Why I Left My $100,000+ Job at Google

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CS Dojo : Hey everyone! I recently made a video about Google’s tech-focused culture and its downsides. Thought you guys might like it, so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TeUYjTWuyY

QUADXTECH : You're Still Working For Google ......

Patrick Luy : Make an online course dude. And turn your services into products. You can make money in your sleep, in addition to making money by commission. Plus, if you have courses and products, you can help even more people, since using those products you will be able to reach more people without having to physically be there. Win-win. :)

Adik : Wow, that's quite the friends you got there. If I were in their shoes, I would've slapped you in the face and told you to get a hold of yourself.

Alexey G. : Left Google to work for Google ))

CS Dojo : Thanks always for watching this video, guys! The central theme I wanted to convey in this video is that “follow your passion” is not always the best advice. Of course, it would be great if you could do what you love every day to make a living, but sometimes it’s just neither feasible nor realistic. For example, I’m really passionate about stand-up comedy. So, when I left Google, should I have pursued it instead of working on my YouTube channel? Probably not. People wanted to watch my educational YouTube videos because they couldn’t find them anywhere else. On the other hand, there are enough great stand-up comedians out there-- so it would’ve been much harder for me to compete with them. So, I believe that a much better course of action (for most people) is to focus on people’s needs-- in other words, a gap in the market. The more VALUE you provide to the world, the more VALUABLE you become. Once you’re in a strong position like that, you can then slowly shift your work so that it aligns better with your passion :) For more on this topic, I’d recommend the book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You: http://amzn.to/2gXHuax

Rainsey Hok : 100K + a year wow. what’s this logic

Bizzaro Magi : Dude good luck you can do it. I was actually working on a $112k per year job until recession came and everything went haywired. Luckily for me , before that happened I poke around and teach myself and learn from others internet marketing business skills which is now what's making me money. I wouldn't say I wouldn't come back to my engineering job when I'm offered a good pay but it made me see the point of view of taking charge of your income. Entrepreneurship is the way to go...Go for it.

The Chill : you are very smart, I like your channel!!!!!

Saya Konohana : You are such a sweetheart. God Bless.😇

Sabith Pkc Mnr : What?? *I* got a campanion here on *YT!!*

Jayesh Sethiya : Not everyone can leave the world's no.1 job, Only legends can. Bro, you are awesome. You help me alot. You are working day and night just to teach people programming languages and left the highest paid job. Bow down to you legend😀😀

Muneeb Ghaffar : Working at Google is like a Dream for many Peoples. I am amazed why you Quit? Working on Youtube is also Amazing. It Requires Hardwork but it is Fun & You can work Whenever you want?

jaison antony : Yeah, right. When they fire you, you have to leave. right? just joking.

Thanks for buying : Respect

Electro Geek : Tutorials on Competitve Coding would been Better And *LOVE YOU MAN* You have a very Big Heart❤❤❤

Zhembut Borneo : I dont know that was amazing decision or stupid decision. But, as long as you happy, do it. For me, I will stick with google, hahhahha.

Hizkia Mangihut : You not really leave from google, because you work in youtube. Youtube is google. Google have youtube. Google make a youtube. So.......

AmiyaPrasad Mallick : Funny parts - 0:21 sec to 0:27 sec , 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1: 31 sec to 1:42 sec.

Aboyassr BtsK : احا خخخخخ

Xddd Wowowiwowo : Just get a new job if YouTube doesn't work out :D hope it works out for you though your videos are great and your industry you work in needs workers so it shouldn't be that hard or at least I think

Herman Darr : google is like working for a dictatoship

OneMoreStory : I still dont get it. It is beyond amazing to work at google and I swear Its not about money. Its one of the best thing to be in there . I like your speech and hope you enjoy your life as you wanted. Thanks though

Mark Joseph Casacop : Subbed!

Sumit Swelsor : You can do both

Nick L. : *Could you do coding tutorials?* (JS, Python, C#)

Naveication : But just imagine how much people you could have helped if you stayed at Google and managed to convince our supreme machine overlords not to enslave mankind in the future?

Khalid Ul Ijchk : thanks bro

Fimazu Youtube : i subbed! want to support ur channel ;)

Anh Nguyễn : You 're awesome.

Lex Blazer : Nice, man! I did something similar to this (leaving a cushy job to do YT)...and yeah, wow; you got almost 100K subs in just over 20 months...thats very quick. Well done! Odd Niche' to find. Greetings from a fellow BC guy!

Sourav Khan : what you do to get into Google

Priyanshu Pattnaik : Really inspiring bro, u left just because u were getting happiness help people like me , your videos are too informative.

Keen Observer : You are awsome bro

The Beginner : Can a BCA student should join Google ?

Sheerios : Teach us how to do coding and stuff. 👍

Baibhab Das : U r just awesome.......

Murray Byers : i could agreed but on something more personal and is not wrong yet more human kinda thing :P as i would say something you would rather not have :P even if you do got it :P

Ricky Spanish : Hahahha

RED : You're amazing sir

Mihali Pantelous : But technically arent you still working for Google?

bishal das : You should have more subscribers love your explanation. Really amazing.

Hayley leblance : Im 13 years old girl i need appericiation of all of ur guys im working on Java and coding 2018

BroGaming ZJGDude05 : Gap in the market AKA putting google in the title for views

Denis Sulovic : Okay but we are not YouTube we would stay at google

Twatical : You're an absolute legend

I am an accident Lol : Beware of the 10 year olds saying that he got fired!

MrGittarguy : You should work in transportation. My systems running my code help literally millions of people all over the globe every day. It’s why I wake up and put on pants in the morning.

yamini duraiswamy : U r really osm... Good hearted... God bless you for ever

Kunal Rai : Thanks