Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)

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overtflow : you're a lovely combination of beautiful, awkward, generous and handsome jimbo. We love you

Kirt Joe : I love you chris

GregoryD271 : I love this kind of rich guys😍😢 Edit:WTF 100 LIKES

Don't read my bio : "Where's my dildo?" "Up my anus for safe keeping"

Hunting and fishing channel AJ : You are the nicest person ever I want you to now that those people love you do so much good I wish I could give you money and you need to come to Alabama you are the best


figet spinner : First homeless was wearing nike

aaammarriii : I love u Chris ❤️ but ur shoes are whack 🙅🏽

Jordan Arieno : Dude.. Respect

hitlers inavlade barnbarn : i always say mrbeast as an asshole, but this is actually nice.

CrownIT - Random Uplader : mr beast is so nice he give money to the homeless

10 000 subs with no videos : 1like= 1homeless will get a home.

Alphagamer 013 : Lol at 3:50 i started bouncing up and down 😂 now the songs stuck in my head

Tal Bitton : Look for women with children first!

Doge Doge : He's so fucking awkward

LookOuchYourWindow : somebody once told me a man donated money EDIT: Lyrics with all comments ADDED ADD SOME MORE (LENNY) ME: somebody once told me a man donated money Davis Nguyes: today hes still getting mon-ey ME: he was giving some cash to an old hag and a bag with the shape of an L on his forehead Unique Plagiarism: And the tramps keep comin, Mr beast starts runnin, money for the poor has the hobo's cumming. It didn't make sense to donate to 1, Your pockets get empty and your bum gets full ME: So much to do so much to poo on my hobos with money -

Recklezz Renegade : Yo chris u my nigga and those moccasins stank homie walkin around in public wit them beat ass slippers take dat shit off and buy a decent pair of sneakers wit dat 200 dollars bum. Musty ass boi Love you chris.

Ceirin Murphy : I love Chris

Sawyer Games : I love u chris

JDMKING 2230 : Should have used the money to get you a longer shirt

Error 405 : The only rich kid that i can stand

Carlos Castaneda : We need help we're trying to rent a house and we can't afford it you think you can help us

Rayven Ruiz : I love you chirs

Banana : <3 u chris XD

TREVER GAMER : This is so nice for that man i love people ho dos chit lik that ❤❤❤

TheCuriousSloth : He says he does it for the views and money but deep down I believe he is actually doing out of the bottom of his heart

Itz yo Boii Dee : 1:22 boii

AngeloGaab : that laugh tho 5:10

Charlie Oldham : I love you Chris

rairai2468 : if you stop the video at 3:55 in one of the cars it plays wild thoughts

MrBeast : Holy shit guys, I only said "I'm a youtuber" because they all keep looking at my camera man. Unlike most pranks, I do my stuff real, and most people notice when a guy sets up a camera and points it at them. You guys think I was bragging? What do I have to gain by telling a homeless guy that? Lmao

Rasmus Nielsen : Did the pizza guy make This face? 😯

kiefer Yazzie : I love u cris lol jk hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

SpamJr : papa chris

TheFuse Brothers : Į love you chris

BangoBuck87 : "What's your situation" "I don't have any legs"

Hassan El-hallani : I love you chris

Nic Angstadt : "I'm gonna drive around and try to find some homeless people..."

DaBear Smokey :

Joseph Ventura : I got the quid guys it so best but the only adventure time is the ever ever try to download guys

GetMeTo100,000SubsWithNoVideo : When he gives out money to homeless I guess you can say he's the BEaST

Rick Waters : Hay I got quidd can u send me 10000 Please mom and me help

Spencer Wilson : I love you Cris...wait...I’m not gay 😐

mustapha bah : the best

Undji Mungunda : Yo Chris what are those!!!

Jack Torpey : Can u buy a pizza with every topping on it and eat it on a livestream. The whole entire pizza not just one slice

Sam Star : Your so kind agree with me

Lovely Neko : Man you are the best!!!!😊😊😊❤❤💖💕💕💕💕

Simone Mcwilliams : I love you criss but what are those😱😎😸

Lil shoo Richardson : Can u help me out plz