That Guy Who Won’t Shut Up About How Much He Drank

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Roman S : Nice, you got rami malek

Marco Bren : Yup, we all know this guy and we all hate this guy.

Chris W. : When the whiteboard came out hahah

Fdr Skj : Did.. did.. did he just cum?

Ilgar Bahishev : kit harington and rami malek

Scotty Stavanger : I've been following this channel ever since that "offensive" Halloween. Love this channel!

YellowJacket530 : I have a feeling this one is gonna go pretty big. Great work as always, lads! Cheers

Frosty Games : I love this channel

TrueDat : I reckon this is what Tel was like from the old cast

mohammad alwais : keep it up guys that's a good video 😁

Calvin Hall : Love these sketches, hilarious, brilliant comedy and talent from the entire cast. Can't wait for the next one! :)

Adam C : Love your videos guys, keep it up!!

Sean : I love this channel too.

Akhil P : Lmfao bruh the whiteboarf

Armin Nadery : he busted a nut ahahaha

Time Remap : *OMG YOU ABSOLUTE MAD LAD!* Is that what you wanted to hear? Please leave me alone now

Sucharith Battina : Good boy.

AjaxLittle : Keep it going, loving your work guys

Hot Sauce : Damn I just realized I am that guy

charlie long : You guys need your own tv show your all brilliantly funny

David Espejo : Amazing! Top notch stuff!

kickassmanga : You guys just dont make a bad vidio

zee pubg : so impressive amazing work guys but why there are no millions of views 😢

Ashok Subedi : OMG guys it's just so unfair that you don't have subs you deserve

Omalley : Yup go out with them every weekend 😂😂

Адриан : So glad they finally made a video about Bert Kreischer

MrRobertBatchelor : Can't believe you got Nick Frost to guest! Sweet

Nincadalop : Another one!

Seán Gilligan : Fat Jon Snow clearly wasn't impressed.

Lost Gems : me

Qwerty Qwertyson : LADS LADS LADS!

Thomas Hazaz : Some days I'm this guy, just, without the props.

MeyraMax1 : Come on guys this was a weak one, still liked it tho

¿ : Damn u did good, you got added to my funny playlist. That's when you know ;)