When mum and dad start their Christmas shopping 🍕🚗

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Eva do Couto : I want a wife I can annoy so much and still have her laugh and love me. Ladbaby and Mum are the best!

soloban81 : Everyone knows the correct use of the grabber claw is to goose your wife in Aisle 3.

Brianna Vlogs : Your videos make me laugh so much

Olivia Elliott : Early squadddddd

Milk Jerky : Mom was looking absolutely lovely today, hilarious video

Laura Lange : I hit up the clearance aisle right after Christmas to take advantage of the Christmas over stock push and just save it for next Christmas. I check the clearance aisle every time I shop. I was done Christmas shopping by July. Also if there is something my kid asks for closer to Christmas that I don't have then I sell something from the stockpile to get it. I always end up with about $400 worth of toys for like $150.

Ric P : Mate. Stooooooooooooooooooooop recording your videos vertically. Always horizontal it’ll make your videos that much better

CHRIS BELL : Feel your pain. My wifey has done the crimbo shopping and has just finished wrapping all of them last night. I have a feeling she's gonna send me up in the loft for the tree!

Alan Adrian : Great family. truly special.Thank you for giving me a glimpse into how special fatherhood can be.

dmadeygaming : Can't believe scalextric still going lol!

qυεεη вεε : 0:16 This is me when I go into Ulta hahaha

Lindsay Melher : I never see any dislikes on these videos!! Cause these two are the best! !

SwitchbladesHandgrenades : marriage goals

Aslan ARSLAN : You guys are best love from turkey <3 YESSSSS MATTEEEEEE

Joe Neumann : Good innocent fun. These videos are the best.

Jonathan McFarlane : Yes Maaaaaate

Harriet Muir : yes mate!!

Tank3dSauc3 : You two are just the best!

Notice Me Cowpie : I'm always a bit disappointed when I don't get at least one "yes maaaaaaate"

BonkerzBillie 85 : I love the fact she can still giggle at you no matter what you do to annoy her. Amazing couple I bet every day is a new adventure for you guys. I want a relationship like that where you can laugh at everything.

Debbie Woolley : Love this one. Brilliant idea! 😍😍 Love your family

Cheap 'n Chic : Not fair! You wouldn't let her have what she wants but you sneakily got what you want! 😭 If I were her I'd say ok you can have that & I get the penguin. 😂 You're so lucky you got a wife who's so patient w/ you.

Kayla Johnson : It's super early

Marc Bevan : Every restaurant needs a scalextric table

Lord Potato : Seriously not trying to get likes, but like if you want Ladbaby to film in horizontal! It needs to happen

What up it tei I : Aww cute

T Angelite : You could start a theme restaurant the cars on track at the table. Please tell your wife her hair is gorgeous!

Katie Campbell : Literally got that exact penguin from toysrus 😂😂😂

Egg Noodless : Who else came here from Facebook

For ever Alone : wow Christmas shopping in October!?

Andres Rios : Did she have a sister? Im single, 29, no kids.

Maria Rolph : Brilliant you guys make me smile 😀

Thumper Redshaw : Most Excellent !

Lily : Your wife's personality reminds me of Louisa Clark from Me Before You!!!💕

Nicole Finnie : Wish i had a boyfriend like ladebaby such a laugh x

Tank3dSauc3 : You two are just the best.

Janet Newell : GoodTo See ya’s Again ,

Belle Stevenson : This was genius! Well done, dad!

Braxton Graff : Love this channel so much

eduardo79113 : make daily vlog

Typical Zain : Such a good couple

James Shore : This is hilarious #ladbabyxmas. Can’t believe someone disliked this.

Jill Stocks : Hahaha, the car track around the table! Love it!

Movie junkie : Always a joy to watch your video’s

chipmunk007 : Hahahahaha ow my

CherryChocChip *FAM : Lol that was the best lunch ever!! Thanks for always making me laugh the both of you are the best!!

christine schmitt : Omg! I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant

retrostu1 : Yes mate - Genius!

MrFetterrentnerlp : Someones running out of content. Christmas shopping in october...

lauren Warner : aww did you get the big penguin