When mum and dad start their Christmas shopping 🍕🚗

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Jonathan McFarlane : Yes Maaaaaate

Milk Jerky : Mom was looking absolutely lovely today, hilarious video

Brianna Jones : Your videos make me laugh so much

Notice Me Cowpie : I'm always a bit disappointed when I don't get at least one "yes maaaaaaate"

CHRIS BELL : Feel your pain. My wifey has done the crimbo shopping and has just finished wrapping all of them last night. I have a feeling she's gonna send me up in the loft for the tree!

Olivia Elliott : Early squadddddd

Alan Adrian : Great family. truly special.Thank you for giving me a glimpse into how special fatherhood can be.

qυεεη вεε : 0:16 This is me when I go into Ulta hahaha

SwitchbladesHandgrenades : marriage goals

Harriet Muir : yes mate!!

Joe Neumann : Good innocent fun. These videos are the best.

ライブ ハッピー : #ParentingGoals All parents should be like this.

Cheap 'n Chic : Not fair! You wouldn't let her have what she wants but you sneakily got what you want! 😭 If I were her I'd say ok you can have that & I get the penguin. 😂 You're so lucky you got a wife who's so patient w/ you.

dmadeygaming : Can't believe scalextric still going lol!

cvro : I’ve found that not only is this guy legendary, his wife is definitely amazing too. She doesnt really get upset over his jokes for long and has fun. She actually loves the guy. So before you chicks start saying you want a guy like that....i want a woman like that :)

Laura Lange : I hit up the clearance aisle right after Christmas to take advantage of the Christmas over stock push and just save it for next Christmas. I check the clearance aisle every time I shop. I was done Christmas shopping by July. Also if there is something my kid asks for closer to Christmas that I don't have then I sell something from the stockpile to get it. I always end up with about $400 worth of toys for like $150.

Ric P : Mate. Stooooooooooooooooooooop recording your videos vertically. Always horizontal it’ll make your videos that much better

Lindsay Melher : I never see any dislikes on these videos!! Cause these two are the best! !

Eva do Couto : I want a wife I can annoy so much and still have her laugh and love me. Ladbaby and Mum are the best!

soloban81 : Everyone knows the correct use of the grabber claw is to goose your wife in Aisle 3.

Debbie Woolley : Love this one. Brilliant idea! 😍😍 Love your family

Gavin Keeter : I found out about this channel 1/10/2018. Its 1/11/2018 and I've watched about 30 videos now.... yes maaaaaate! I hope if I'm ever a dad I'll be half as good as him.

Tank3dSauc3 : You two are just the best!

Kat Maw : Can I say something about the camera angle thing everybody's complaining about? I really don't care. Frankly, I like holding my phone up vertically to watch since I'm more used to it.

BonkerzBillie 85 : I love the fact she can still giggle at you no matter what you do to annoy her. Amazing couple I bet every day is a new adventure for you guys. I want a relationship like that where you can laugh at everything.

Katie Campbell : Literally got that exact penguin from toysrus 😂😂😂

Kairos : Currently binge watching all of your videos and have to say well done. This is some good, wholesome content and you have a marvelous family! Much love from America!

Aslan ARSLAN : You guys are best love from turkey <3 YESSSSS MATTEEEEEE

Kayleigh costello : Unreal I’ve just spent the last two hours watching all of your videos and my god you really are a genius the best dad ever 😂😂 and I love how your missus is so laid back and you both just laugh about everything it’s brilliant life it to short to take things seriously having a laugh is what it’s all about 😂YES MATE

James Shore : This is hilarious #ladbabyxmas. Can’t believe someone disliked this.

Kayla Johnson : It's super early

akahomie100 : The balls needed to set that up inside a public restaurant.

lonely boy vivek : which country do you belong

Itz.alexis_ : your son is so cute 😭❤️

Andres Rios : Did she have a sister? Im single, 29, no kids.

Marc Bevan : Every restaurant needs a scalextric table

Lord Potato : Seriously not trying to get likes, but like if you want Ladbaby to film in horizontal! It needs to happen

JG JG : How many times a day are these two phrases uttered in your family...What've you done? Whatcha mean? lol

Alex Silva : Honestly how does he even come up with all these

Queen Q Quan : You people are just hilarious I have never in my life I don't even think they could ever make a sitcom to top it! It's crazy hilarious as you all are and I mean just keep it coming I love it

Libby : Very cute couple. Love all videos!!

Karen Leister : I love watching u guys. Ur such a loving family. Ur lil guy is so adorable and precious.

LeLe'severyday Ordinaryadventures : So funny! And the pizza looks yummy! Adorable baby

faith abraham : I'm so hooked on you guys.. appreciation and blessing to you from northern California, USA

Crystal YT : Yes mate

George Freeman : I WANT THAT PENQUIN

Ogodogo : I love how she says she wants the penguin, then says he loves it for her to keep it, outs it in front of the child and makes it quack flapping its wings xDD

Crissy scham : yes mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaatttttteeeee

Adam_ Monteiro14 : When I get older I don’t want a wife that starts Christmas shopping in October

george lightheart : I hope we get a horizontal video someday...