Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)

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MrBeast : Get Quidd here! ►►► Please download and support them for funding this video!

HockeyGoalie24 : Mr.Beast is so cringy

The CandyWolf : That was very nice of you to give homeless people 1k *8 homeless people runs with 50m dollars from CoryXkinshin*

idk : Lol when he talks to the first guy... he has a.... boner

ThunderQuack : Oh god he's tall

Illegal Seagull : I just realized that Mr Beast is tall.

Holy Jesus Christ : I love roastin peopel when they said to spell right too some others comments when they're can spel right

Arjun Sharma : 1st man was wearing nike shoes.

Cristiano Ronaldo : YOU should have given the 1 homeless guy more because he lost his legs

FaZe Aremy : Ugly shoes nega

TheDudeThatsAlwaysHot : ok...everyone who hates on mr beast why are you watching his vids you all who hate him should go to HELL cause hes doing good hes bassicly a blessing to homeless ppl so FC YOU ALL WHO HATE HIM HE IS THE BEST AND I MEAN THE BEST YOUTUBER OUT THERE!!!!!

Pedro de Jesus da Silva : Are you Rish

Melissa Yanez : your awkward

Devin Auletti : 1:10 tho

xXFireGhoulXx : You should give 1 person $10,000 because nowadays, you can't get a lot with $1000

jacob o : 3:55 did anyone else start singing

Pedro de Jesus da Silva : You are rich YouTube bad i feel bad for your ugly shoes 👞

Cotton Watts : God bless you

Marshmallow Kid : Wanna here a a joke

Daedra : The 1k dislikes don't deserve to be alive.


Patrice B : Can someone tell me the name of the song playing in the background @3:52

Pedro de Jesus da Silva : Bro god will paid your money 💵 💵 💵 💴 💳 💵 💴 💴 💵 💳 💳 💵 💴 💴 💵 💳 💳 💵 💴😎

TinySkittelzxX Xx : I love Chris :)

Football Videos : Your suppose to give it to the homeless

Mindblitz64 : Yooo can I have 2 dollars and 50 cents I need to buy a few Wendy's slushes for the squad

Sebastian : I luv you Chris!!!!!!!!

Tall Apple Energy Drink : I'm living in a hostel, if 1000 people donated $1, I can teach more Japanese, and live in a better hostel, or eat better, or something

Ben Malthoff : I love you Chris

Menoth Games : Chris your shoes suck

Omer Yildiz : I love you chris

CaddyPro'59 : 3:40 Sweet Mustang

The Badger : I love you Chris.

Fhx Aston : But I m sad because 1 st homeless man has a Nike well I dint I have a all star

Juliet : he's so nice

Katya Webb : Ummmm yeah giving homeless money great sweet but also wasting it on deliberate car damage and pizza and friends who aren't homeless. Just sayin.

Natalia Młyńska : Love ya Chris!

Kamari Lynch : I love u Chris

Random Dude : CRINGE

Dark Fire Bros : I love you chris

William Gordon : We love you Chris, but your shoes are cringey!

Blazing Neptune : Can I be homeless?

Bradley Cavenaugh : I love u Chris and hate ur shoes

reddragon1313 : I LOVE YOY CHRIS

Zacharia Holloway : Jimmmme!!!!!!!!!

MaddenBoi Sup : I love Chris

Mythical Beast 3 : I love you chris

Jessa Pulido : If its real money then god will bless u!

Tiger- Agar : Dislikes came from ppl who wanted to see him spend it on hookers and cocaine

Cringe King : I love you crrriiiiiiis