End of the dinosaurs

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Buddy Christ : That last line really hits me hard. The mere tone of his voice is very depressing, especially the “never to return”.

Kerry Smith : Should have hid in a lead lined refrigerator

Justinian Details : "Finally a rain of molten rocks starts to fall out of the darkening skies; this is the end, of the age, of the dinosaurs" Anyways hit me so hard 😔

Needwagon for Trixiewagon : The poor baby Tyrannosaurus :'(

Ding dong so long they call it long schlong : This always made me cry when I was little ;(

Lazar Đokić : only the 350.000.000-65.000.000 BC kids will remember

Pedro Ortega : ...and this is where _Walking with Beasts_ begins!

Adam Zabielski : This is truly one of the saddest moments in all of Earth's history. Even today, nearly 20 years after first seeing it, I can't help shed a tear during this scene

Randomalistic : I saw this when I was 5 and me and my sister literally cried for a half hour. R.I.P BABY DINOS!!!!!!! ;-;

A Black Person : report the asteroid for hacking

FireFox : This documentary was absolutely phenomenal. This scene [ And the Liopleurodon scene from the third episode. ] Always gave me chills. Seeing this during It's Initial broadcast was amazing.

soldiergigas14 : while the asteroid crashes into the earth (0:25 - 0:48), there are the cries and echos of panicking dinosaurs in the far region roaring helplessly as the light incinerates everything... the suspense, the horror but necessarily the end for our existence. let this be a reminder of the reason we're here and now watching this recreation of prehistory.

Jakub Dulak : Just realized that the baby Rexes saved in Prehistoric Park were probably a reference to these two.

Little Ocelot Gaming : This a sad moment RIP DINOSAURS I Rember when they were just eraraptors

Peter De Angelo : Nostalgia.

Icespoon : The comet struck the Gulf of Mexico with the force of 10 billion Hiroshima bombs. With the catastrophic climate changes that fallowed, 65% of life died out. It took millions of years for Earth to recover, and when it did...the giant dinosaurs were gone. Never to return...

Manuel Guardado : I wish we could bring em back ):

HoldThisRealQuick : Damn.

Robert Boulay : Notice he said "giant dinosaurs" were gone. Nothing over 50 lbs survived. The little therapods (walk on 2 feet) were able to burrow/seek shelter and survive the abrupt drop in temperature. It's impressive that being at the bottom of the food chain, they were the only dinosaurs tough enough to survive this apocalypse. They adapted, grew plumage and began to take wing (birds), and carry on the dinosaurs' legacy 😎

noahboy24 : 65% of life died out I always cry when he says that and the music R.I.P baby rexes😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

Jorn Gamed : R.I.P. Little dinosaurs. this almost made me cry ='(


Herman Melvellei : Birds are true Theropod Dinosaurs, so the dinosaurs did not go extinct. Its just MOST species went extinct. I know it says that just before the credits, but it should really be emphasized. Dinosaurs are NOT extinct. And some birds inevitably ended up taking some of their rolls in the periods that followed, such as apex predators to vegetarians. Good job theropods, good job.

646a656e74 : I saw this while I was young, Now, I think the CGI looks like crap compared to today.

Louis Holmes : Put If we hold on together from Land before time to this clip and others of the extinction of the dinosaurs

Daniel Tirado : *I remember this series always kept me occupied after 9/11 happen the only thing to keep a bright smile on my face*

Chan : Women's fart smells good yes?

RX7821979 : I hope this happens to us humans and evoultion brings back the dinosaures

Krakolio : 0:33 Wow... This part really gets to me...

TroyTroodon : @rstein926 and @Ding dong so long they call it schlong Both of your are right and wrong. I'll start off by saying, yes the meteor likely did wipe out the dinosaurs, but there probably was not nuclear winter; however the the impact at Yucatan did spur massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, and after the raining fire and massive earthquakes, and possible volcanic activity that may also be a result of the impact, the sulfuric contaminants spread threw out the world, cutting off run light and in turn destroying the global food chain. There probably was no nuclear winter, but still the deafening global darkness alone still cut off any photosynthesis for plants, thus starving the herbivores and of course the carnivores who feed off them in tern. Only reason why the mammals, smaller reptiles, fish, amphibians, arthropods and of course, the avian dinosaurs survived was because, as Ding dong stated, they were small enough to evade the carnage, as well as hibernate, story enough food for them to last, as well as reproduce more compared the much larger dinosaurs, which they may have also scavenged from as they kept dying out. As for the theory that dinosaurs were already doomed or dying, it's... rather inconsistent, some sources say so sure, but there are also sources stating that the dinosaurs were actually doing pretty well for the most part and the volcanic poising only happened after the impact and may well have contributed to the global darkness and poisonous climatic conditions already brought on from the blast of sulfur from the impact zone.

عمر خالد : Then the God wipe the dinosaur

Sawrattan : Can someone explain what was the rain of molten rock? Was this from the meteor collision or freak weather? (Science isn't my forte)

Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 : This is Taken From Walking With Dinosaurs The Highlights

Nicolas Goldring : Dinosaurs were the most amazing fauna to have ever walked the Earth. It's really sad to see them all destroyed in such a dramatic way. 😔

Edwin van Ooijen : The dinosaurs will in my eyes always be remembered as the true rulers of Earth. Humans may be smarter, but we will never walk the Earth for 150 million years. The dinosaurs did and they were true masters of evolution. If I had to compare us with a dinosaur , it would be the Spinosaurus. This is mainly due to the reason as to why the Spinosaurus went extinct (which was sooner than the T-Rex) and that is because like Humans, The Spinosaurus was too adapted to his enviroment and when that drasticly changed it went extinct. We Humans are also too adapted to our enviroment, which will not bode well for us in the long run.

Krakolio : 0:56 If you saw this in real life you'd be dead in about 15 seconds O_O

Liger595 : Who’s cutting them onions ? Such a sad ending.

Chase Eggeman : The music 😍

NY Auto Traders Leasing : When I was little I loved dinosaurs 🦖 whenever I watch this I cry for 2 hours and I still love ❤️ dinosaurs 🦕

NedYarbNexus : pretty good, but "When Dinosaurs Roamed America" did it SOOO much better.

James Hammond : Anyone got a link to the song at the end? It's totes emosh

Sawrattan : Oo you cut off the twist ending with the birds :)

rstein926 : This is just bullshit! If a comet really did hit the Earth and killed off the dinosaurs then obviously the other animals including any mammals would had also been wiped out. Besides how can a comet destroy Earth and how can it kill the dinosaurs? It was probably true a comet hit Earth but it simply would had just caused natrual disasters like earthquakes. It is my opinion the Earth's climate probably changed causing ice ages and droughts which the dinosaurs simply could not adapt to. Dinosaurs like all reptiles were cold blooded so if the weather was below freezing then dinosaurs would simply die. Droughts would cause feminine and lack of water and the heat would had been too much for dinosaurs to deal with. So long story short the Earth's weather probably changed killing off dinosaurs but mammals who were more adapted survived.

Creatures of the Wild : This looks so fake! XD

ryan macdonald : The saddest moment in any documentary on prehistoric life. May the dinosaurs rest in peace........

Marius : I just try to wrap my brain around what 65 million years mean. I mean, it's a really, really, really, reeeeally long time. It's a really long time.. I look at KOTOR, Revan lived 6 thousand years ago. And that's a long time. But no, it isn't. This is so, so, so long ago....

RYAN THE GAMER GUY. : Poor baby T-Rexs 😭😭😭 and all the other dinosaurs too RIP 😃

Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 : Could You Upload it Again I Missed My Chance Last Time Cause it Got Blocked

Milan Drobnitš : I watched this heartbreaking moment when i was little and i wished a good angel coming to the skies and saves these 2 poor small T-Rexes... :( It's the second saddest moment in dinosaur documentaries. The other belongs to ,,When Dinosaurs Roamed America" last 2-3 final minutes. Sorry for my english. ;)

Meme Man : This is how they nerfed the Dinosaur builds?