Tower of Joy - Jedi Battle (Game of Thrones + Star Wars)
Game of Thrones lightsaber duel

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The epic sword fight at the Tower of Joy from Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 turned to the force


Nilaksh Singh : Stark-iller

PSN: YoShoeman : Blocks A litesaber with a shield "SMITHING 100"

bulatus : Ned: Jon! I'm NOT your father! Jon: Noo! it is not true! It is impossible! NoooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo... (falls from a Great Wall)

Daniel Cisneros : 1:40 through 1:56 you can clearly see how perfectly they edited the star wars music into this

milkandcookiesTW : I love the internet

The Sauce : Arthur Dayne: I should have known the Baratheons were plotting to take over. Eddard Stark: Ser, the Mad King is evil! Arthur Dayne: From my point of view Robert Baratheon is evil. Eddard Stark: Then you are lost!

triple v 101 : This is how I imagine knights of the old republic

Louis Ng : Ser Arthur Dayne: And now it begins Ned Stark: No, nuwitends

cleudimar neto : Ohhh, he killed him with the Light Saber cheese knife from Family Guy

Rodrigo Ele : — Arthur, the Mad King is evil! — Well from my point of view, the Starks are evil! — Then you are LOST!

Tom k.williams : They should of photo shopped Yoda next to bran and the three eyed raven just chilling watching the battle

Myosotis : Mfw whats supposed to be a realistic swordfight turns out a better star wars scene than what the official movies been puttin out

Rob Hannigan : Imagine is Ser Aurther Dayne lived to teach Jon Snow, how to sword fight.

Nate DawGg : Best part of this video is all the Star Wars memers making Episode 3 dialogue references below XD

Jeffxd : Eddard: it's over Arthur i have the high ground

Quoper : Future here: Season 8 Episode 1 has finally come.

JD Di : So this is what the Old Sith Wars were like.

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : Ned Stark: “John I’m not your father...” John Snow: “Nooooo”

Reverse Fuhrer : And now the GoT showrunners will make the next Star Wars movie. How ironic and predicting this video is.

Brian Buchanan : Anyone else think this is how the fight between Sidious and the Jedi Council should have went :D

bad day? : A longer time ago in a galaxy further, further away

Wiscolivin : Whomever dislikes this video should have to write a 30 page essay on why they did so. This shit is pure gold.

Tech- Nician : i didn’t know i needed this till i saw this .

BIG HUNGRY : If only Star Wars was more like GOT. That would have been so badass.

The Stupendous Wave : I watch this way too much........

Goat Stroker : 3 years late here but really good job on the editing..

Just another O.E.F. Combat Vet : Good thing the dude kept the lightsaber cheese knife from his “Welcome to the Starks” gift basket. 😅

Emperor Mouse : This is the nerdiest thing I have ever seen. And I absolutely love it 🤓😍

natan carrera : Ned: This is gonna be legen... Wait for it... Dary! Legendary!

SquadFamJones : *Thank you, Youtube recommedation! Very cool!*

Ian Edit : It's crazy how just adding lightsabers changes the entire dynamic of the scene

Big Dan : At 1:09 what is the guy with the green lightsaber closest to the screen swinging at lol

RussRedCloud : This was ten times more intense from the music plus the sabers, and the editing was top notch. This is the kind of stuff YouTube was made for.

Tony Trinh : Bran: "This fight is better than Star Wars VII fight." 3-eyed raven : "Far bettter."

Antichrist : It actually works better like this because the swords in got behave like lightsabers

Marcus Fletcher : Better than all the new stars wars films put together.

Dimitris Ionas : This is brilliant! Combining my two favorite series, and so well done too!! Love it!!!

Wolf Trax : Adding the lightsaber effect showed how well the sword fighting was done.

Colton White : Lord Dayne The Sith of The Morning

Raymond Joannette : This is actualy better than the acual Star Wars from Disney imao

Le Soigneur Des Agneaux : I prefer this more than SW 7 and SW 8

wolfybezurkydonk : Wow great job editing lightsabers into these fast moving scenes!!

Solomon D : Oh man... when we finally get a true legendary fighter and incredibly charismatic actor it’s only for a few mins... I pray for more scenes with Ser Arthur Dayne!

Bradley Fortner : It's official. Lightsabers make all sword fights cooler.

All about that Kawaii : Probably the best fight in GoT's. Rivaled only by the Oberyn vs Mountain fight

Loko Lolo : The music make this scene so much better as they are .. xD

John Kimble : Jedi Master Stark kills Darth Dane. Nice.

sebastjan krek : "The time has come... Execute order 66" Walder Frey: It will be done...

arbitoras : Arthur: "I should have known the north was trying to take over." Ned: "Arthur king Aerys is evil!" Arthur: "From my point of view the north is evil." Ned: "Well then you are lost!"