Silver Play Button for 100.000 subscribers. THANK YOU ALL!
This is a video of Stefan Karl proudly showing off his Silver Play Button for 100000 subscribers on YouTube He is less than 31k subscribers away from posthumously earning the Gold Play Button

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Thanx to you all I just got the Silver Play Button for 100.000 subscribers, so thank you all so very much. Now we have to set the goal for a Gold Play Button but then we're going to need 1.000.000 subscribers :-) I will post more videos in the coming weeks, traveling to Mexico and all over the place etc. So stay tuned for more fun :-) Lots of love to you all and remember that life is now!


Kyle Costello : He finally hit 1 million I wished he could've seen it 😭😭😭😭

Avi Rantinkon : Roses are red, Violets are blue, Stefan, We will remember you.

Légumekilla : "I'm not gonna read it to you" *Hold tears* alright then

This is Sparta Btw : The real question is can we get his family the golden play button

Tetrini : Lets get him too 1 Million subscribers so he can be gold in life and death. Rest in peace Mr. Karl, you will forever be number one in all of our hearts.

Xel : youtube should create an number 1 play button just to give it to stefan karl and only stefan karl.


John Garganaut : Welcome to a million my friend! We miss you. Rest in Peace.

Levent : congrats to 1 mil, love from count dankulas friends

Drew DePew : Please get this man to 1,000,000 he deserves it...

een persoon : im going to subscribe so his spirit knows....... he's number one

Alty : He hit a million subscribers! Thanks to everyone, his family will receive the gold play button 😊

Ken Havens : keep subbing!!! Stefan is watching us from Lazytown heaven :)

CL458 : Yesterday was 100k but tomorrow will be 1M. Rest in peace Stefan. You will get the 1 million subscribers playbutton you deserve.

Sallymencer : You're like the whole world's grandpa. We all love you Stefan! <3

Yadira Jimenez : Seriously crying, I hope his family gets his gold one! Rip to this lovely amazing man who mad my childhood fun 🤧💖🦋

Armadillo Tortellini : Legend has not fallen and will not but will be #1 forever RIP 😢😭😩

Loveisart : GET THIS MAN A GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON! I don’t care if he’s dead or alive, he deserves it!

Dimentio. God : We’re working on a million Stefan, don’t you worry

Leoreo : Let's get to a million now! u.u

Jeune_Turc : You made it Stefan! You have 1 Million Subscribers 😢!

Bean : When he gets 1 millon they should put the playbutton on his grave stone. When he said "lets get to 1 million" my heart shattered into a billion pieces

McTaminus : I'm subscribing I would love if his family received a Gold Play button, even if it's posthumous

Clorox Bleach : RIP from Clorox bleach We hope you rest in peace forever You were an inspiration to all

Not Hazmy : *THIS IS GOING DOWN IN HISTORY* Rest well.

Joey S : This man was my childhood. I will never forget that.

خالد السالم : He didn’t live long enough to enjoy it... you were always number #1 RIP

Josh : We did it! Huge shoutout to r/dankmemes! We miss you Stefan, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Rest in peace Stefan. You were and are still #1 to everyone around the world.

Steve Reyes : Roses are red Violets are blue Rest I peace Carl We miss you

MrJaffaJack : We'll get you your 1,000,000 subscribers, Stefan

FiercelyPolygons : Come on team number #1, let's get him to 1M!!! It will be our gratitude for what Stefan did to our lives

Wolvesfan 123 : YouTube give him a special gold plaque for his family. Number one hero! RIP

Kevin GPL : You were so Nice! Rest in peace, legend ;’( You almost at 1 mil subs ;(

[channel deleted] : "Next we must hit 100000 subscribers" I swear I cried Rest in peace our number one <3

Rb Ll : Rest In Peace Stefan. You were a great man. May you live happily in the next life.

SamiDC : This beautiful man will never truly be gone, not when so many supported and loved him. He lives on in the hearts of millions now. And always remember; don't mourn because his life ended; smile, because we were blessed to have him in our lives at all. Treasure it; the laughter and joy Stefan brought into this world. Stefan, you will forever be missed and so many will be grateful to have had some part of you in their lives. Thank you. 😌😌😌

gogzter McAll : 1million subs now. Well done. Number1

Sophia _Playz : Rest in Peace. Stefan. Edit:Rest in Peace! We subscribed for you to reach 1 million subs😢! I hope you'll see this. I hope you are in heaven. "Love you to the stars and back."

50 subscribers without any videos without videos : Man, i feel so sad just thinking that he didnt see how he hit 1mil subs... RIP stefan

MutedOreo : Let's get his channel to a million subs to honor him.

LegendJim : We are gonna get you to 1mill. Dont sorry buddy. Rest in piece

Fat Bearman : We will get you that diamond play button Stephan I promise you 😭

mike only : Why would poeple dislike this? Give me a reason....

Ironax3 : I feel so bad for him... everyone turned him into memes some of them couldve been offensive.. though they were funny at first.. we never thought about how he felt. He was a very talented person. The show Lazy Town may have been a meme but thats what made him so famous. It makes me sad to thunk we'll never hear his voice again. Rest in peace. We all miss you and hopefully you are in Heaven. You were a big impact on me and many other children. We all loved you. 💙 and we miss you - Your number 1 fan

BrainBananaman : Rest In Peace Stefan. You will always be number one. Let’s-a get him to one million. From a-me Mario!

Luisenciado :D : This channel should be most subscribed of the world

dewgiby : Only if the Icelandic Legend could see his next big milestone on youtube. You've been my Inspiration since I was a young child and many others. Rest in peace Stefán, you're an angel now. You'll always be number one. #1 Villan #1 Hero #1 Legend

Alan Cantu : Forever in our hearts ♥️ We love you Karl, truly saddened when I heard the news. This video brings tears to my eyes. You were truly a beautiful man 😭 💕

Emily P : look at this play button- NO DON’T TOUCH THAT!