Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)

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overtflow : you're a lovely combination of beautiful, awkward, generous and handsome jimbo. We love you

ProMotoo : That is awesome that you dont just use the money to yourself

Tfg : I actually hated this guy before but this video has completely changed my opinion on this guy great respect to him

UberMorlockeve : What's the update on the 10k richer homeless dude?

QsoftStudios : As someone who became homeless when they were 18, and had to get himself out, massive respect man.

SirEpicHD : I love you Chris and your shoes look lovely Wait, I regret my speech, god, give me mercy

SmoogyDoo : Have no clue why people complain about u using ads to do this, or using people for views... at the end of the day, ur giving money to people who truely need it, i know alot about YouTubes pay out system, and i can calculate that u make no where near as much as u could, u give away more money then u need to, even often dipping into your own pockets, it's better then other YouTubers who keep all their ad money, u provide content, as well as a positive messege. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! IGNORE THE HATERS!

not a communist : The human race isn't entirely screwd

RobTortureWright : Clearly a better man than me cause I defo would have spent all the money on boats n hoes 😂😂😂

Budderslap playz : Imagine if your shift just ended when he ordered the pizza

MrBeast : Holy shit guys, I only said "I'm a youtuber" because they all keep looking at my camera man. Unlike most pranks, I do my stuff real, and most people notice when a guy sets up a camera and points it at them. You guys think I was bragging? What do I have to gain by telling a homeless guy that? Lmao

Levi art&more : Those texts tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lola’s Life : This is how I trick people Read more

Madison Bochenek : i love you chris

JLugz : I love this vid


FaZe KinG : Bro do a giveaway bro please

DropTheMic : 2/5/18 69K likes

Renato Muro : Good morning Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very very nice!!!! good for you thanks a lot!!!!!! Gracias!

FaZe KinG : I'm glad your giving back love you for that but a giveaway would come in handy

FaZe KinG : We need money for fornite and stuff

brandon johnson : why would you tell him for making a video

Ann Coats : I love u Chris

Ann Coats : Doing the right thing : )

PANOUT - PUBG Mobile : mr beast is so nice he give money to the homeless

Dildar Saloujk : I love you Chris

epic gamer2 : 1:23 wheres my dido hahaha

Giovonni Sanchez : You did good cris. You did good.📹📸📷🎥🎬

Cham Does Vlogs : I love you Chris

Bob Bob : The only rich kid that i can stand

George Zote : love you Chris.....coz u told us to comment

Jackson M : i love u chris

Sanyam Upadhyay : U should have given more to 1st person

Tenzin Monlam : U r great! God bless u bro

Fussy Tax : Mr Beast I appreciate how you do this for the Homeless but Man you make it awkward

Darrin Rowe : I love Chris

Tech Gamer : U r great man i have no words to describe u you r just fabulous U always very loyal for subscribers and likes

anime4life : Hey guys look at the text messages and mr beast your the nices and have a nice life and make more video

Christopher : I love you Chris

TheDenzelEffect : "What's your uh situation?" *points at his missing legs*

Four crackers : I love you Chris.

Mike Ramdhan : I love you Chris

M. monty EM : I love you Chris

Jesus De Santiago : #triggeredmic

BangoBuck87 : "What's your situation" "I don't have any legs"

Elijah green : thank you chris

Zoeys official Vlog : I love u Chris

Juana Peck : Love you cris

Gerrald Brown : Ur kinda nice

TheCuriousSloth : He says he does it for the views and money but deep down I believe he is actually doing out of the bottom of his heart