Boogie2988 Shares The Secret Behind His Incredible Weight Loss

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Mr. Davis : This is easily one of the best yet.

The Martoon : Each video feels more real

Chris Kogos : *you do what you gotta do*

Justin Y. : It's all lies it's Boogie's evil twin

Madyyy : Very inspirational xd

Salvador Torres : How's that interesting?

Hunter Lee : Dude these are hilarious

TayZer : Hey That’s too short

Preformed Colt : This is your best

Wut No : Ethan hates cake that's for sure

alexis diaz : Ethan abuses boogie a lot

RandomizedClips : I’ve been here since you were at a couple thousand subs. Now your getting featured on PewDiePie?!? Wtf happened lol.

Larik : 0:38 that cut is ducking unreal

stet8310 : Please keep them coming lmaooooo

LukaCola : Why isn’t this video 10:01?

Matías Flores : 0:27 every time boogie speaks about his weight problem on his channel

ZP99Legend : HoW iS tHaT iNteRestiNG?

Lil Strand : *ABSOLUTE UNIT*

skyyzz : Boogie sad

Kitchen sink : This editing is EVERYTHING

Sawbonz : The moment I finished watching this podcast, I knew dogbeef would make some spicy edits

DEESHY SQUEESHY : Bro that got like rated X really fast even for an H3 podcast I wasn’t expecting that

Clank boss : never give up once you start having big chunk of time for resting after 20 sit ups you are doing it wrong motivation=energy

onee : Crippling depression. Here, I've answered it.

213213yoyo : The part with the mom had me tripping.

vlad of Ink : gold

Silver Zero : Its better when you've watched the whole stream

Mac Pac : This HURTS me

Vít Dohnálek : I'd love to have a podcast where's Ethan like this :D

Spicy Cock : Ethan REALLY hates cake!

Hobo Bobo : You got featured on the new PewDiePie video!!!!

Plush Gaming : Cake is delicious 😂😂😂

Gerardo Aguilar : lolololol

Michi S : Just sit down and shut up

Bullcrap McGee : Can you do one of the Natalie Portman Hot Ones?

Will Kickly : Wow Boogie, too much information. So insensitive.

Donovan Brant : *No one asked for your opinion, just shut up and sit down*

Free Arab Andy 2TD : Best 1 yet

KEYZI : u were on the latest pewds video

psychoticiron : The higher I get, the harder it is to tell what's edited.

iNREEk : Hilarious

RIchard Stylez : This channel is the only source I trust with real information. All the news channels just manipulate everything to get views and stuff, but I know everything I hear and see on this channel is legit, 100% un-edited. My favorite news channel <3

Farouk Tamer : I dont care who is there. what the topic is. I just like hila nodding at everything

Six : his face at 0:34 killed me good job bud

Quantum Queef : Gastric bypass is the answer

D4RK M1ND : Haha Hilas nods and blank stares are the best

Jacovich Stabs : the editing is actually seamless. I watched the original and I still didn't notice the audio cuts ahahaha

Norm Macdonald : Ethan gets very defensive when people talk about cakes

Tomasz79 Tom : I am glad I discovered and subscribed last week :)

WhalfProductions : Did someone say cake?