Coach's Corner Transcribed - No Time Left (Throwback Thursday)

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Comments from Youtube

colmac10 : I look forward to these more than my paycheck.

Marcus Aurelius : Ron's about to get an instigator penalty in this clip

utku güler : This was the most passive-aggressive thing I've ever watched lol

99.6 The Howl : Back when Ron had balls

Marcus Aurelius : New CC transcribed?? WAY TA GOOOO WEGOTITINMSKUH

ShawnGBR : You got another classic in there boy way to goooooo...

Evan Brown : How tf do you keep talking after a stare like that lol

kevin smith : I could watch this thing all fking day long

brent Thompson : wegotitimmiskuh

A man with one hand : Thank you based god for uploading these.

Tomoro Kirihara : That stare at the end LOL. Keep it up I love your work!

UberMcFailsauce : a true thing of beauty

McJohnson : I just wanna say the fonts you picked for this are perfect. :D

Tyler Mansmith : These videos are amazing.

Cheese Pups : Oh god this one is great.

Dale Wilson : Man when Ron says "what can I do about it?" his Nova Scotia accent really shines through

Austin : Thank you for these. All of them.

Bryce Micky : Can we please make that stare a meme.

TheLivingJon : These deserve more views.

FixerFour : What can I do aboot it

Bryan H : You are the best.

GrizzlyAnders : Thank you! You made my day!

barkeep2009 : LMFAO!!!!

Aaron Magnin : This is the BEST!!!!!!

gottafishnow : I see the two members of the Don Cherry fanclub have seen this video

TBE 50—0 : I can't tell if Don was drunk all those years or if he's just stupid