Experience nothing - Visit Padasjoki

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Marko Grönroos : Eh, the idea is great, but did the editor forget to do color grading for the locally shot videos? They look really flat, like ungraded s-log. The idea of the video is initially a good one, but gets a bit lost in the end, when there's suddenly a lot of built stuff in the "nothing".

Ilo Päivälapsi : Please don't visit Finland! We already have enough tourism, and the tourists we have don't like to have more tourists around. We are not in a need of money. The little money we have is too much already because it has ruined so many peoples minds and attitudes. Please, don't bring more money to us by visiting us! Also Sweden has the same problem but even worse, so don't visit Sweden either. But if you must ruin either of us, please ruin Sweden. Also Finland is very cold for most of the year, and very dark for half a year. People are always cold. Ticks (coasts and islands) and moles (inland) can in fact kill you by deadly diseases if you are not naturally tolerant like most North Europeans. A couple of years ago an Israeli scientist studying moles in Finland was killed by a brain disease from moles. Also for people who are not used to bears and wolves meeting them really is not as nice as seeing them in a photo.

Tomi Tenetz : Nothing is nice, but something would be even better. I remember I drove around Päijänne this summer and I could not find any single place to eat after crossing Pulkkilanharju. Every single place had been closed some years back. Only place open was a pizza-kebab in Sysmä. Before that only place to eat was some steakhouse 2 hours drive from Sysmä. Just a little bit of services to tourists would be so nice.

Nicholas Trigg : Excellent piece of marketing and so very true..........Love Finland.........

Marc Nemitz : Really a great spot! :) Love it and if i around the corner, i sure take a look at your nothing :) Best wishes from Germany

Tommi Raulahti : Well... Padasjoki have something... my dad born there and my last name is from there... so it have something: my roots.

Markku Kemppainen : Nyt mennään hienolla asenteella ja hyvällä koukulla!

Sampo Raudaskoski : Nice job Padasjoki!

TheDemolition2000 : What are the two songs in the video?

mclaren3722 : I like nothing. Nothing is awesome. I'm a tad introverted...

AdvocatusDiaboliFin : Never been more excited about nothing. Great video!

Ercan Kırbıyık : it's amazing video :) loves to Finland from Turkey :)

OldMan_PJ : Apparently you don't have colorists either to do color grading work. Finland is not that gray.

Tommi Lappalainen : I have been producing in Finnish Lapland since 15 year all kind tourism videos and destination marketing videos (some good and awarded other more small or more banal...). This is an innovative video (with probably a rather limited budget) and if I should be give a note for this video, I would give at least 9,5 over 10 (or even 10-). This said at the very end the video might be bit too "charged" / "overloaded" with visual and sound elements: but it is question of taste. Globally I liked very much this video. And it is nice to see that also other, less known destinations start to make promotion videos and find their own strong points / branding elements (traditionally it is mostly in Lapland and in Southern Finland that this kid of videos are made).

Ben Gallaty : Please upload a 360 degree video from the top of that forest outlook. It would be a wonderful escape for those of us who are unable to travel, a brief respite to your breathtaking environment.

matti karhu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTp8DCpbQHE lisää padasjoelta

Kai Mäkelä : Padasjoki; "mökkikuntani"

Stefan Hoeren : Color grading is missing!

Heli Järvenpää : Oh, I love this! So honest.

Tuomas Huovinen : You better have money for nothing, muikkus aren't free.

in a box : This nothing costs a lot btw

t-pants : Badassriver

Евгений Байков : какая-то хрень ни о чём

85sharifa : Ihania muistoja tuosta Kelvenneen saaresta, lapsena kävin siellä hiekkarannalla uimassa ja metsässä marjassa sukulaisten kanssa!

kakka kikkare : stolen idea :<

Fogarasi Tóth István : Well, Finnland has Serral

Nicklaus Deyring : Excellent work.

Papillon De Grenoble : Perfect <3

binomalia : Quite good except the killed fish. Har har.

Aetrion : Well, you seem to have fireworks.

BillDownhill : If I wanted to experience nothing I'd go to jail for a week.

Hujoster68 : Excellent job padasjoki! Again one reason to be proud of my country! My friends in USA and Israel just love this video!

عيش الدور : Very cool continued

Blurp Slurp : Actually there is even more nothing in Latvia and it is just a little south.

PigletCNC : Well this somehow made me very depressed. Knowing how nothing is free, nice, fun, good, and all that stuff...

Juuso Hämäläinen : This is brilliant. It shows that other nations polute their nature by f**king their countries full of people. We don't. We don't even want too many people visit Finland let alone stay here too long. Less is more, now more than ever.

Desu : Huutista

FinnDevil : I love the feeling in this ad. Great idea! If you already have everything, like in New York, maybe "nothing" sounds appealing...??? At least you will get the opposite.

Julien Gray : BRB booking ticket

Soile Solange : Kuka/ketkä tämän videon ovat ideoineet??

Matti Valtonen : huvittavaa ku suomalaiset puhuu englantia suomalaisille ja ulkomaalaisia ei näissä katsojissa näy. ei kylläkään mikään ihmeellinen maisema video. punkaharjut, kolit ja yyterit sun muut voittaa tän ei yhtään mitään, pitää paikkaansa.