KSI - Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Official Video

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QFS Aviation : These events will follow: *Quadeca will react to this diss track *KSI will react to Quadeca reacting to this diss track *Quadeca will make another diss track *Everybody will forget this even happened

The Last Mimiga : well.. his flow got a bit better but, where are the roasts? ._.

Lone Ranger : He disrespected his own lil brother

Bad Meets Evil : I hate the fact that KSI had this awesome instrumental and did not use it in its full potential.

Kevin Zefi : As a distrack, it ain't great. As a song in general, it's pretty fire.

K D : Who’s winning Like for ksi Comment for quadeca

Finess God : Way better song than Quadeca but Quadeca had better disses

DSM_hasbo , : Am I the only one who didnt no who quadec was until his disstrack?

XXX Tentaction : I want to see JJs diss on deji with Simon and Randolph

YTN : Who else saw the apology video before it was deleted???

K D : Can’t lie I’d never heard of quadeca till ksi mentioned him 🤷🏾‍♂️

Fans Over The World : This sounded shit at first but gets a lot better over time

Charlie Fussell : This is actually sick the disses are not that good but its a good tune and he proved he has a good flow

Football lover : Why are the comments so recent lol.... If your alive like this

Charlie Elliott : Like=deji unforgivable Comment=ksi ares

Vxxex : Deji still on his computer thinking about Randolph.

Unwanted Pepe : Who won? 1 like = Quadeca Comment = Quadeca

Warren Fletcher : Let's be honest ksi can spray bars and he has ammunition he's probably working on a diss track where he's going to go all out coz he's pissed off now the brotherly beef will be squashed soon deji released one now ksi will reply he has deleted his sorry video he's mad

Sara Grasmick : Anybody else scrolling down the comments of this and Quads song to see what people have to say?

Fernando Franco : It’s a good song but not a good diss track

Yumi : better than I thought it was going to be...

Trapzone Gaming and More : You talk nonsense, mediocre with a *god-complex* KSI responds calling himself a god 🤔

Shrooms : This is sorta like MGK vs Eminem in a way MGK's song sounded better, but Eminem had the lyrics KSI's song sounded better, but Quadeca had the lyrics

Jide Olatunji : Just wanted to let you know that I love you jj and I want you and your brother to make amends as soon as possible

Henry Rev : It sounds good but nothing makes sense.

PeroMartic : How do we know KSI lost.. He's deleting comments 😂 my top voted comment got deleted and i only said "KSI disstrack is good but i have to admit that Quadeca's better"

walshjor : honestly totally lost so much respect for you over the way you conducted yourself around the logan paul fight nd it has been continuing to go down hill ever since. Your ego is way to inflated. Like take a step back and realize your family is way more important than fame and money. People are fickle especially on the internet. Like even your brother who you have wronged countless times has divulged almost no information that wasn't already out there while on impaulsive. GROW UP!!!!! You see I'm not a big fan of either you or Logan Paul, but at least you can see that Logan is trying to learn and grow and be mature. He made a terrible mistake due to his ego and God complex....you can get out of this much easier if you just take a step back and try to listen to what so many people have been trying to say to you. Sometimes though i guess you just have to learn the hard way. It's lonely at the top when you got to get there by tearing down those who were there to support you.

Ysef Akca : Please please listen to it at 1.25 it's actually realistic and if he did this diss at that speed it would've been so much better SERIOUSLY

Yirmiahu Colebrook : Why are these comments only minutes or seconds ago

Lyndon Underwood : Quadeca's disses and bars were better but your flow and beat were better

TWICE iS mY eUpHoRiA : Just here to leave a dislike JJ Making your brother hate you to the point where he doesn’t even want to be brothers anymore? I mean all he ever did was support you even if you were in the wrong. Why don’t you get that? throw your thick large bandana wearing-ass forehead and learn that FAMILY is always first instead of calling yourself a GOD which you are extremely far from🖕

Luke Vorster : " Godly flow but shit disses ". But how do you diss someone that nobody knows anything about?

81nur4 : Not gonna lie, the more I listen to this the more fire the flow and lyrics are

retarded Duck : Its a good disstrack. You just have to know what it means

KeepingUpWithTheDiegos : Killer disses but best part is 3:27

Nicolai : In the end, the best disstrack was just a video of Deji talking.

Trizz Moir : I don't even like KSI but this was pretty good

Unknown : I dont think this is that bad tbh imo i think the flow is good however its not a good "disstrack" imo i think the disses arnt the strongest

Lil Pump with the Gucci Gang : Quadeca won this shit, great beat though

Budoor Almaher : I feel this is so cringe

Ravagez : Who’s diss track was better?!! Like= KSI Comment= Quadeca Also I am streaming the ksi vs logan paul fight so turn on notifications!🛎

simon thg : It’s a pretty good as a SONG but not as a DISS TRACK. Diss track 5/10 As a song 10/10

Zac Zac : Best diss track comment if you don’t agree

Frost X Eragon : Not gonna lie ksi, love your rapping, but this was kinda weak

Ethan Meder : I'm just saying.... this is garbage compared to insecure

Sopwith Camel : damn quad was right when he said ksi rapped over sick beats with mediocre lyrics

Lezgin Soyler : Make a diss track on deji

Miguel Rabago : Mediocre with a god complex like quadeca said

Ginger Cow : OMG YOU SAID MY NAME ~Isabella XD

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