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FRENKI : Why is this featured on mandaloregaming´s channel ?

Gabriel oliveira lima : why this is showing up on mandalore's channel?

Michael Thomsen : Did Cuphead kill Mandalore and replace him with this hack? Secondly, there's a special key chain waiting for you when you die Mr.

Alexander Johnson : At first I was mad that Mandalore Gaming tricked me. But then I realized it was true art.

Elisto : This is the void, embrace the void Nice haircut tho

O̧C̸ UL͠TRA ҉ : Oh god this video doubled in views and I of loads of subs, someone cool than me must have shared it, thanks cooler person whoever u r this time

muckian 21 : CUPHEAD

Mechanical Turk : I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm OK.

Shrek Neutron : Please... There is so much I do not understand

Casworon : I agree. Great game!

zepster2006 : A month is too long to wait between these masterpieces!! Keep up the good work dude

Rhienne C. : Me speaking to people: 2:21 - 2:39

Plzpetmyrooster : I favorite childhood memory is me joining the US Navy... because I literally do not remember anything before that due to an injury from said armed service... : /

CameraBox : Stare long enough into the void and the void stares back

Renegade Rooster : POCKET SAND!

Spicy Memez : My fav childhood memory is King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing. also nice pet mice

Ctrl-Alt-Elite : Why have you forsaken us Mandy!?

Konstantin n. : hhahahaha good stuff, keep it up!

Omar Goodland : This video is unwholesome

Toni Amate : It's nice to see you growing and keeping that humour which isn't many seen here hahaha. Keep doing this mate!

NerdsIAB : My favorite childhood memory is embracing the elder gods and accepting they peace of insanity they bring. Oh by the way great video

Smug Japanese Man : Cant think of one. Why cant I think of one? Am i alright?

Larry David : best memory of childhood was Getting Ikaruga. Verry Excellent Memorys Especialy Cause, Upon Purchase Had Everyone Arranged Dentist-opiontments, I Never Ever Expected Doing. solid memory

kevinwoolford123 : My fav childhood memory was snooping for my Xmas gift and finding a snes plus mario world. Every day when my mum was at work I got it all out until I completed it then placed it back ready for Xmas. Mum always wondered why I didn't play it Xmas day... hahaha

ocab : Nice haircut

8-bit Andy : I spotted Jordan Peterson in there!