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HybridPanda : can not get enough of these videos...

Rasko : Yeah!

StompdownWinFail : WOW! :) -Q

quizr : haha washes up on an island, doesnt go for water or food just burns the whole island xD

Sloe Mo : Fuuuuck, 4 cans did all of that??!!

Campbell : Not only do I love the graff but the filmography is absolutely stunning, I bet it would be awesome to watch in 4K, also that music transition from the swaying Hawaii tunes to the Dj Butcher track was perfect 👌

oxoxoxoxoxoxo oxoxoxoxoxoxo : Omg SDK and rasko comment in sofles video

Faster Days : Loved the background of the little piece at 0:41

Jonathan Blackmon : Decorating the world one wall at a time

OnlyWarlok : ERES EL PUTO AMOH! ajajajaj

James Patrick - Artist : bEAST!

MR. OBJECTS : sofles is killing it

DaseTV : Fresh !

Akuizm : But what is Sofles without Selina Miles?

PaulReviews : Another breath taking video! Well done Selina Miles and Sofles

Sam Hack : You both should do a feature length video/documentary of your travels and meeting local artists! Sofles pieces are sick and so is the editing and video! look forward to your next one!!!!

title10 : Selina Miles needs to goto marvel and show them how to work a camera. not that erratic bs they pull.

chuckazzz : 1:00 to 1:15 looks so fresh. once again, out of this world editing. oh, and Butcher kills it every single time!

nickrod32 : just smoked a cone b4 watchning this was blown away

Moea Lechat : Excellent!

Ryan Ruiz : Donde quiere que este, este weon siempre hace magia1!!

thommy Kaffa : I love you, marrie me

Soproni Pál : king

Mr. Rabib1 : Im pt

FroZz : wow...

GiS one : 3:13 SICK!


Ondřej Vogel : Mega respect! You have crazy awesome style, peace man.

Stu : Selina Miles and you together make beautiful music for the eyes.

Taylor ! : Graff is cold af. But the vids dude! Badass

asdfbry : These hyperlapse videos never get old. Love em.

rys : That was sick! Really loved the turtle haha. Take me with you next time? :P Keep up the great vids. The lightplay was phenomenal too. Such Beautiful work all around AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Jan Wirth : Awesome as always, but I remember the times when ironlak artists also had music other than dj butcher as soundtrack to their videos.

ichweisenicht : genius artists! graffiti and filming/ cutting absolutly on point! hopefully i'll become that good too anyday!

Kevin Gardbrant : Selina Miles and Sofles two stars togheter in film and graffiti production, can it be better?

Daviorso 99 : in che parte dell'america l'avrà fatto

Lawrence Strasser : You're insanely good man! Like crazy fucking GOOD!!!👍🏻👍🏻

john doe : GPS coordinates please . dude you are KING!

Bernadette Lauber : once again a F... great Video , these boys

chris allistar : was waiting for those affiliation marks LMAO! As usual only the creme of the crop

joey beuk : Really dope! The music fits and nice camera work/editing and location is awesome!

Erik Soliven : Yes second comment!

YOUR MuCK : Nice and Crazy video (y)

Nery Guevara : De maravilla. Sin duda alguna uno de mis mas grandes ejemplos a seguir. Sofles sofles sofles! 👌👌👌👆👆👆👊💯💯💯💯💯📷👌👌

LerLoons : Sick hyper lapse !

Damion Campbell : all that in 25 hours?!?!?! so, so fleshing sick

Gnap Gnap : Vive la France ! :)

VaNDaL253 : You know sofles was smashing Selina's cakes on that island

Rickzilla Arte : Probably the best graffiti videos in YouTube

xGamerX : props amazing editing awesome burners👌