Why I Left My $100,000+ Job at Google

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CS Dojo : Hey everyone! I recently made a video about Google’s tech-focused culture and its downsides. Thought you guys might like it, so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TeUYjTWuyY

WeGotGame 21 : YouTube is basically google so you still work for them

Alexey G. : Left Google to work for Google ))

Stew's Stuff : You quit your 100,000+ job at google... To work a lower paying job... for google...

Triinu Lepp : I don't understand why there are so many rude comments. It's his life and his decision. If he left the company, because he had a different vision, then it's not your part to bitterly mumble that 'oh, he got fired' or be overly sarcastic. ..and we all know that working for Google as an engineer is rather different from working 'for' Google as a creator in Youtube. C'mon people.. you're better than this.

nekrataal7 : It all depends on your life perspectives and where you're coming from, etc. If you come from a developing country then quitting a $100k+ job would seem like a "stupid" move. However, if you grew up in the west, then you probably already enjoy the "western comforts" and also developed a progressive mindset that "money isn't everything." Sure, $100K+ salary is a lot of money. However, some individuals see time as more valuable than money. You can always make more money, but you can't make more time. For some of us, just making "enough" money to survive while pursuing our passions (such as YouTube tutorials in this guy's case) is all we want in life. That's one general difference I noticed between western students and international students. The former cares about chasing passion while the latter cares about chasing money. Obviously this is just a huge generalization so of course there will be exceptions. Neither mindset is wrong though, but don't criticize others for the life choices they've made. Life is too short.

QUADXTECH : You're Still Working For Google ......

rajnish sagar : You're doing a great job... Thanks YK. I started python just after seeing your videos. I was not knowing even c.. in coding.. but now I m enjoying very first step in coding.. wish you have an awesome life ahead :)

Michael Qi : guess you don't worry about daily expenses...

deep patel : I am first year IT Student . I am so inspired by your videos

Vjeko Tezak : You are an amazing young man. What I like the most in you is the ability to be courageous and fail. Good luck on your future endeavors, I subscribed ;)

Mihali Pantelous : But technically arent you still working for Google?

GREAT HELPER 2.0 : bro give me that works seriosly

theRedCat : what is the proof you where in google company

Harun Reşit Erdil : You left google because of us

Beb : Then give me your job:)

alejandro jara : The title should say : *how the shit to turn down 100k +*

Sourav Khan : what you do to get into Google

kwxj61b : Idiot decision. Why leave the Google money train, when you can do part time YouTuber.

The Beginner : Can a BCA student should join Google ?

Semihle Oyundayız : ciddi jacop

SkenonS : Or u just got fired and now click-baiting to survive on YT money?

MrGittarguy : You should work in transportation. My systems running my code help literally millions of people all over the globe every day. It’s why I wake up and put on pants in the morning.

Pushpajit Biswas : You're doing just awesome dude carry on

Priyanshu Pattnaik : Really inspiring bro, u left just because u were getting happiness help people like me , your videos are too informative.

jaison antony : Yeah, right. When they fire you, you have to leave. right? just joking.

Sheerios : Teach us how to do coding and stuff. 👍

RED : You're amazing sir

Anna Walker : Youve got 320 000 subscribers

Mark Joseph Casacop : Subbed!

Aboyassr BtsK : احا خخخخخ

Nick L. : *Could you do coding tutorials?* (JS, Python, C#)

AmiyaPrasad Mallick : Funny parts - 0:21 sec to 0:27 sec , 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1: 31 sec to 1:42 sec.

Naveication : But just imagine how much people you could have helped if you stayed at Google and managed to convince our supreme machine overlords not to enslave mankind in the future?

OneMoreStory : I still dont get it. It is beyond amazing to work at google and I swear Its not about money. Its one of the best thing to be in there . I like your speech and hope you enjoy your life as you wanted. Thanks though

India today in 21 century : I support you bro .....keep doing this.....

StrangeClouds : Why am I watching this?

Deekshith Shetty : The entrance was cool 😆

Viral Videos : Google is Tyrannical Company. Employees of Google are Anti-Human and Pro-Robot.

Murray Byers : i could agreed but on something more personal and is not wrong yet more human kinda thing :P as i would say something you would rather not have :P even if you do got it :P

Kunal Rai : Thanks

MortalZeus : You didn’t leave your job at google, you were just moved to youtube department, with a new position called content creator

bishal das : You should have more subscribers love your explanation. Really amazing.

Sajida khan balot : Osm work and great thinking 👍

The Engineer : Unfortunately they fired you.

Lawrence L. : Everyone nowadays is creating their own YouTube channel and producing content....it's the new American Idol dream.

Vauchi : Leaving Google was a huge mistake bro

Baibhab Das : U r just awesome.......

Anh Nguyễn : You 're awesome.

Khalid Ul Ijchk : thanks bro