YouTube Play Button is MADE in CHINA - I went to find out where!

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Igneous_is_my_Alias : Give them business and they'll invite you to the factory.

jumpycalm : Yes, you are right. The lady from the factory is nice trying to help. I'm so glad you can send her a post card! But it is so common that the boss at most Chinese factories don't allow other people filming their factory. The bosses are worried that if you film their production line, you will open a similar factory to steal his revenue. By the way, how come you drive a car with wheel on the right hand side? All the cars registered in China has steering wheel on the left hand side.

whatshallwedonext : Interesting! I just received the email saying they have shipped mine and I noticed the address was from China and I always thought it would come from California, I seen a video of people testing the play button and took it out of it's frame and on the back it says made in USA... I'm confused lol

M Ali : Where can i buy a play button from? 😜

Raj Kamal : They would have let you in if you conversed with them in English instead of Chinese.

Michael Johnson : That's such a cool vlog... you should contact u tube see if you can go back sometime....

ace iimov : only the frame that holds the play button is made here not the actual play button

Adam Daley : Cool. I should have you visit my supplier one day and see about a tour. That might actually make a cool video, to see inside a chinese manufacturer and so us Westerners can see the culture/etc... shoot me a message sometime if you are interested in possibly doing that. My suppliers are super friendly and always love giving tours of the facilities (from what they tell me, i've never been there)

Aktivist1000 : Cool! A very interesting insight into the Chinese everyday and working life!

situationmoney : Do they have both left hand drive and right hand drive cars in China? The toll booth guy with the net on the long stick - weird, wild stuff!

E E : It's quite good you have learnt the language

Ain'tMyself : Lol why were they carrying umbrellas even when there was no rain or sun...

steamsearcher : Ever so interesting to see this area! Yes ironic that we spend 3 months in China and cant view You Tube. Instead we get their version which you cant even type in what you want to view. Make a good video of what you will get to view when you visit China. Most times you end up viewing girls on their version for some reason and its nothing you have done!

Pohjus : It's funny how they didn't even know what youtube is for the most part :D

Charkel : 12:15 At least they're ISO certified

Daniel Stiers : At the beginning of the video when he calls the factory did anybody else here him sound like he was saying nigga a couple times when speaking Chinese? Lol

Paulo Gaeta : Most probably they have some proprietary technology in producing the buttons. The best way to schedule a visit to the factory would be to pretend to be a customer in search of a solution similar to the YouTube button. Probably they would have given you a VIP treatment.

AC 世界新聞頻道 : Winston if you contact the salesmen in that factory, they will 100% let you visit. the person you contact should be a secretary(秘书,助理). You should ask the women give you their overseas sales manager's contract. Trust me,I have been work in those factories for years as a sales manager. I will be very happy if a youtuber who have 230K subscribers wants to visit my factory.

Greg Sylvann : fucky our chinese is so bad.

Alexander : my diamond play button came from my dream

Iven Zhou : Damn! U look like Trevor in GTAV!!!

Mission Dan : Well done on the silver. Thats always 2nd though

JAFO : Always like your vids. Also, can appreciate your unbiased views, if not always "politically correct." Keep up the good work.

Kevin D : did you get a new car man???? ;-)

deeg4n : I love how they said nope. Then you said yup going anyway.

Kevin Sousa : i find this really cool. too bad you couldn't go inside. it would be cool if you could have gone inside. you should try speaking with google and seeing if they would be willing to contact the factory and get someone inside. lots of youtube videos on play buttons but nothing like this. where and how they are made is a mystery i never really thought about

DW Red : So you did not tell them you were a world renound famous You-Tuber.

Zainul-Arifin Zainuddin : what car do you drove?

Tech VEVO : Hey Winston. Is that an EVO 8/9 ? Is it yours or rented? Do a video about it please ^^

NitroCheng : Actually, Dongguan is famous because of its prostitution.

Jay Dee : Its probably not silver then.

Dansjpgs : What car is that a evo wagon

MartinWakeV2 : No wonder they take so long :P

f111-de : You look like a secret agent, no wonder they didnt let you in :)

Erick Marimbe : Can you do a video on how you came up with the name serpentza

G.W.P 3 : Tell your wife not to change the way she says, Welcome to another it! You guys are great your vlogs...Awesome!

sunny steve : haha i'm chinese and i find yoir videos.... highly amusing.

Patty S : Love your sense of adventure - nothing is too small for a bit of fun. Congratulations on your Silver Play Button!

Alec Clews : Are you South african?

StaraCiglana : Hop in a car? Dude..

mark delgado : What happened to the music ?

Relco12 : Now this is someone who really deserves a play button, not some scripted asshole raging over video games or someone who has a fanbase dedicated to retarded children. *cough* leafyishere, keemstar, ricegum, jake paul, etc..

金相彬 : How come you are driving a right hand drive car in China. What happened!

Stephen Carboni : China drives on the right but his car is right hand drive...interesting.

netmatrix75 : I think that is a die cast factory. Youtube probably chose them because they have ISO certification. They probably made the gold buttons as well. But i think that Ruby thing that pewdiepie got is probably made in USA.

Stephen Burden : You must of got the same feeling i did when i turned up at the gates of Top Gear good times they didnt let me in but still worth a go and a nosy i did go to one of there track days with a friend but most of it was closed off

optimistically cynical . : Its cool but they shouldn't produce it in a country that restricts its people from watching youtube.

norgi : What are you driving now? Doesn't look like a hot hatch, are the Recaro seats retrofitted?

Thorshammer : I thought they were made from the rendered souls of dissents against the great Google thought police

Percy Chen : This is a good one. It would be great if you had visited inside of factory