Digimon Full Theme Song (Butterfly)

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d3athblad3 : Man, I'm having goosebumps! Those wonderful memories... :')

Jeffrey b : 2:05 It's been 15 years since i last heard this song. not gonna cry.. my eyes just watery that's all

Drg Sh : Digimon > Pokemon. PlsHateOnMe

Raven Roars : to all the young kids watching this video,  live your life , be adventurous , cherish every moment of your life being as a kid. i miss being a kid. you guys are so lucky to be living that moment right now.

Alex Eukleidis : In some parts of this song...I feel i am about to cry..!

Krittika Sengupta : RIP Koji Wada San....this song and show forms a very crucial part of my childhood...how much I adored all the characters and I wont shy away from saying that I liked this show better than Pokemon....Rest in peace Sir and thank you for this amazing gift....the whole anime world grieves ypur loss...😔

Macedonia : I was soooo young when this cartoon was played in my country .. I can only remember the orange dino :D love my childhood cartoons

Вожд : Ово је цртани,серем вам се на југиа,пепу прасе и код лиоко.Почну ми сузе на очи кад се сетим ове песме и цртаног :"(

stalkyrock : RIP the singer :(

Psychedelic : I am an Indian but I knew all the lyrics in my childhood without knowing what it means I love digimon 15 years :,)

Sorio Phoenix : One of my childhood anime!

Muhammad Arif Taqiudin Rozaidi : MARK of MY CHILDHOOD!!!! between this and Pokemon, this way better Anime ....

Watermelon Vicky : Ahhhh, sounds like childhood all over again :')

Bidzo : This song NEEDS to be in the remake

horus PRODUCTIONS. : oh I was 6years old and now im 18 wow I still remember everythhing it was a lifetime ago 12 years have passed wow

James Sunderland : Just found out that the US dubbed version has a different opening theme. A mere piece of crap instead of this wonderful theme song. I knew that most US viewers didn't experience the originality of DBZ and now I find out about this. Thank god they aired the original episodes where I lived.

TheOpostal : LIKE if you watch it in 2027

nadiajafri 123 : best part ever "agumon bertukarrrrrr " 😂😂😂

The Gaming Engineer : I am not a weaboo, but I will admit this: I like this theme for the show more than the one, we got in the west.

Vipul Patole : this theme songs .... callback many memories :)

Dolan Gawd : Who's here because the singer died

BTS&YGstan : Im glad the arabic version kept the same tune!!! I grew up with the arabic version!

yang zixiang : the childhood memories!!

Zen VolD : digimon song is topp..Pokemon no!!

Dejan Pajić : 3:56 scared the shit out of me o0

REIKO : 3:55 !? wtf that creep me out XD I thought there's a ghost in my room

quan : holy moly... childhood nostalgia!!! brb, finding pokemon's theme song also LOL

Milica : The singer of this song Kouji Wada died of cancer on 3rd April 2016 :'( *cries a lot*

A M.Hegazy : this is good .. but the Arabic ver is better idk maybe I grow up listening to that one so . RIP

IenoTheGreat Durian : Pewdiepie brought me here...... Anyone else?

Bocko Bjela : Ovo su bila vremena !!!!

Norjannah B : Listening this after watching the digimon adventure tri. It feels awesome! :)

Mina Penguin Mina : 2018???

Tertle : I'm glad the finnish dub kept the original soundtrack. but the dub is bad for the first 17 or so episodes then they changed crew

Alaric Tenorio : Boomstick: Owww my childhood.

Marisa and Makeup : Missing my childhood :(

Paulo Cezar : I feel bad for americans who didn't get the chance to hear this theme when digimon was airing

Sandra Bullcock : goosebumps son

Tel Aviv : rip kouji wada (the singer) Innalilahi waina ilaihi rojiun

Gaurav Kulkarni : My childhood was awesome!

Ibrahim Turan : Çocukluğum çizgi filmi vay be ne günlerdi :(

kuroro lucifer : whats that? im scared at 3:56

jas liang : Didn't get to finish this anime when I was a kid :(

Junaidi Edje : Oh i missed the old memories!

HighInFlavour : talk about nostalgia

Wellington Soares : saudades.

MrMiranaWar : DIGIMONI BREEEE!!!!!!!!

Annie Joanne Alli : Omg i still remember this,i was about 6 or 7 years old,my sis and I would watched this every sat and sun im my country..Such a memory..We were so persistent to watch it till the last ep..My sis even bought herself a digimon bag while im fantasizing on being one of the characters hahaa

Coffee Matcha! : The feels.. Really bring me back my old good memories. :') I leave my comment here, so my kids would know that their father really have a beautiful childhood memories. :')

summeroflove : Great, now I am crying. I didn't know the lyrics when I was a kid but I used to sing WOWOWOWOW all the time. So many memories!