"Friends": Ross Geller without laugh track = psychopath

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Chi An : You chose the episode where even with a laugh track you could argue he's a psychopath

Cian McCarthy : Instantly reminded of Christian Bale in "American Psycho".

Scott Grow : This would be far creepier without the drama. No music, no laugh track, no goofy camera angles. In fact, it would be REALLY creepy if the whole thing was shot from a security camera.

Andy Mann : I think it's funnier without the laugh track.

Victor Soares : Editing and Soundtrack change everything.

Tupacabra : His response was %100 reasonable. Not sure what the title is about

Google User : Someone at work kept eating my sandwiches. So I left uncooked chicken out for 2 days then smeared it all over my lunch. Next day Jason from accounts didn't come in. Then had over a week off with horrendous food poisoning and 3 days in hospital. I was called into a meeting on his return, he accused me of poisoning him. I obviously denied everything. He got what he deserved.

Patricio Ansaldi : I feel like this coukd be a nick cage role

EROS M : Still has an innate humorous pacing to it. Unlike the big bang theory without the laugh track.

1'000'000 Subscribers Without Videos? : Always those weird recommendations..

Suzuki Halwende : What's up everybody its *Cr1tikal.* today I'm gonna eating my sisters sandwhich which has what I call, *the moist maker.*

Charley A : The uncomfortably long pause after the “yeaaahh” at 0:26 has got me dying

Ari K : I really dont understand people who feel entitled to other people’s food. Like who does that?

Rushi T : Respect the editors of movie industry. They can make same scene a comedy or dramatic

noisyturtle : Ross is a psycho even with the laugh track.

Misspol222 : Is this a remake of American Psycho?

Anxious Panda : "You ate my sandwich?" And that is he murdered him, your honor

rogonandi : ...and the professor was never found, because he was killed by Mr. Geller and made into more sandwiches.

georgyorgy2 : 1:18, you can still hear the laugh track lol

Rectus Rectumius : Anyone who eat other people’s food without permission are more likely to be sociopaths or psychopaths.

xxMaro92xx : To be fair: If I was Ross in that situation I'd have murdered this guy the worst way possible. Also: the most psychopath part of that is basically the breaks FOR the laughing tracks :D

Edric Westman : I don't see the problem here. The man was defending his moist maker. Don't take away a man's moist maker ;)

chippers chippers : Without the laugh-track, people wouldnt know where the jokes are in american TV comedies or talk shows. Thats because of the high quality of writing and intellegience.

Beanie Bean : This makes me feel so uncomfortable.... Well done

SSPspaz : The brilliance of this editing cannot be overstated.

Joshua Wetzel : Wow. This actually made F r i e n d s funny. Props.

Chanté D'journ : This guy said some of it may still be in the trash 😂 u would have got a back hand for that

1234 : You never touch another mans sandwich, that's just like an unspoken rule.

The RorShack : Completely normal behaviour. I would go off the rails if someone ate my sandwich with my name on it.

ღ Niamh ღ : The psychopath here is the man who ate the sandwich

Richard Housham : You watch friends and literally Ross just defends slowly into insanity over the series's. This was a bad bit for him😀

Hotel CharliHill : This is the performance that landed him the role on apt pupil

The Great White Snark : “You don’t understand. I am a psychiatrist.”

lostcountofmyfandoms : y’all need to learn what a psychopath is. this mofos just having a breakdown

Mega Sauce : I'm not a psychopath but you never touch another man's sandwich. It's just the rule

S : I have a new found respect for canned laughter

Jo Rat : A true psychopath would’ve eaten Monica

QuasiELVIS : I should watch friends again. It's no work of art but it's extremely easy going when you want to disconnect.

UndeadGaming : I don't blame him

bigguscurlyus : Seriously though...the most disturbing thing is the guy who ate someone else's sandwich and doesn't seem to care.

Klaatu barada nikto : I need to know when to laugh lol

Alexander A. : I have never seen the original show, and he does sound like a maniac.

Maple Mew : nightmare fuel

SkylineOwnz : Makes you wonder how funny shows that use laugh tracks really are

Michael Jay - Value Investing : I would watch a show like this, 100%.

That Guy : Now I'm curious about The Flintstones & The Jetsons! Or, American Psycho, with a laugh track...

Lilian Verdel : Are you kidding me? This was hilarious. I must have walked the psycho path as well.

The First Macrath : Seems just as psychotic with the laugh track.. adding some sinister sounding music really didnt change much

Adrian Frank : I get it but I’m pretty sure the serial killer music wasn’t a part of it either. 🙄