WORST National Anthem EVER

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lillian barnes : 0:56 Cannot stop laughing.

Gnor Dache : Doesn't fill Carl Lewis' socks

ladyofwisdom2 : At least he remembered the words.Darn, his voice gave out.Maybe he was singing too high..Shout outs to this officer who was brave enough to sing😚

Leroy Jenkins : Big guy did his best, he's not a professional singer, he's a soldier. Mad respect for getting up there and giving it a go! How many of us could say we'd do the same?

tejsoneji : poor guy, he started singing way to high up lol

Kevin Blanchard : He did better than Carl Lewis

Ricardo Panting : 0:55 🤣🤣🤣

AKEISHA STEWART : 1:36 can I get some help please 😂😂😂😂

Oasis S. : I want to create a Spotify playlist with this song 100x.

Ayye Len : Well, he tried

vegaplays : It wasnt horrible

nena luv g : Red glare part sound like a horror movie

Donkey Dan : This is the funniest shit I ever heard 😂😂😂😂😂

an emø chalupa : 0:53 this is where everything kinda went downhill

lasse maja : He is a cop, he has a gun, why didnt he just end it?

Alan S Binnie : A tad embarrassing

Michael Reed : UH OH

Railen Herman : 0:56 He looks like he's trying to hold back a laugh.

Lincoln Loud : He’s atually sick

Daniel Domingues : Oh say does this blooper eeeeeennnnndddddd my careeeeeeer and my faaaammmmmme.!!!

Bret Michaels : the rockets *RED GLARRREEEE* bombs bursting in errrrrrrr

Crimzon Wolf : wow already 0:44 in and im already cringing

Lincoln Loud : I feel so bad for laughing

La Laniece : Hell Naw 0:56-1:08 he turned into Gomer Pyle

Ben G : Still better than Fergie

Jamie White : This will do for a good laugh 😆

JR Castle : The pd thought since he's black, he was gonna sing like Luther vandross