Master of Puppets but every time he says MASTER it gets FASTER

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GuitarVampire93 : Lol at "obey your master" "I DONT WANNA!!!!"

Australian Rick : This had me in tears lmao

Shinzu Music : Bahahaha man you're so good lmao I would've be in tears the minute he said Master hahahahaha

JLConawayII : That's just cruel and unusual. I wonder if this is available on Rocksmith.

Guitars & Common Sense : 2:45 Obey your master NO Master STOP

Lee Harvey Oswald : Suprised the guitar didnt fly apart in his hands.

J J : WHAT A *Solid solo* SATAN

TheUnusualShipper : Y O U R L I F E B U R N S F A S T E R

Martin Petkov : Around 4:00 it turned into a DDR track

- TheOkCringe - : 3:42 It was at this moment he knew...

USA : 5:14 in chat; *My brain can't even fake hit the notes quick enough* Also, throughout the ending I was wheezing cuz pf allergies n shit and coughed up some lungs, thanks for that

nodonny8 : Chop your breakfast on a mirror

kuraidjinn : Check out his fingers.....can you say "HAPPY GIRLFRIEND" 😉

Jared Kaiser : I just had an idea: Metallica - Battery, but every time he says Battery, his voice gets more robotic.

Taaamas : I read the title and though it said the Master of Muppets

Alberto Bernal : The little screams had laughing hard.

Lemmy K. Is God : Now this is true Speed Metal

Hextray : Basically any nightcore song xDDD

Darksky1001able : Cliff Burton is probably laughing his ass off at this, but he's probably impressed at your speed.

cRii Castillo : FASTER,FASTER,FASTER of puppets?

Bad Omen : Pastor of Muppets.

Shadow net : can we talk about how he still got a 90% and only missed 240 notes? absolute animal

TriCop : 4:14 That was no human scream.... That was a chicken scream

Austin Bossidy : What are those purple bars and how do you press those?

I Fly High : It made my fingers hurt just watching him

WNxNokturnal : Alternate picking on Master of Puppets -_-

Edward Jones : Oh poor man...

B Freestop : The ending was straight up black metal tremolo picking

Maximo K. : Master of Puppets by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Bree Seymore : I couldn't even get through the first two bro😂

Spooky Scary Castor : 3:04 IT ACTUALLY SOUNDS GOOD

AfterBurner44 : My favorite part is where he said MASTER!

Potato : Try headbanging to this

Elias F : That song sounds like it goes to the (Doom video game)

Grongy : Master of Chipmunks

madness is the gift that has been given to me : Master of puppets sounds badass with the pitch raised

Brian Jr Spero : 1:50 NOW we're moving...2:10 Oh yes! 4:05 YES.

Katlyn Lambrecht : Jason looks like a kid who is about to get in trouble in the beginning because he knows this is wrong 😂

Tyler Mcay : Legend has it that this guy fingered a girl She's dead

PoeBoi Kramere : Omg I have been searching for this for a while! *mosh pit* your screams are hilarious. Subsribed to you.

alego Stormy : Classic metallica!!

angel_57298 : *OH MY GODDD* R.I.P. fingers

Ski Guy : I subbed for this one, that was hilarious 😂

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Master of Puppets, as performed by Alvin and The Chipmunks.

A.Z : Lol at one point it started sounding like a 8 bit legend of zelda theme song

GrexMarvelousFilms Lox : You look like James hatfield when he Was young.

Tyler Mcay : Legend has it that this guy fingered a girl and she never walked again


kryticaldv : dude, this is by FAAAAAAAAR the funniest thing i have seen in a long time, especially since this is one of my favorite albums/tracks. your reactions destroyed me. instant follow!

Ski Guy : The constant desperate screams get me 😂