Master of Puppets but every time he says MASTER it gets FASTER

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cRii Castillo : FASTER,FASTER,FASTER of puppets?

Lee Harvey Oswald : Suprised the guitar didnt fly apart in his hands. : DOESN'T COUNT, WASN'T ALL DOWNSTROKES.

Australian Rick : This had me in tears lmao

JLConawayII : That's just cruel and unusual. I wonder if this is available on Rocksmith.

Taaamas : I read the title and though it said the Master of Muppets

Martin Petkov : Around 4:00 it turned into a DDR track

Forgettable : the true power of masturbation is needed to play this...

V1_Rotate : How to turn metallica into dragonforce

J J : WHAT A *Solid solo* SATAN

GuitarVampire93 : Lol at "obey your master" "I DONT WANNA!!!!"

Miguel Adrian Matos Mora : Do Orion but everytime he says orion it gets faster

Austin Bossidy : What are those purple bars and how do you press those?

Sexy Beast : 0:45 When he said "I'm already nervous" At first I thought he said "I'm a herdy derbous" 😂😂😂

Luke Stacey : Anxiety in its purest form

Katlyn Lambrecht : Jason looks like a kid who is about to get in trouble in the beginning because he knows this is wrong 😂

Shelia Lynn : Thanks for making my day before my work shift. This is hilarious and so awesome. 😊😀

Arcade Domination : The high pitched master of muppets.

[ Gudgie10 ] : Watch this vid at 1.25 speed

Jose Herrera : Know meeeeeee, broken by my master...

Maximo K. : Master of Puppets by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Josh Schulz : This is a pretty sick nightcore.

TheUnusualShipper : Y O U R L I F E B U R N S F A S T E R

Causal Bongos : That solo sped up sounds so nice

kuraidjinn : Check out his fingers.....can you say "HAPPY GIRLFRIEND" 😉

ZZ Silv : *M A S T E R*

Haru Hara : Time for an 100% 😂😂

- TheOkCringe - : 3:42 It was at this moment he knew...

Bree Seymore : I couldn't even get through the first two bro😂

Le Bublerkin : Obey your chipmunk

WNxNokturnal : Alternate picking on Master of Puppets -_-

alrightaight : hail satan

Dylan Oliver : 2:47 😂

Inx5 : Master of nightcore/chipmunk/playing in audacity

cRii Castillo : jjajajajajaja with the last ''master'' the chart was like the songs of fleshgod apocalypse xD


Darkened Angel : Master of Puppets vocal cover by Kellin Quinn


Hudnot123 : what version of guitar hero

Vörös Gábor : Clearly not safe for work.

john nestor : You sound like you’re about to die lol

Error 404 : Why all of these open note is it bass ?

Alberto Bernal : The little screams had laughing hard.

Chaotic Neutral : Fc, you wont Kappa really good play considering the speed. looking forward to todays stream man.

Bad Omen : Pastor of Muppets.

Stoneageway : Focus to hard on the song and the comment section start scrolling up D:

Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea : 3:50 and on *DYING*

holidajva : You seem like a cool guy, but who would spend so much time on a guitar game when they could just learn to play the guitar instead?

Jan K. : :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hilarious

Gameplay Craft : Hahaaaahaa sooo Funny maaan, you are the best jajajaja