Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)

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SirEpicHD : I love you Chris and your shoes look lovely Wait, I regret my speech, god, give me mercy

ProMotoo : That is awesome that you dont just use the money to yourself

Gabe R : Your messages made me laugh so hard😂

The Fuzion : God Bless You

BlazingSceptile : I would give... The first person... All the money....

Yourboicacti 123 : Your a good person

Simply Lola : This is how I trick people Read more

Elijah Lindus : i love you Chris  : )

overtflow : you're a lovely combination of beautiful, awkward, generous and handsome jimbo. We love you

Tfg : I actually hated this guy before but this video has completely changed my opinion on this guy great respect to him

King Owen : It very hard to live in are very lucky man :)))) I am happy for are good man.

UberMorlockeve : What's the update on the 10k richer homeless dude?

Vincent Borsum : New game, everyone take a shot every time he says "I'm a youtuber"

Kirt Joe : I love you chris

Averagegamer : Why is the video not over 10 mine it makes no sense?

QsoftStudios : As someone who became homeless when they were 18, and had to get himself out, massive respect man.

Kolton Productions : *SOPY CIGHT RIKE*

Swishy Plays : MrBeast You are so kind and ur a legend!!!!!🙂🙂🙂

SWYPE : We Love you Chris

GamesconiYT : 1:22 what the fuck are those messages XD

dr squige : The human race isn't entirely screwd

davran vali : You are a smart qeople


Masooni : I love you chris

Budderslap playz : Imagine if your shift just ended when he ordered the pizza

Suiting_Gaming : I love you chis and I hate your shoes

Expectations : I'm off to the streets now (not to gain money but to help with as much money)

PzGaming80 : I ❤️ cris

JLugz : I love this vid


Aqua 8s : I think u really could of bought a lambo by now I saw your truck 👎

DropTheMic : 2/5/18 69K likes

MagicGum : This guy is one of the most honest youtubers I have ever seen lol.

Jackson M : i love u chris

Atron Gaming : You're such an amazing person! This breaks my heart!

Levi Thomason : Those texts tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dresden coan : I love you Chris.

El Kingersito : "hey hello man im a youtuber" ok

Mike Ramdhan : I love you Chris

M. monty EM : I love you Chris

Jesus De Santiago : #triggeredmic

Elijah green : thank you chris

MUTWookie : When you find your dads wallet and your friend want to start YouTube 😂

epic gamer2 : 1:23 wheres my dido hahaha

Gerrald Brown : Ur kinda nice

Giovonni Sanchez : You did good cris. You did good.📹📸📷🎥🎬

Christopher : I love you Chris

Afonso Catarino : We love you Chris......... But WHAT ARE THOSE????

Dildar Saloujk : I love you Chris

Pedro Miranda : i love you chris