YouTube Play Button is MADE in CHINA - I went to find out where!

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Critical Eats Japan : This is so awesome, man!

Tampatec : Great idea to bring play button back there. Very interesting

Nano852 : ive a feeling that you can just go there and buy one, the gold one

M Ali : Where can i buy a play button from? 😜

Steven Jakobsen : That background music in the beginning is from my favorite movie "Bloodsport" starring JCVD!

Dr Jake's Very British Reviews : This is one of those situations, like walking out of a shop through security sensors, where it feels like you're doing something wrong even though you're not

boo boo : I'm waiting for your videos to suddenly stop after you 'offend' the new emperor/dictator of China for life. You know how this all will end...... perhaps after 10-15 years in a re-education camp you'll be set free.

Bjorn Holmqvist : The factory probably have an NDA (non disclosure agreement) written with Google/YT, that's why they could not let you in to show the buttons being produced. This is very common practice.

David Yoho : The boss must be an EVIL UNCLE!!Thanks for bringing us along.Would have been awesome if they would have let you in.You could have signed one of the play buttons😎

Steven Sun : That's really cool! Finding the source. ^^

Figureight : Clearly missed something from past videos, what's with the presumably Hong Kong registered car you're driving?

Htin Moe : You can't check the factory out for one simple reason: the factory has the obligations to YouTube to keep thing wrapped up tidily. Trade secrets or what ever information is confidential for YouTube has to be safely guarded in factory ground. In that factoey on their production line you are most likely to find product of other companies. There is too much risk for them to let you in. They can lost their contract or get sue.

Hao Zhou : visit again with gold play button

Alan 1 : A World First from Winston ! Thanks for sharing.

TheOfficialRATZ : Good one... Youtube is banned in china but you make the button in china good logic there ahaha

TheColonelKlink : Some Silver Play buttons really get around.

孙博一 : It's funny that many people in China pronounce YouTube as "You-Tu-Be"😂 2:42

Simbarashe Kandagona : the quotation marks on "famous" made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

Nunya Bidness : You’re the coolest person in China

Bradley Popkes : Dude that is completely awesome even if it turned out to be mundane. I hope you get the chance to actually tour the factory in the future, as any self respecting business would welcome the publicity.

Al Bowman : Amazing ! Another great video. I had little interest in China til I stumbled upon your channel this summer. You do a great job explaining all things China. Thankyou for all the effort you put into them ! Take care !

Joseph Tu : why your chinese still so bad though you have been living there such long time, i hear you even can't communicate with local normally

Ian Li : Given that you already have been living in China for over 10 years and that your wife is Chinese, the Mandarin ability shown in this video is surprisingly in a low level. You still have a strong Laowai accent, you couldn't finish the whole message in Chinese. The reason why that woman on the phone required you to email her was because she couldn't understand you over the phone with your broken Chinese that you are proud of and you knew it from your heart. I used to love this channel, back in the day when there was no click-baiting title and just you and C-milk on the bike talking objectively about everything about China. But this channel along with C-milk's have twisted. I sensed a trace of racism and nationalism. Maybe it is because your videos was uploaded to bilibili regardless of your intellectual property right, or maybe something else, you can tell me that.

Men Going Abroad : A bit self-congratulatory, add a touch of impishness, with underlying veiled irony. A recipe which seems to bring out the best in you.

Howard Roark : There has to be a part 2!!!

rick peryy : Can you sometime make a video addressing factory work in china? Like the statement "that was made by slave labor in a sweat shop in china"... How does that compare to reality? I've never understood why you never talk about factories because that is really the main association westerners have with china... who are the people working and killing themselves at foxconn? how do they relate to normal young Chinese?

Tim Q : i bet this video will go viral

lowfinger : Great video, Ive seen plenty of Youtubers trying to do different things with their buttons, going to where it was made tops them all !

Ritwik Sahu : What does serpent za means

Muiggu : If it's not made in Santa's village or Willy Wonka's factory it's made in China

TEMPESTZ : wow dude cant believe u typed it out. 白皮猪滚开我们的中国 im malaysian chinese, thumbs up for yr videos documenting yr life as a foreigner in shenzhen.

Explorer_Mitsuki : 在中国待十年 中文说的一坨屎一样 见过在中国呆三个月的白人都比你说得好

Mike Hale : old school, affraid of their shadow...... big brother.....

Andrew Rabbitt : Hey you should have posed as a businessman wanting to source silver buttons like the sample you just received from a friend - they'd have tripped over themselves to show you what they can do. If you left a number or e-mail address they'd be contacting you endlessly about what they can do and how they can help you...

AltaSonata : Right hand drive car? Can we get video on this vehicle

Mcstikman : Not sure if anyone mentioned this but I just noticed you're driving a Ralliart Colt Version R/ Colt turbo R. As a fellow toaster owner I can't help but get excited :)

kvbo wfmfa : My parents live in Dongguan. Its a pretty nice town with lots of mall and a couple of tourist spots.

Sai Skanda : Wanted to actually see it being made

PRUIKKI RACING : Aight, next year ill work on my road to 10k then by 2022 100k

varjag : Great video!Can you do a video about "Factory Cities?"

Cody Strijbosch : Watch this get viral

Nejsem tvuj tata! : 10:48 Is that minecraft steve x4 ?

Redsyrup : Winston you've got a set of brass! Every video you produce you turn things up a notch. I've said it before and I'll say it again China owes you an Ambassadorship to western cultures. You've done more good for China on social networking than they could ever hope to achieve with a team of employees. Stay Awesome!

Derek B : Another fantastic video!

Nashir Mohammed : amazing!

j newb : Chinese subtitles....moving up in your community i see!

Kisler Phantom : Thank you Winston for sharing this kind of content with us! Appreciate your channel and the work that goes into it.

Nick Trotsky : This seems like trending material

narayana fry : 2:56 says gaywad ni**er.

Alan Mazwi : weird seeing an endless amount of people in identical blue shirts