Master of Puppets but every time he says MASTER it gets FASTER

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Comments from Youtube

Shadow net : can we talk about how he still got a 90% and only missed 240 notes? absolute animal

Shinzu Music : Bahahaha man you're so good lmao I would've be in tears the minute he said Master hahahahaha

Pickle Zim : “Come crawling faster!” “NOOO!!!!” “Obey your master!” “I DON’ WANT TO!!!!!!”

TriCop : 4:14 That was no human scream.... That was a chicken scream

Maximo K. : Master of Puppets by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

nodonny8 : Chop your breakfast on a mirror

Bad Omen : Pastor of Muppets.

Marina MNISZECZ : When Metallica turns into Dragonforce...

Zachary Sanders : OBEY YOUR HAMSTER!

Black Savage : 2:45 Obey your master NO Master STOP

Grongy : Master of Chipmunks

freddie sowell : 3:50 When you came for master of puppets but wound up with thru the fire and the flames


boi damm : I haven't laughed this hard in ages

Brian Jr Spero : 1:50 NOW we're moving...2:10 Oh yes! 4:05 YES.

Tyler Mcay : Legend has it that this guy fingered a girl She's dead

AfterBurner44 : My favorite part is where he said MASTER!

Potato : Try headbanging to this

Taaamas : I read the title and though it said the Master of Muppets

A.Z : Lol at one point it started sounding like a 8 bit legend of zelda theme song

Matthew Heck : I didn't know you could get PTSD from a word... I stand corrected


ibowlhammer : omg hilarious! i havent laughed that hard in a while

TheUnusualShipper : Y O U R L I F E B U R N S F A S T E R

iiviietal : that was funny af wp man good vid!

cozycoil : And this is why I love internet.

Blue Vegerot : Master of puppets sounds badass with the pitch raised

Jonathan Pedroza : Amigo eso fue alucinante ésta de locos

Katlyn Lambrecht : Jason looks like a kid who is about to get in trouble in the beginning because he knows this is wrong 😂

gashthrasher v.2 : Dude pick up a real guitar and the song is real easier

AlbinosaurusR3X : I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it looks fake. =\

More Jake03 : 5:04 about the tempo Metallica plays this song at live

The d3m0n0id : Wow...that turned into EDM, then NES boss fight music with less than 10 seconds left before... Good job m8 xD

Tyler Mcay : Legend has it that this guy fingered a girl and she never walked again

mousecyr01 : Playing this on 2x speed. *Metallica.exe has stopped working*

Blue Vegerot : 4:43 ,im dying

Rafael, o Gênio : I never seen something like this in a Guitar Hero video. I loved it! Hahaha! So much fun!

cRii Castillo : FASTER,FASTER,FASTER of puppets?

Leo : The title should be: How to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in less than 10 min

Luciano Kohler da Silva : Alvin and the squirells

Chaos Angel : Hahahaha oh my God, lord help me!! XD 3:05 and onward had me laughing and screaming. I couldn't help but shed tears from that part!! I couldn't breathe!!! Almost had me actually falling out of my chair lmao! Oooooh man, thanks for that Jason. I'm sorry but I enjoyed that too much.

Metal Grazylilmonster : 🤟🏻😝🤟🏻 hell yeah

Jason N : Sheer terror in his voice when he realizes the vocals are coming. Haha funny

mediocre musician : Is this guitar hero 3

Bradley Hollon : Watch this and close your eyes and think of tweak from South Park

Ski Guy : The constant desperate screams get me 😂

JuanpiGamer : 3:04 Master of China.

Doodles : 90% accuracy. i was surprised how many notes you were hitting after the second solo. great job

JohnACorp782 : From Metallica to Megadeth to Napalm Death to Cannibal Corpse...