Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)

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MrBeast : Get Quidd here! ►►► Please download and support them for funding this video!

Holy Jesus Christ : I love roastin peopel when they said to spell right too some others comments when they're can spel right

Valtteri Pallari : I LOVE CHRIS!

The CandyWolf : That was very nice of you to give homeless people 1k *8 homeless people runs with 50m dollars from CoryXkinshin*

Daedra : The 1k dislikes don't deserve to be alive.

Maurice Flore : TIME TO SPAM HATE COMMENTS! *breathing heavy on keyboard*

Saveg QaTaR : Ugly shoes nega

Don't read my bio : "Where's my dildo?" "Up my anus for safe keeping"

The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV : I'm glad he gives his money he earns away to good causes I mean he isn't selfish with it and he seems nice so I'll sub

Meomix Mimix : This video series is not believable, the world is so wicked that donating 10,000 to random people is the last thing you would think of.

Marshmallow Kid : Wanna here a a joke

NoahBPLAYS : Where is that other dude at?

DaWhaleGamer 101 : I hate you Chris

Bob Love : Mr beast seems to be autistic

Derek Moore : Just Subscribed to Mr. Beasts page.

swattdoggg : I love Mr. Beast, but he is awkward as fuck. Just about the most awkward person I've ever seen. It gives me anxiety watching him fidget and not know how to stand or speak

Samuel Cortez-Sanchez : You should give 500000

Alaxis Maya : WHY ARE YOU SO AWKWARD!!!! 😂

kidmessi950 : #both ugly shoes

Daniel Dieni : sooooo quidd gives you over 30k in all of your videos and you give it all away? what a fucking idiot dumb americans

ClonedAlone : Wish I could be as kind as you But no

Nalc S : I love Cris.

agent h.o.l.a : How first guy have nike shoues*_*

Shay Jameson : I thought this was giving money to homeless people not tipping pizza guys and giving people money for saying your channel is good fuck u

Andrew Pooyak : fuck quid

Quentin Larkey : hes shoes are so agly

Taya Thomas : Wat r those!!!

Can I get 9,000 subs for no reason at all? : 1:19 WTF

James H : Y’all are some angels

Ron Swanson : your friend's shoes were the worst shoes I have ever seen

Faamai Aljr : Please can I get $5,000 to fix my car need to be done

Roblox Eagle : i love you chris

Bojo David : Your rent in $100? Where the fuck do you live?

SuperDoritoGaming : Just 6 letter's you have to say and you both earn 100$!

Daré Devils : I love you Chris

Khoa Trinh Min : "I'm a youtuber" OH the cringe!!!!!

Hasan Al-Jarrah : you should give 100 people 100 each

Gavin Curtis : I love u chris

Messaque : 1 day later.... 10 men caught attempting to take drugs all around this local area..

Anil Hettiarachchi : God bless you my man

Samantha Madrigal : I'm not joking I've seen the first homeless guy before when I was going to my grandmas with my mom. He just crossed the street I felt so bad because he had to prosthetic legs and I thought he was probably in the army.

Ragnar Lothbrok : MrBeast is the most awkward dude i've ever seen, but i can't stop watching. Awesome guy!

sonic boom : Split into 100, buy Jordans, and they'll be more happy

It'syoderickpranks BOI : #i love you kris

Ashley James : I love Jimmys unique awkwardness ! One of a kind and your sincerity is clearly genuine and admirable! 🤗

Swiggity Swooty : I love you chris

Avish V : Give money using ur right hand dude. ( Any Indians)

Tristan 1234 : I ❤️ quidd

Yee Yee : So nice

Robot Sardot : I love Christ is shoes are ugly