, and there was an article by Casey Johnston published back in October about this issue with the keyboards. I've also been witness to where a key gets stuck, and the user ends up breaking a key in the process to end the problem. That repair looks absolutely horrendous as well. At this point, it sure looks like their designs consciously choose to make it more difficult to repair. I mean, rivets for a keyboard? Um...what?

Adrian Guirola : Lesson, don't buy apple

bluephreakr : holy _shit_ I thougth I was viewing a late video but this was posted yesterday and Apple is having these problems? Steve Jobs is certainly dead, because even he wouldn't accept this.

James Russo : Who else is watching this after the class action news??

metallitech : Lol, cold day in hell before i buy anything Apple.

brian faini : Class action!

Mark Conger : We are all Mac Mini here. Late 2012 model because that is the last model that even comes close to making sense hardware wise. Macbook keyboard issues aside, the specs are terrible. Absolute garbage compared to other Apple systems. And you are stuck with the config you buy as well. No upgrades later. I have loved Apple computers for a decade. But that is coming to a close as our Minis age and there are no comparable (aka user upgradeable) units available. We're going Chromebook and for the few things those won't do we're using small Linux systems such as Raspberry Pi. We also use Amazon Workspaces for certain things that apply to that paradigm (virtual desktop in the cloud.) How did we get to this point in computing?

htomerif : Thank you for saying this. This is the main reason I stopped using Mac laptops. I bought a 17 inch MBP for around $3k and when the keyboard eventually failed, it cost me 80 dollars for the keyboard and took me several hours to replace it. Now I have an Asus, I don't know what kind, doesn't matter. The keyboards cost $12 and it takes me longer to find where I put my spare keyboards than it does to actually replace them. BTW, the MBP died because Apple thought it was OK to run the graphics card at 95 degrees Celsius 100 percent of the time. I dont have the tools to rework a BGA on the off chance that maybe the processor still works.