The Dark Knight: 1985 Trailer

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TDK just turned 10. Where did the time go? This was the best way we could think of to celebrate it officially becoming an old movie. Imagine an alternate universe where Tim Burton's movie never existed, and the franchise started in the early 80s with "Batman: The Motion Picture" as a result of the success of the Christopher Reeve Superman films. This would be its much anticipated 1985 sequel, "Batman II: Joker's Wild". Edited by Mike Lewis Written by Mike Lewis and Kris Krause Visual effects by Mike Lewis Score composed by Kris Krause Score produced by Mike Lewis and Kris Krause Voiceover by Rick Murphy Produced by Mike Lewis, Mike Castro and Kris Krause #TheDarkKnight #TheDarkKnight10thAnniversary

Comments from Youtube

Veritech Girl : That VHS tape has held up well! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This was awesome!

SNCKPCK : Watch in 144p for the full effect!!!!!

Flashbomb84 : This looks so rad. I'm going to rent this at Blockbuster!

Emperor Psycho : It felt like i saw this movie in theaters a week ago, not 10 years ago

talesfromthemidwest : Man.. time FLIES. I feel like this movie just came out 10 years ago.

Tiger66261 : That was amazing. Seriously spot on.

Kamen Rider Spanish : Personally, I totally miss this era. I know, I'm being a nostalgiafag, but you can't blame me for miss those times when Batman was respected by audience and critics, not a divisive character beloved by a toxic fanbase in a controversial cinematic universe (I like Batfleck, but I honestly think DCEU has not future). Even more, I miss those times when internet was the perfect refuge to escape from toxic reality, until the reality came into the internet and turned it into a toxic community. This is what The Dark Knight means to me, it's more than a movie, it's the memory of sweet old times. Happy 10 years for my favorite comic based movie.

Bobby : If The Dark Knight was made in 1985 it would've just been as successful as it is today. Especially thats around the time action movies were coming into mainstream America.

EgocentricHead : It's actually better than the original trailer.

Abominations In Technicolor : Release the VHS cut!

john huddy : This effing awesome. Joker's Wild!!

Keith Woods : Oh boy, I can’t wait for this to hit theaters!

GeoMFilms : WOW very well put together video! Everything was spot on. The narrator was great and the look/sound was dead on. I kinda miss those days of tapes. Great job. This deserves a lot of clicks

Jimbo Jones : This is amazing, of all the retro styled trailers, this is the most spot on. It actually feels, sounds, looks like a epic 80's crime film. Bravo sir.

05redrex1 : Car at 1:08 is certainly not from 85

GEEXFILES : You totally got me at 01:55 with that awesome Wilhelm Scream Easter Egg, Sir!

Carlos Soto : i love new tactics

Lenns Music : Totally Tripendicular! Dude I hope Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson are in this!

My Phone : The whole theme of the trailer is perfect for the era! Serious thought and effort went into this great job!

Tony Zhou : feels like we're back in time

tylerdurden3891 : Also love the synthwave music at the end. VERY nice touch.

Shanahan Nagendran : This is so cool and spot on

My Phone : The fact this video only has 21k views is a crime against humanity.

sliovic : LOL Anthony who ???? xD

Zac Kvas : Very well done! Spot on.

Enigmas I.R.L : I believe Cannon Films produced this. Well done!

Tony Zhou : great editing, also HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Mark Cox : πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Brilliant πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Cassandra : f a n t a s t i c !

GrandJediMaster7860 : Hahahaha this is brilliant! Happy 10th Anniversary to it's initial release. The UK got it on 25th for some dumb reason. I saw it on 24th in the UK at a "special preview showing" - though by that time all of the USA would have seen it

elvistwatty : Haha this is very well done!

tylerdurden3891 : I can't stop smiling. I actually go to the Alamo Drafthouse theater on a fairly frequent basis to see a lot the actual low budgets 80's exploitation trash (Eurpoean action and horror movies, as well as Canon Pictures of course) and this here, one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed films of the past 10 years (and a very serious high budgeted one at that) being repacked as a Grindhouse feature, is pure GENIUS!! I would honestly watch a full fan edit of this. I found your video from a fan-edit message board, and maybe someone will take to the task if you haven't already, lol. GREAT JOB!!!

Grant Garcia : This is art

Ben Quinney : It is triangle love story

snopphaka : Keep em coming!

Kazden Watkins : Hey Journey's End! I’m on the social media team at Machinima and would love to feature this video on our social page. Would that be okay? We would of course include an attribution and any pages/links you’d like us to promote. Let me know! Best, Kazden

G E : I was 11 years old when the movie came out. I miss my childhood

The Awesomer : This is amazing. Sharing on The Awesomer.

Mr Peco : lol

Bonsoir le nihilisme : Amazing !!

James : How did you distort the sound like that? What program did you use? I want to watch more movies in this style. This is a superb video, well done!

Andrew Sanjanwala : This is incredible! With the title company, it feels like it fell straight out of the 80's.

str8EDF : Thanks, Stranger Things.....

Igor JordΓ£o Cruzeta : Really awesome. But why was Anthony Michael Hall choosen as a main caracther?

Jordan Carlin : 4th

DougWildeExtra : Very nice

Ben Quinney : Fate