Bill Burr - No Reason To Hit A Woman Reaction

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Winston Smiths Taxi : glad you discovered Bill Burr, my favourite comedian by far

Brohim : 'Rub one out. It's the champagne of victory!' Best line ever.

Saint Zeppelin : Black guys reacting to Bill Burr is apparently a new genre....

Tiago Pereira : Bill Burr deserves a lot more credit and fame then he has been getting

I Got Id : Usually dont like reaction shows but you dudes are just. Chillin and laughing with us. Not stopping and pausing it just to talk every 2min. Anyway ya got a new sub. And keep it pushin my dudes 🤘

Raz : Bill Burr is amazing. He is so right in everything he says. Most things are tough to hear, and he makes it easier to hear by adding jokes, but he's always so damn right.

Kyle Bremer : Finally two dudes that know how to make a good reaction video without needing to pause every minutes and be the center of attention. 'Subscribed'

Jay Smock : Who remembers Bill Burr on the Chappelle Show sketches?

Rea Ality : Bill Burr is the white Richard Pryor.

John Viera : "yo dog. Lets get high and film a Bill Burr reaction video." .... "yaaaahh"

deBebbler : You guys should consider smoking a big fat joint before making a vid....oh, wait, never mind.

Phil Mante : I'm high right now, watching these clips makes me feel like i'm getting stoned with good friends.

Joss Lucio : Okay this is weird. I dropped in not knowing what kind of video this would be. I've seen this Bill Burr clip before and I suppose I was just curious as to what a reaction to it might be. Then just watching you guys crack up to it turned out to have this weird therapeutic effect. Like here are two strangers (and you know, people are so terrified of anyone they don't know these days) just spontaneously enjoying something I also enjoy, and it's utterly disarming. It reminded me of when I used to sit around with various friends in high school days watching comedy and cracking up together. I might not really have noticed at the time that the sharing of that experience gave it such a deeper significance, but happening upon this video that I would only ever have expected to think of as a silly and useless idea totally illustrated that. I don't even know what to say, partly because I don't know what your motive is for these vids - like, are you providing a therapeutic service intentionally? Or are there a bunch of other folks doing this and you figured you'd do it yourself? - also because that feeling of a barrier being broken between strangers by mutual laughter is so much more specific and intense than I could possibly have expected, so there's this surprising sense of closeness but we're still total strangers... It's just trippy. But awesome.


guitarprism : Bill Burr is a national treasure.

Reuben Fernandez : What I love about you guys is you guys actually watch, you are not talking over it constantly or pausing it.

Mass Effected : Dude on the left is higher than anyone that has ever been high ever

Matthew Myrick : You guys are great! You don’t pause or talk over. Subbed.

Shawn Knox : If y'all didn't know but Bill Burr is married to a black woman.

Justin Credible : Even Hockey has 2 minutes for instigating

Chaos ZT : Plot twist: These guys are actually sober.

Deanna Crownover : I'm officially late for work...I've never seen this guy before and he's HYSTERICAL!

Selfmade DC : I got a contact high from watching this video

voodoolife : Bill Burr is what Mel Brooks was in the 70's. Take that P.C. shit, throw it out the window and laugh!

Alex J : You can tell these dudes genuinely think Burr is funny.

T J : Laughter the remedy of all.

Kirk Pearson : Have you ever seen Bill Burr stand up? Have you ever seen Bill Burr stand up on WEED?

Ruckus Askani : You guys should check out Patrice Oneal..him and Bill Burr were good friends and have the same type of comedy.

Cal Randleman : New place to come relax with good laughs and two cool dudes. keep it going!

Trevor Parker : Did not realize that bill burr is way more enjoyable to watch when there are two chill,high black dudes laughing their ass's off in the frame. 😂

Mr.屁股的老婆的丈夫 : Champagne of victory 🍾🍾

Michael Tocco : Damn man these dudes got 15k subscribers just from laughing.. these are my new idols lol

Fixepedia : You're two cool dudes 😎

Demetrius Evans : Him and dave Chappelle are friends so that tells you something they up talk each other every time they get a chance

kp1flush : "Rub one out like a man!". Great phrase.

Tucker Dale : I love watching you two giggle....Im just smiling here!

BloodShedd T.V. : Great cover Guys! I responded the same way when I first saw it myself! He speaks a lot of truth. Big ups to Bill burr.

SeymouR MATTiK : Bill burr is hands down the funniest comedian... F IS FOR FAMILY on Netflix EPIC!!!

Matt Thrasher : 😂😂 These dudes are higher than giraffe nuts 🦒🦒

Jason Jobb : Watched this with my wife. She pissed her pants!

Nevin Dewer : He is amazing best comedian after patrice o'neal

Neil Brown : You guys look as stoned as I feel.

Diskgrind : The champegne of victory!

Steven Sal Debus : i'm watching 2 super high guys watching Bill Burr. WtF?

Shawn Ariss : You should watch Louis C K smoking pot.

Odensson : you guys rock, man

Everythingsgood X : Idk why I like y’all videos I never watch reaction stuff idk lol keep it coming though bruh

SuburbaniteLife : He is “litter-a-ley” the best damn comedian. Have you seen him on Cohan yet?

Bastardson OfJefferson : Domestic violence is not a joke. Unless Bill Burr talks about it.

carnival diablo : Watching you guys watch this makes me laugh harder. Subscribed