KSI - Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Official Video

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Yumi : better than I thought it was going to be...

1000 subs with no vids : If you’re not gay make this blue 👇

Ilikememes505 : So how'd that Fifa game go?

Daniel Hernandez : KSI: I’ll still beat you at a fifa game Also KSI: losses 3-0

sellz Alv : For those of u saying this diss track is garbage....help me out.....how?....he stayed on the concept....threw out nothing but facts....rap cadence on the beat was perfect...no filter lines(money , cars , hoes, guns).... responded to everything Q was saying towards K.S.I .......I think y'all just hatin.......what does a diss track in the U.K suppose to sound like?....help me out

QFS Aviation : These events will follow: *Quadeca will react to this diss track *KSI will react to Quadeca reacting to this diss track *Quadeca will make another diss track *Everybody will forget this even happened

kaspar : this diss is 2 months old and basicli every 20 minute someone comments

InfinumGaming : One day someone will find this comment

Elijah Burnett : I used to hate this, but if you actually listen to the song it's good

Horizon : It’s hard to understand the bars but there are good bars

K D : Can’t lie I’d never heard of quadeca till ksi mentioned him 🤷🏾‍♂️

iCrazyLexor : Why so many people hating? This actually pretty good

destructcode21 : I still beat you at a fifa game... .... *Gets destroyed by Quad*

XP Flakes : Eminem just sitting up top lookin down on these guys.... what children...

XiX : Americans won't understand the Madeline line which is sad as it's a good line

StayInGamer : This song Deji has joined the server Deji: You ran like you're Anne Deji has left the server

Moltak04 : I think this actually wasn’t bad

MAXIMUS OH YEAH YEAH YEAH : Acctually you all don't understand the meaning of his words

KennyWakafloca 1 : Who won Ksi: like Quadeca: comment

Shray Sinha : Quadeca: "You talk nonsense, mediocre with a god complex" KSI: names diss track after a god smh *Read more*

Vxxex : Deji still on his computer thinking about Randolph.

The-Toxic-one : So... How was that Fifa game? Lmfao

Satisfying Time lapse : This was so fire my house burned down

Clive Obi : Ksi won

Dman The XenoNerd : Seriously I think he won this disstrack But tbh who cares anymore Lmao

TurtleNut : The quadeca bit was actually sick, this is ksi's best track

PotadoChip : Why is there so many recent comments this came out 2 months ago

Ravi Singh : Some lines are fire and some are just like wtf r u on however the beat is unreal

One Heatyboi : All these quad fans cringe af

KodeX : Im really not on ksi's side but this Beat is BANGING 🔥🔥

Ravagez : Who’s diss track was better?!! Like= KSI Comment= Quadeca Also I am streaming the ksi vs logan paul fight so turn on notifications!🛎

John Alt : I love it ksi is so professional

Peywend712 : I will still beat you at a FIFA game😂👌👍

cyber warrior : why does this song suddenly sound so good

NextDoorWatermelon : this is good but quads was to lit

Merk : *ksi this ain't it* Trash 🤮🤢

Nick Kurkou : Yall gotta admit the beat is fire tho Edit: Thanks for 55 likes!

River Janson : Everyone’s saying quadeca’s was the best and it was good but we’re forgetting the best diss and that was idubbz diss on ricegum

ace 93 : First time I listened to this I thought it was sh*t but its actually quite good

Hamdan Al Amri : i love this song i love ksi songs keep the good work

Kevin Alston : put the playback speed on 1.25 and it sounds so much better , thank me later 💪🏼🔥

Spazzar : As a distrack it's meh But as a song it's beast

IslandBoy : "I would still beat you at a FIFA game" "After the game" this game trash bruh

LeVaar Sanchez : Dax is waaaayyy outta your league bro

Alphon : *C O S I A M T H E T A B L E*

Weixcuz IYM : Who won? Ksi - Like Quadeca - Comment

Daniel Denitro : I swear to god KSI you have such talent but the reason why people are disliking is that they think you're a tryhard. Just do exactly what you are doing and remove the over exaggerated facial expressions and that's basically all you need to do to seem more genuine to these people. Please like this so he can see this for real. I think this would help him for real.

Nicholas nissan : 1:26 you hear someone in the background saying uhh, this is quadeca constantly saying stuff like uhh and umm during his videos making fun of his awkwardness

Sibu W Velem : I would still beat you at a fifa game (ksi losses😂😂😂

Trystan DePetro : not that many disses but this track was actually kinda fire,,these lyrics 🔥🔥